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Many "Firsts" at Forty Seven

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I'm forty seven and I had my first sexual experience with a female several days ago. I continue every day to think about what happened. I first met Donna in September when she started teaching with me as a new teacher. She was twenty one at the time. Our friendly relationship grew slowly but steadily and over time we started socializing even though there is a big age difference. We are both single. We went to the movies, the mall, and out to dinner. Sometimes she would visit me and have a glass or two of wine and sometimes I would visit her. One evening about a month ago the conversation turned to significant others and eventually, to sex. It was then that I learned that Donna considers herself bisexual. This really knocked my socks off so to speak. I just always pictured her as strictly going for good looking guys. It seemed like we were spending more and more time discussing sexuality and Donna repeatedly shared with me how much she enjoys sex with women. Several nights ago Donna asked me if I had ever been seriously kissed by a woman and I told her I had not. She asked me to stand up and she came around to me and put her arms around my neck. She then started to kiss me and I felt her tongue pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth and we began tongue kissing. The jolts of what felt almost like electricity were incredible and went to my belly and my groin. After a couple of minutes we stopped kissing and she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. What happened during the following hour or so was wonderful.

In the bedroom Donna said she was going to undress me and she slowly removed my clothes down to bra and panties. I then did the same to her. I had to sit for a minute or two on the bed to catch my breath and to stop shaking. I also thought that maybe I should stop this and put my clothes back on. I was just so overly excited. I've had sex with maybe ten men, two of which wound up being my husband and I never felt like this. It was all so new to me. Donna took off her bra and I just stared at her lovely breasts. She told me to touch them and I did. She asked me if I would like to suck on her nipples and I just nodded my head. She held a tit in her hand and I started sucking on the nipple. It was hard in my mouth. Donna then undid my bra and let my tits fall. Mine are much larger than hers and sag a bit. My nipples point downward and Donna's point straight forward. Age difference plus size will do that I guess.

She began to feel me up and then she took a nipple into her mouth. She said my tits are fantastic (they're not, they're too big). Donna then said it was time for our panties to come off. I was real hesitant about this. She took off hers and I saw that she has no hair at all. It looked so smooth and nice. Her ass is round and really firm. It's amazing what youth can do. I told her I don't shave and she said, "so." I took off my panties exposing my cunt which was covered with thick, black hair. I even have hair around my ass hole. Donna told me to lie down and she got on top of me and we again started kissing. I could feel her pushing her cunt into mine like she was a guy. She started pinching my nipples with her nails and when I said, "ow" she said it would make me even more excited. She told me she was going to pinch them even harder and that I was to stay quiet. She did pinch harder and I actually did feel more stimulated. I never had my nipples pinched before. Donna slowly started kissing my whole body and sometimes gently biting me. I could feel her kissing my inner thighs and I felt tingly all over. Donna now had me raise my knees and open my legs real wide. She started rubbing my clitoris in little circles and then she stopped. I asked her to please not stop and she said that she didn't want me cumming for awhile. She said, "you'll love this." She bent down and started licking my clitoris. I never felt anything like that in my life. A few men have licked me down there but never in the right spot.

Again, she stopped and said, "soon." I was bucking my hips as though I were trying to fuck the air. Donna pushed two fingers in and out of my hole a few times and then told me to turn over. When I did she said, "I'm going to put two fingers up your asshole and I don't want you to tighten up, understand." I said yes. I felt a bit of pain as she slowly inserted her fingers and I tried my best not to tighten my hole. Donna then said that her fingers were all the way in and that now I was going to be fucked up my ass. Her fingers went in and out, in and out for a few minutes non-stop. This was another first for me. She then asked me if I were ready to cum. I eagerly said I was. She removed her fingers and told me she was going to take a minute to clean up. When she came out of the bathroom I was already on my back with legs wide open. She sat next to me and told me she was now going to massage my clitoris and finger fuck me until I came. It didn't take very long.

It was now my turn to please Donna and I tried to do all that she did to me. When she turned over she told me to put three fingers up her butt hole. They went in quite easily. I still can't believe how hard I pinched her little nipples but she seemed to love it.

When our session ended with Donna cumming she told me to lick up her cum. It was mentally stimulating but I didn't care for the taste. We then showered together and made plans for our next love-making session. Donna said she hopped I enjoyed the experience and I told her it was the very best.

Donna asked me if I was interested in meeting some of her other female friends. I sure am. She giggled and said that one of the friends enjoys being spanked. She asked me if I thought I could do that to another woman. I said, "certainly."

The next morning I had coffee and a nice hot shower. I then took nearly twenty minutes to completely shave off all my cunt hair. I even used a small hand mirror to see my asshole and shave that hair also. It looks fantastic and I will never let hair grow back again.

The day after my experience I explored FF sex/masturbation and that's how I found this site.



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