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Making Videos

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I love showing off.


A few years ago I met a woman in an onlite site and we began to correspond. I live on the east coast and she lives in the upper midwest. We've never met in person, but we talk on the phone frequently. And we regularly make videos for each other and exchange them.

Both of us are masturbation addicts. I am 57. She is a few years older. We both love watching and being watched. About once a month we each make a movie and send them to each other.

I'd like to describe my last video for you.

In my bathroom I have a large mirror that covers the entire wall opposite the bathtub. For my last video, I set up my camera by the mirror, so that it was covering my bathroom and the tub. That way, while the camera was running, recording me, I could also watch myself in the mirror. I love to watch myself jerk off.

I started the camera and left it running on the empty bathroom for a few moments. Then I walked in from the left. I was wearing a shirt and sweat pants.

I crossed the bathroom to the tub and then I turned and looked at the camera.

'Hi,' I said. I was already started to rub my crotch through my sweats. 'I'm feeling pretty horny today, so I thought I'd make a little movie for you. I hope you like it.'

With that, I removed my shirt, so that my naked torso and hairy chest were visible. I was rubbing my chest and abdomen with one hand and playing with my package with the other.

I did that for a few minutes and then, without any fanfare, I removed my sweat pants. Now I was standing there, entirely nude but for my underwear. And it was pretty clear that I had an erection from the way my briefs were tenting up.

I continued to play with my cock, teasing it through my briefs and putting my hand down inside, all the time making eye contact with the camera.

'God, I'm feeling hot,' I said. 'I love masturbating while you watch. I think it's so hot to let you watch me pleasure myself. I want to get entirely naked and let you see me without any clothes on at all.'

Having said that, I pulled the shower curtain and got into the tub. Then I shut the curtain and left it closed for a few moments.

When I opened it again I was standing with my back to the camera and I had removed my briefs. I was entirely naked and she could see my ass. I stood that way for a little while, reaching around to run my fingers over my nude butt, spreading my checks for her.

Then I turned and stepped out of the tub. For the first time she could see my penis. I'm seven inches long and I was fully erect.

I didn't waste any time, I started stroking it and touching it for her.

'Look at my cock,' I said. 'It makes me so hot to know that you are going to be looking right at my naked sex organ. I really want to masturbate for you. I love knowing that you're going to watch me do this.'

With that, I sat on the edge of the tub. I had my legs spread wide open and I began to masturbate in earnest, really pumping and milking my penis.

'Look at me, Baby,' I said. 'Oh, yeah. This is so hot. I'm masturbating right in front of you. Look at how hot and horny my cock is. It loves to be touched and watched and it really wants to squirt for you.'

I kept working myself up and then stopping to keep from cumming too soon. I'd get close to coming and then stand up without touching my cock and I would just stand there, showing it off lewdly for her. Sometimes I would take it between two fingers and wag it at the camera.

Finally, I said, 'I need to cum now. I'm going to let you watch me. You're going to see hot white semen spurt right out of my peehole.'

And then I sat back down and began jacking fast. I knew it wouldn't take long.

I was groaning and breathing hard, because she says she loves to hear a man groan with pleasure.

'Look at me,' I said. 'I'm fucking my hand, right in front of you. Look at me thrusting my erect sex organ in and out of my hand. God this feels good.'

Now I could feel my orgasm start to build.

'Oh, Baby,' I said. 'I'm going to cum now. Watch me. I'm going to let you see me squirt my hot white cum.'

And I stood up, totally naked and incredibly hot, and pumped myself right before the camera. It only took a few more strokes and then my penis was spurting three delicious jets of cream.

'Oh,' I said, as I was orgasming, 'look at me squirting for you, Baby. I'm letting you watch me make myself cum. God this is hot. Look at my cum. Look at my hot semen.'

And it was. And telling you about it has made me hot all over again. Hope you enjoyed the story.



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