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Male Male Fun

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Hey. Well I'm 14 years old and I believe I am bisexual. I love women 'cos well they are women. And I love men 'cos of the overpowering aspects. A friend of mine we'll call him bob came over like a week ago. I have been jacking off for around 5 months. Yeah so he rocks up and my mum takes this is an oppurtunity too catch up with some girl friends of hers. She leaves us alone around 6 ish and tells us she won't be back till late. It's the holidays so she doesn't tell us to go too bed early or anything. Well we order out a pizza and we just watch some dvd's. We glance at each other from time too time but it's nothing. We retire up to my room too play the playstation. We're on my bed when oddly enough I get a hard on. He's a good friend so I make no attempt at covering up. I have a 7 inch uncut cock that is very thick about an inch in diameter. I am masculine and keep in good shape, and I'm about 5'11 in height. Bob is solid not fat but solid. With good tan ,he manages too get down the beach regularly. Yeah so my cock bobs up and down from time to time as the blood flows in. I heear him breathing hard. I look over and unexpectedly he is furiously jacking off right next to me. I look at his pleasure filled face. His eyes are closed and he has a grin from ear too ear. I place my hand on his bulge and he looks at me. I smile and lean in for a kiss. I slip in my tongue giving him a very sloppy kiss. My hands lift off his shirt and begin slipping off his pants. His hands take off my clothes aswell. I get up naked and turn everything off except the lights. I walk over too him. I crawl too him on the bed and give him another kiss. Our bodies get tangled in a pretzel of legs and arms. I push him off and gently kiss his neck. Breathing hot air on his neck which is amzingly sexy and slowly moving down his body. I kiss and nibble his nipples. Kiss his and lick his stomach and then find his dick. I'm me with an impressive 7 1/2 inch cut cock. it's fairly thick and I fall in love with it instantly. I kiss the head lightly then slip my lips over the head. My lips glide down his shaft and my tongue slips around the head and on the underside. My left hand twists his nipple and my right fondles his balls. I get his heart rate up and stop. He's hot and bothered and he's unbeleivably sexy looking. I kneel on my knees and instruct his hand too jerk me off. He slowly tortures me by going slow. I can't take it and beg for it harder. He complies and furiously begins to jack it off. Hard and fast he pumps my cock. I approach cumming and take aim at his face. I explode with a torrent of cum that lands on his face and chest. I lick up the drips. Sometimes I lick it up and stick my tongue in his mouth giving him a taste. I get him too suck my dick dry. I'm not finished with him though. I flip him over and start massaging his back. My cock slides up his ass crack. I move back and spread his cheeks. Instead of sticking my cock in his ass I start licking around his anus. He pines in ecstacy. The electricity flows through me. I gently lick his anus and eventually press my tongue against the opening. I reach through his legs and gently stroke his cock. In a matter of seconds he cum's. I raise up. My horniness returns and sponataniously rams my cock in his anus. Inside is warm and wet. His muscles flex as I drive deep inside him. I moan then we moan together. Being loud helps the intensity of the experience. I begin too buck hard into him. My balls flap in the air hitting his rear. He reaches down and starts jacking himself off. I appraoch climax and erupt with another load of cum. Soon after he lets his juices flow. We collapse on the bed. We gently kiss each other. We eventually fall asleep. We wake up in each others arms with hard ons. We take this as another oppurtuntiy for some fun. This time he goes in ym ass and he explodes with cum in my mouth. We get up and take a shower together. We wash each other. We go down stairs for breakfast and find my mum in the kitchen. She has prepared us some breakfast. After we finished bobs mum came to pick him up. My mum walks by me and whispers in my ear ' you're quite a friend '. With that she gives me a wink. Could she know? If she does that will be a turn on when bob comes by next next week.



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