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Male Multiple Orgasms and Edging

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I wanted to share this as it's literally just happened. My wife had gone out shopping and my kids were away, so I thought I'd try a technique which I hadn't done for years.

I have masturbated for nearly 40 years and enjoy it every time. I have tried many techniques ranging from normal wanking to inside cucumbers to cardboard tubes to purpose-made love dolls. So I have plenty of experience!

This technique though, I haven't done for many years. Before I met my wife, I used to wank about 3-4 times a day. Then sex reduced my need to wank to about once every 2 days. I have a incredible libido and want to cum many times over. My wife knows and approves of me wanking when I need to, as we now only have sex once or twice a week.

One wanking technique I had heard about in my younger days was edging. I'd also heard about multiple orgasms. So I thought I'd try edging this morning, since I knew my wife would be out for several hours. I prepared myself and got comfortable in front of the PC, reading solotouch stories and techniques, and browsing porn sites. I have a 7.5' cock, quite thick and about 6' around, and I'm uncut. I often play with my foreskin, pulling it over the glans, back and forth, and stretching it. I also enjoy pulling it right back hard down from the glans tight against my balls. I love this and when I do it, I pause and watch my cock throb.

So after about 30 mins wanking I thought I would cum as usual. I normally get very urgent and really wank furiously towards the end. But this time I recalled my earlier days and decided to slow down a bit and enjoy the moment, slowing pulling my foreskin back against my cock, and rubbing the precum around the top of my cock and underneath. This in itself gets me going and I had to stop myself from coming and let my hands off.

It was at this point I thought I had left it too late and my cock started twitching in the usual way when you cum. A small amount of cum came out, probably about a quarter of a teaspoon, but I didn't cum fully. So I left my cock alone for about 15 secs and then started again. Then a further small amount of cum came out again but I didn't cum so I started to wank normally again. I continued this for about another 15 mins and sure enough, I thought I would explode, so I stopped like before. The same thing happened and a small amount of cum came out, but this time my cock twitched and shot some very clear cum about 2 feet in front of me. I thought I'd blown it again and stopped and left it alone for 15 secs. My feelings subsided and I was able to start all over again without coming fully.

Another 10 mins passed and it happened all over again. But this time it was different. I shot some clear cum in front of me as before, but an intense feeling came over me and the end of my cock felt incredible intense, like a mini orgasm. Again, a small amount of cum came out but this time it was very white and dense. The feeling in my cock was incredible at this point, but I resisted, let it alone for 15 secs and then started all over again.

Well, you can maybe imagine that I was so horny by this time I just had to cum big time. But I resisted and let it happen all over again and then once more. I really felt I just had to cum now, so I decided to go for it. I wanked slowly, then sped up, then slowly again, then furiously, then pulling my foreskin tight down against my balls for the last time, I exploded and the first cumshot went over the carpet about 4 feet in front of me, and then I started pumping lots of very thick cum after. But the amount of cum was astounding. I had wanked for about 90 mins by this time, and had obviously built up a load of cum, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount that a 52 year old man could produce. It felt like my younger days, when I used to regularly spray my cum 4 feet across the room and lots of it!

I assume the previous intense feelings I'd had were multiple orgasms, of which there were 4. They felt incredible and a bit like a normal cum but much more intense and localised on the tip and underside of my cock. I was astonished that I'd achieved this at my age! The technique of edging and being patient, had built up a huge amount of cum from me and gave me multiple orgasms. I was delighted and will try it again when I have the chance.



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