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Man To Man Jacking

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True story of man to man masturbation with two otherwise normal straight married men.


I am a happily married professional man. My neighbor is a happily married 42 year old guy, normal in every way. We both have home offices and both our wives work. This gives us plenty of free time to chat during the day, have an afternoon drink, play golf, or whatever.

One day many months ago we were together at his house in the afternoon. He talked of a really wild X-Rated DVD he happened to have. I asked him to put it on. It had been years since I had seen a real X-Rated movie.

Wow. In no time I was hard as I watched the nitty gritty wide open sex on the screen. Apparently my neighbor got hard also. We both had large long lumps in our pants. It was my neighbor who first brought up the subject. He said he had never sat through an X-Rated movie without jacking off. I admitted I hadn't either. He simply smiled at me and started unzipping his pants. I couldn't resist. I started unbuckling my pants.

We soon were sitting on his couch with our pants around our ankles and our hard dicks in our hands watching the movie and stroking together. OK ... I had never ever been around another naked guy with a hard-on before. I couldn't resist stealing a few glances at his large bone hard member standing straight up bewteen his legs. I caught him looking at mine too. He congratulated me on my size and I laughed and congratulated him too. So as the movie was playing we both started admiring our dicks, holding them so they stood straight up as if to show them off ... and we talked about them. He showed me how he likes to hold his when he jacks off and I told him and showed him how I like to hold and stroke mine.

I couldn't believe it but I found my heart racing. What we were doing was such taboo. If his wife came home early she would have died at the scene! The small talk gradually died and we stared at each others dick as we decided to fully go for it and we jacked deliberately and harder until first he then I squirted cum.

We talked about a week later and my neighbor gave me a big smile and told me he had a new movie. I said 'hummm ... sounds good!' That afternoon I went back over and he almost immediately asked me if I wanted to jack off again ... and I said yes. With no hesitation we both peeled off our pants and underwear and sat naked from the waist down on his couch. This time somewhat closer together. Our dicks were rigid, the movie was really hot, and we started jacking together. Again we stood them up admiring them, and to compare size although we are both about the same size.

This time while jacking he said that he loves to jack off, but he talked of how good it felt when his wife jacked him. We agreed it really feels good when someone else does the work. He smiled at me and said 'shall we jack each other off?' Before I could answer he took my dick in his hand and started stroking it. He said 'damn, you are hard.' It felt good as he jacked me and I couldn't resist taking hold of his dick. It felt very warm and soft and hard all at the same time.

I couldn't believe I was actually touching another guys dick! Anyway, we both leaned back against the couch and enjoyed the feeling as we jacked each other. We more or less came about the same time.

Now probably twice a month these two seemingly normal, straight married guys get together and jack each other off. It feels really nice and it is exciting in a different way. We really see it as no big deal at all.



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