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Male Technique - Easy Cleanup

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I've been masturbating since I was 13. I've always caught my cum in a handful of tissues or I've jerked off in the shower where my load quickly disappears down the drain.

Now that I'm in my 50s, it takes a lot more time to get worked up enough to cum and I need to concentrate. Well, I hadn't used a condom in 30 years but after reading on this Website about 'edging' I decided to try condoms again.

I bought the Trojans in the green box. They're a more-comfortable fit for a thick dick like mine, and the lubricant really improves the feel compared with the small, tight, dry rubbers I knew from the early 70s.

I open the packet and put about 5 drops of AstroLube in the reservoir tip. I leave it on my bedside table. Then I lie on my left side and stroke myself up with my right hand. Sometimes I need some visual stimulation from a magazine or a photo but most times just thinking about some special afternoon with my wife or girlfriend is enough to get me well along the way to hard.

Well, then I reach over to the bedside table, pick up the rubber, and roll it on using both hands.The liquid lube inside makes it feel just like a wet pussy, and the cream lube on the outside lets my shaft glide smoothly thru my fist. I stroke and edge a few times before I finally let myself ejaculate with long, slow strokes.

Then it seems like the rolled edge of the condom acts like a cock-ring and I don't really lose my erection. I'm not especially long, so there's actually quite a thick ring left at the base of my cock.

I give it a few minutes with some real gentle, slow stroking, and when I can feel 'Willy' rising again then I begin to really pound with my fist until I blow my second load.

If I haven't had sex with a woman in a few days, then I can usually cum a third time altho I don't get real, real hard on this third try.

After I cum I wrap my whole left hand round the condom to keep it from slipping off. This is the hand (and arm) resting on the mattress. Anyway I usually doze off after my third ejaculation. I wake about 20 minutes later quite relaxed but certainly refreshed.

I hold the condom on until I can get out of bed and into the bathroom. I slip it off into some toilet paper and flush it, then I wipe my dick dry with some more toilet tissue and slip on my underwear. I learned not to leave the condom in the wastebasket when my wife accused me of having someone else in our bed. I confessed that I had jerked off into a condom just so as it wouldn't stain the sheets. Of course then she insisted on jerking me off into a condom the next time she had her period, instead of giving me a blowjob.

Anyway I just wanted to share with the brothers that this condom thing sure is a real quick way to clean up and get rid of the 'evidence'.



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