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I read this site a lot and noticed lately there have been a bunch of stories about girls showing themselves off so I decided to share.

I never used to think I was an exhibitionist, but the idea of someone seeing me and getting turned on is really exciting so I guess I sort of am one. I'm not stuck up but I think I look pretty good when I want to. I'm thin and fit with good legs and ass and long brown hair. My boobs are ok (B cup) but I wish they were bigger, but for some reason my nipples are really big and sensitive. I talked to my mom about it when I started developing because sometimes they were really painful. She says it's a family trait so I guess hers are the same way. I know hers are pretty big. The great thing about them is they feel amazing when they are played with right and I can almost cum just from that. But because they are so big and sensitive they get hard really easily and it's hard to hide them. They are pretty obvious even when they're not hard so I always have to wear thick bra pads. I even had to use tape a few times (ouch). The thing is I sometimes like the attention I get when they can be seen.

Boys always look at boobs anyway but when they can see nipples poking out it's like they're hypnotized. My friends all feel bad for me because most of them know about it and think I get really embarrassed. I do sometimes, but not always. Sometimes when I catch someone staring it really turns me on. It makes me feel really sexy to think I'm turning them on. Some guys are just creepy about it though and that totally ruins it for me. The crazy thing is that lately I've noticed girls and women looking too and that can be just as much of a turn on. I'm not into girls at all, but for some reason when I see one staring at me in that way I can get super horny anyway. Plus they are never creepy like men can be. Some might give me a dirty look but I just think they're prudes or just jealous so it doesn't bother me. So anyway here's what I started doing a while ago when I'm really in the mood.

I put on a really thin bra and a tight t-shirt but I put in pads so my family doesn't see when I leave the house. I also like to wear a skirt that stops several inches above my knees. Sometimes a cute sun dress works too. Nothing too daring but still short. Then I go to the big mall in the next town. Before I get out of my car I take out the bra pads so my nipples show easily. But I also bring a light scarf or wrap just in case I do need to cover up a little. I also roll up my skirt to show more leg. I guess I look a little slutty but that's kind of the point. Then I just walk around and pretend to shop and see who notices. When I catch a really cute guy or really attractive girl or woman looking I get even more turned on and my nipples stand out even more. Usually I'm pretty wet in no time at all. A few times I was actually dripping down my thighs and knowing that made me even hornier. It was like my own dirty little secret that I was soaking wet in public surrounded by other people who had no idea how horny I really was.

After a while I can't stand it any longer and go back to my car and drive to a park that's on the way home. I park in this one spot where nobody is ever around and jill off until I've cum at least two or three times. Sometimes I've even brought a toy. I usually take off some of my clothes and imagine someone coming by and seeing me like that, with my seat laid back my legs open and my feet up on the dash. That fantasy can go a million different ways from there. My orgasms are always amazing after some quality time at the mall. I keep a towel in the car to sit on and I have to leave the windows open the rest of the way home or it's obvious what I've been up to if you know what I mean.

I have been even more daring a few times especially one time recently after reading some of the new stories on here. I also have one very good friend who knows about this and is kind of the same way. She has come with me a couple of times and it was awesome. No, we didn't hook up but it was way more fun with a wing-woman. If you leave nice comments maybe I'll share again. Writing this makes me think it might be time to go to the mall again soon.

Happy jacking and jilling.



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