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I've been reading this site for years. Don't know how many of the stories are true, and quite frankly I don't care. They're awesome. What follows is a legitimate account of what happened to me just last night.


Last night I hopped in my car to visit a gentleman that had offered me a 'massage, no reciprocation necessary.' I found him on one of those sites that connects men with other men for erotic purposes, so we both knew what we were getting into, sort of.

I showed up outside his place, and he was waiting for me at the window, obviously anxiously anticipating my arrival. I was cool with that. I was to enjoy being touched, he was to enjoy the touching; that was the deal. I guess I was a little apprehensive because this was to be my first time doing anything sexual with a dude in over six years. Even then, there were only two dudes I'd ever gotten together with and they were good friends of mine. Besides, all we had done was jerk each other off. But this massage arrangement seemed sound.

I met the guy at his front door and he escorted me upstairs to his bedroom. There I found a legit massage table, a shelf full of different lotions, and some sort of celtic music playing softly in the background. The man asked me to take off my clothes and get under the blanket that was on the table, face down. I did as he instructed, while he went to wash up.

He started massaging my back first, and did a pretty nice job. Back and shoulders, to lower back, to butt cheeks, to upper thighs. At this point I was feeling relatively calm. Sure he'd touched my butt, but I figured the whole thing hadn't deviated too much from what a licensed massage would be like. But then he started pushing my cheeks apart, and running a finger along my crack, deeper and deeper each time. Near the end he was gently caressing my balls, which were tucked neatly under my body.

Next he pulled the blanket back up over my lower body and instructed me to roll over onto my back. As I've read in many of these stories, the guy is supposed to get hard from all the teasing while he's on his back, and then be ashamed to roll over onto his front. This wasn't the case with me. I was still soft as can be, and actually getting a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to get it up.

Well the guy worked my chest and stomach, and then more or less bypassed my dick. He was rubbing my upper thighs, but only just grazing my package as he transitioned from toro to thighs. Like a shark circling its prey, he started to move in with his warm, slippery hands. He was rubbing my neatly trimmed pubic area, then down around either side of my cock, then my grundle back behind my ball sack. Slowly but surly, the blood started to fill my dick. He noticed and picked my cock up a few times, flopping it back and forth, slapping it lightly against my body each time.

He then stepped away for a moment. He knew he had me going and sort of teased me a little bit while he crossed to the shelf to add more lotion to his hands. My heart raced in anticipation of what was to come next. Before I knew it his hands were all over my cock and balls. Up and down, back and forth. He was sliding, and wringing, and pushing, and pulling. To be honest, I couldn't even tell what was going on down there. It felt amazing and I wanted to see, but I had to lift my head up off the table to look down; I was sort of paralyzed.

Then I felt something that literally made my heart skip a beat. A pair of fingers gently pinching the underside of my cock as it lay flat against my belly. I stopped breathing and froze stock still. I couldn't believe what was happening. I knew coming into this that the man might try to jack me, and I had promised myself I wouldn't let him do it. I had never been jacked off by a dude before and I wasn't sure I wanted it to happen. Again though, I was frozen. I couldn't find the strength, or the words, or the breath. My mouth was so dry. Part of me wanted it. I was curious and knew it would probably feel good. I struggled with myself in my own head, but before I could make up my mind he propped up my cock at the base with the two fingers, and I felt the slippery, soft inside of his palm on my cock. It was absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe how warm and wet and soft it was. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I'd been jacked before, but by girls, and it had never felt like this.

He didn't rub me for long, but rather intermittently. He moved his hands everywhere: my shaft, my grundle, my balls, my crack, my head. Everyone once in a while, he left my genitals to run his hands over my torso again. At these points I wanted to beg him to return to his work. There was another point though when I actually had to tell him to slow down. I gasped out in a sort of raspy whisper, 'You're gonna need to slow down. It's been a few days.' He sort of chuckled at this point, but backed off.

The only other time I managed to get any words out at all was when he was teasing my crack. He just kept running his fingers back and forth, back and forth. I kept raising my knees up towards my chest, thereby spreading my ass cheeks apart. I was trying to get him to put a finger into my asshole, but he wanted me to beg him for it. 'If you want, you can go ahead and stick a finger in there,' was all I could manage. Without further hesitation, he was in. I had fingered myself a few times before, just to see what it would feel like, but having someone else's finger up my butt hole was an entirely new experience too. It felt incredible as he slowly drew his finger in and out.

Suddenly I felt it coming. I had very little warning. I was just fine one second, and then I quickly began to elevate. One last time, in a horse whisper, I got out the words, 'I'm close,' and before I knew it, my cock began to erupt. The man took his cue and begun pumping me furiously. He was just ramming his finger harder and harder into my tight, little butt hole, and ripping up and down on my cock.

After this is kind of a blur, but I can tell you that I lost all control. My back arched hard, my arms shot out stiff at my sides, my entire body seemed to quake. I don't know if this is possible, but I seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. Now I literally was paralyzed. I knew how foolish and vulnerable I must look, I wanted to relax and play it cool, but I just couldn't. I gasped for air and gripped the blanket beneath my fingers tightly. What must have been 6 or 7 full seconds later, my body finally subsided. I was done, but he wasn't.

The man slipped his finger out of my butt hole and gently rubbed the semen that was all over my chest into my skin. The hand that was wrapped around my dick he kept right there though, and continued to slide it up and down. He couldn't have thought this felt good, he knew I was done, he must know how sensitive a cock is after it's spent, but he just didn't stop. I figure he just knew he had me. I think he was relishing his complete and total control over my body. I was completely powerless. all I could do was lay there and take it. With each painful stroke I grit my teeth, my entire face contorted. I moaned softly.

When he had finally had his fill, after what must have been another minute, he released his hold and began to clean me up with the blanket that had covered me previously. Then he gave me a gentle little rub on my sternum with his knuckles and asked me if I was OK. I felt like his little pet, tamed and forced into submission.

I got off the table and moved for my clothes. I thought he might give me some privacy while I dressed, but he was clearly enjoying himself too much to look away now. I put my clothes on, trying not to let on how uncomfortable I was. When I was fully clothed again, and the balance was moderately restored, I reached out my hand and thanked him. He chuckled and said, 'No, thank you.'

I have to admit that I'm hooked. No doubt I'll be going back again, to face further submission...



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