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Male Nurse

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Some of my memories of these events with my sister Anne are foggy, but I did the best I could. Before this story happened, I had watched her make out once, including heavy petting, with a boyfriend when she was supposed to be babysitting me. And we had also played Truth or Dare with a mixed group of kids. That game allowed me to see Anne's bare butt and a quick flash of her pussy from behind (she was dared to moon us boys).


When I was 13 my 16 year old sister Anne broke her ankle competitively ice skating. She was mostly bedridden for a while. Our mom took care of her during the week but that first Saturday she asked me to help out while she went shopping. Anne was slim and long-legged with long, blonde hair. She was plain but pretty. She had smaller-than-average breasts and a cute, tight butt. I guess I knew Anne was pretty but I hadn't thought of her in any sexual way at that time. It's hard to see your sister like that. My friends were always trying to spy on her or look through her stuff in her room and I admit that I had looked through her underwear drawer and her hamper once or twice, just so that I could see what a girl's panties looked and felt like (OK, and also smelled like; I also liked the smell of her perfume and just enjoyed the thrill of being in her room when she wasn't home), but when I masturbated I was thinking not of Anne but of Anne's hot friends. Nevertheless, I had just then begun to let my eyes linger on her nice ass when she bounced down the hall. I had started to compare her ass to those of the other pretty girls at school. I had thought: 'Hmmm, there's a cute girl's butt and pussy and tits right here in my own house, even if they belong to my older sister.'

That Saturday I tried to be a good, helpful brother. I brought Anne breakfast, magazines, and stuff. We weren't that close but she was unusually nice to me in return. I sat on her bed to keep her company. Then she said she had to pee and asked if I would be a 'good nurse' and help her to the bathroom. She had crutches but was not very good with them yet and needed help getting around corners. I helped her into the bathroom and figured she would want me to leave, but when I started for the door she told me to stay and help her onto the toilet. She said that if I was going to be her nurse I had to act like one and not be such a prude.

I was nervous. I felt that something was weird about her request. I wasn't sure she really needed my help but I wanted to be a 'good nurse' to her and so I stood there while she steadied herself with one hand and undid her pajama bottoms with the other. I really felt bad for her. But I was also excited by the prospect of seeing a girl pee.

She told me I had to help her get her pajama bottoms down. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She put both hands on my shoulders and said 'Just pull them down, stupid.' And she laughed as she said it, which made me laugh. Standing on one foot, she held onto the vanity as I pulled her pajamas down. As I was doing it she said 'All the way down but be careful of my ankle.' She was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt as a top, and I could see the erect points of her nipples, her firm breasts, and no bra line. I had intentionally not touched her panties when I pulled down her pajamas. Then she kind of pushed at the waistband of her pink panties in what I felt even then was a halfhearted effort to lower them and she said to me 'The panties, too. Did you think I was going to pee in them?'

This made us both laugh again. My hands were shaking but I put a finger in each side of the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, averting and then closing my eyes as I brought them to rest just above her ankles. But I had to open my eyes and look at her nakedness, and I clearly remember that her smooth, firm thighs were covered with gooseflesh and that they were still tan from the summer. I focused on the bikini line before I let my eyes rest on her beautiful pussy. She knew I was stalling and she abruptly brought me back to earth, demanding that, unless I wanted her to pee on me, that I help to lower her to the toilet. I put my arms under her armpits and brought her down slowly. Then I stood there staring at the substantial damp spot of white goo in the crotch of her panties. Pointing at the spot in her panties, I said 'Did you already start to pee?' She looked down at her panties and said 'What? Oh my God! No, stupid,' and she laughed again, 'That's vaginal discharge not pee.'

We didn't speak. I heard her pee and I stared down at her exposed tummy and neatly cropped, light brown pubic bush. That is when I got turned on and I think she did too. She sat there for a while, letting me look down between her legs. Then she pulled her top up a little, exposing her belly button, and she spread her legs wide at the knees as she wiped her crotch, giving me my first real view of a pussy. When I saw the pink, open slit I gasped. She stared down at her crotch and she was careful to wipe a lot, and I watched intently as she pushed her crotch forward and wiped up and down her wet slit. I knew even then that she was giving me a show; that she was wiping more than she needed too, and I was happy and excited by it. I remembered seeing her ass when she was dared to moon us.

I didn't really think it was sexual as much as I thought she was just being extra nice to me; giving me something special for being so helpful. But soon I had an erection, which was tenting my pajamas right in front of her face. She saw it and she said 'Down, boy!' Again, she laughed, but she was flushed and breathing funny. I was pretty sure she was getting horny, just like I was. Embarrassed but very aroused, I said 'Sorry. I don't know why that happened. I just couldn't help it.'

