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Making Everything Stand Out in Front!

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Having bought into Whispering Lily early on, I have enjoyed reading the stories there as well as the personal communications possible with other members and have only come back to Solo Touch to read stories here also. So forgive me if this technique has been mentioned because I had not come back to Solo to read Techniques or Comments until Lily was down yesterday. As much as I like total nakedness, sometimes I like my entire manhood pulled through the opening in my shorts to give it all some air and freedom as well as avoiding the heat buildup inside my shorts plus allowing the tension around the base to cause enough pressure to make me constantly aware of my masculinity.
Besides letting everything hang out through the opening in my shorts, my technique is simple to make my entire manhood stand out in front when I'm naked. Whether you roll or fold a white handkerchief into a string or simply use the ends to loop together and let the rest flop down underneath is unimportant. Simply pull your scrotum and pleasure pole all forward so as to loop the handkerchief under and around everything. There is enough friction of the fabric that it is not necessary to tie a knot, just loop the ends over and through the circle once. Presto! An easily tightened ring that can be easily adjusted for more or less tension!
Just pull the ends of your handkerchief tight enough to cause enough pressure for constant awareness. Don't make the mistake of tightening the loop too tightly so as to cut off circulation of your blood supply so that everything turns cold and blue because you don't want blood clots forming which could either cause problems elsewhere in the body when released OR cause a quick run to the emergency room to have a doctor cut your pleasure pole open to extract the blood clots!
A single loop from a small white handkerchief lets everything hang down when relaxed. Even better is using a large work bandana which can be wrapped around everything twice to make your entire manhood really stand out in front! This technique can be especially appreciated on hot days whether wearing loose fitting jeans or working in the shop nude. Just don't let either the bandana nor your privates get caught in any machinery! Unless pulling your entire manhood out through the opening in your shorts for the night to keep everything from getting sweaty, this technique is also great at night so everything does not get so overheated by being held between your thighs when naked! So what if your spouse thinks you're weird. After all it is your body and when your family jewels are overheated, the sperm is killed. If she asks why, just tell her you want active sperm and do not want to shoot blanks!
I especially like everything either hanging out through my shorts or standing up when I'm naked and sitting at my desk working at the computer all day rather than having to readjust frequently to lift it all up to avoid being squashed between my legs and getting hot and sweaty. Oh, yes, I do enjoy sweaty balls when building up excitement, but then there is a reason to be sweaty! