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Male Mutual While Wife Watches Part 2

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Follow up to a previous story march 8,2012


This is a followup to a previous story.

Let me start by saying that I love to masturbate and to be masturbated by my wife. I prefer it to all other sexual activities.

Earlier this year my wife and I went to Florida for a vacation. Before we left my wife said that while she is on vacation she is taking a vacation from masturbating me. She went on to say she would like me to find another man about my age for a mutual masturbation session and she wants to watch us make each other cum. Well we met this man named Phil and in short we all had a wonderful experience. (original story Male Mutual While Wife Watches, published 3/8/2012)

We are now going back to Florida and my wife reminded me of the good time we had last time and suggested we contact Phil and see if we can set up a time to get together again. I sent Phil an email and he responded almost at once. He said he would love to get together again but has a request. He has a jack off buddy named Mark whom he masturbates with 2-3 times a week who would like to join us. During one of their sessions he told Mark about our time together, and Mark said if the opportunity ever comes up he would love to participate in a mutual masturbation session. So bottom line is it OK if he joins us in Florida for some fun. I Was intrigued and asked my wife what she thought. She replies I have some specific ideas as to what I want you guys to do and if its OK with him its OK with me. I said what do you have in mind. She said just tell him he needs to come over undress and follow my instructions and he will have a good time. I emailed Phil & Mark they said great and we set up a time.

It was about 2pm when Phil & Mark came to our hotel room. I let them in and said glad they could make it and we were looking forward to an afternoon of fun. I told them my wife was in the bathroom and would be right out. She came out wearing her bathrobe and we all got acquainted. I said to her we are all here and I know you had some ideas as to how we should proceed, what do you have in mind? She replied that she would like the three of us to sit on the sofa. She then got a chair and sat facing us about five feet away.

She then said this is what I want. I want you all to undress down to your shorts and sit on the sofa. You will take turns putting on a masturbation show for me. When its your turn I want you to stand remove your underwear and and play with yourself until you cum. Then you will sit and the next person will take the stage. However I don't want anyone playing with themselves until it is their turn. Strange as it seems I rather enjoy watching men giving themselves erections, in addition to cumming.

OK now who wants to go first, I volunteered. My wife said OK but before we start I want to get comfortable. She got up and removed her robe and was naked underneath. She sat back down in the chair, spread her legs, and started playing with her clitoris and said I'm ready now. I stood up removed my shorts and started masturbating, it felt great, and it didn't take long before I was cumming. My wife said good, I have seen you masturbate many times I am looking forward to seeing Phil again and Mark for the first time. She then suggested Phil go next. He stood up and removed his shorts, he was about half erect from the sexual energy in the room. Phil started stroking, and was soon erect, and came shortly after that. My wife said OK Mark your turn, I have been looking forward to seeing a new cock cumming.

Mark got up finished undressing and stated masturbating. Well this went on for a while, then Mark said he really hadn't done this in group before and was nervous and wasn't sure he could cum. My wife said we will have none of that everyone must cum and suggested Phil and I help him out. I looked at Phil and said you work the front and I will work the back. Phil then knelt down in front of Mark and stated rubbing the inside of his thighs with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. Mark was really enjoying this. I then looked at Mark and said have you ever had your prostate massaged. He said no, and I replied get ready it's mind blowing. I then took one hand and spread Marks cheeks and with the other inserted my middle finger up his anus. Mark was surprised but enjoying it. I kept pushing my finger deeper until I could feel his prostate. Then I started massaging it in a circular motion. Phil stared groaning and wiggling. I said you're about ready to cum your prostate is rock hard, just then he came with a powerful burst of semen. I kept massaging his prostate until I was sure every drop of semen was spent. Mark said that was great he wants to use this with Phil in the future and thanked me for showing him how to do this. Phil said he hadn't done this before either and was looking forward to having his prostate stimulated by Mark. I replied this works great especially for guys that are a little older who take a little more time to cum, and you can do it to yourself.

(Note-as I write this I am naked stroking my erection with a small vibrator in my anus and will probably cum before I finish writing this.)

After we all finished my wife said OK everyone has cum but me. She then laid on the floor legs spread and said guys make me cum.

I said Mark you take the right, Phil you take the left I will handle the Vagina. Phil knelt down on her left side and started messaging her left breast and the inside of her left thigh. Mark did the same on the right. I knelt between her legs and inserted two fingers into her wet vagina. With the other hand I massaged her clitoris. She commented this is great being masturbated by three men at once.

She came shortly with an explosive orgasm.

We then all got dressed and said our goodbyes.



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