'Don't worry about it. Just help me up,' she said. I was burning hot. As I put my arms under her armpits and lifted her up, I noticed that she was flushed too. Helping her up, my hard cock pressed against her belly, thighs, and pussy. When my cock brushed her pubic area, she jerked a little, instinctively pressing against me. Standing there nude from the waist down, she steadied herself on the vanity again and told me to let her get her balance before I lifted her panties. I knelt in front of her and looked up at her pussy. She let me stare between her legs, with her bad foot lifted up a little off the floor, which gave me a perfect view between her thighs. I saw her ass cheeks and her open cunt. I just stared up at her. I was in heaven. She looked down at me and I remember that, breathing heavily now, she bit her lip and that her pussy was open, swollen red, and glistening. I remember thinking this was odd because she had just wiped herself pretty well. Then she opened her thighs wider for me and told me that she just needed to steady herself a little bit more. I stared up into her gaping cunt, wishing I could finger and taste her.

She must have sensed my desire. 'Hey, the show's over,' she said, 'Pull my panties up.' Her voice was shaky and her cunt was sodden. I pulled her panties up. She smiled at me and said 'Did you like what you saw?' Shyly, I just swallowed hard and looked at her. I could smell her wet pussy. After I pulled her panties up, I watched her adjust them at her crotch. She actually put her hand inside her panties and fiddled with her cunt, adjusting the lips. After she pulled her hand out of her panties, she wiped her wet fingers against her panties, leaving a stain. 'God, I can't believe I'm so wet,' she said under her breath. I pulled up her pajama bottoms and helped her back to her room. Still hard, now throbbing, I was aching to go to my own room and jerk my meat at least twice.

I helped her into bed and she looked down at my erection. 'I'm sorry about that,' she apologized, smiling at me. 'It's OK,' I said. Then she said 'You know that happens to girls sometimes too.' 'What do you mean?' I asked. She told me that sometimes she gets horny and that when she does she has to touch herself to make herself feel better. She was being coy with me, but she was squirming on the bed some. I was inexperienced but I played particularly dumb. She reached down and put her wrist between her legs, squeezing her pussy against it and sighing. 'I just need some pressure,' she said, as she lifted her crotch against her wrist and exhaled. Then she asked me if I ever touched myself. I just shrugged like I didn't know what she meant.

That got Anne very interested. I could see the change in her expression. 'You've never masturbated?' she asked in excited disbelief? 'I don't know,' I said. 'What do you mean you don't know,' she said. 'I just don't know,' I said. 'Believe me,' she said, 'You would definitely know if you had done it. Besides, I don't believe you. All boys do it. It's absolutely the best fucking thing in the world.'

'Here, watch me,' Anne said. And she lifted her ass off the bed and pushed her pajama bottoms and panties down to her thighs. 'Help me with these,' she told me. I quickly helped pull her clothes down to her ankles. We pulled her good leg out of her clothes and she pulled her knee up and spread her legs wide. Then she pulled her top up until her breasts were exposed. Her chest and stomach were rising and falling quickly. Then she began working her pussy with both hands, fingering herself with two fingers and strumming her clit.

'God, it feels so good,' she said. 'Watch me now. Watch me now. Oh yeah, watch me fuck my pussy. Watch me fuck my pussy. Now, you take your cock in your hand and stroke it for me like a good nurse,' she said. The game aspect of it all somehow made it more exciting and alright. I pushed my pajamas down and stood next to her bed. She reached out and pulled on my cock and stroked my balls and ass. She told me to touch her, so I slipped my own fingers roughly into her pussy. 'Not so rough,' she said. 'Like this,' she said, as she guided my fingers inside her and moved my thumb over her clit in circles. 'Oh, God. That's it,' she encouraged me. 'Fuck my pussy for me. Fuck my hand like a good little nurse.' I pumped her hand with my cock as I fingered her wildly. Soon we were both cumming. I spurted all over her stomach and she bucked her crotch against my hand, cumming hard.

Anne then told me to give her a bath with a washcloth. She washed me too. Later that day we masturbated each other again. And we performed this little charade a dozen more times while she was injured. We even performed it a few times after she was completely healed. She would come to my room and say 'Nurse, I think I need help going to the bathroom.' I was always ready to oblige. When she returned from college, however, I once asked if she needed any nursing help and she told me that she was too old to play those games anymore and that I should find a girlfriend to play with. That, sadly, ended my nursing career.



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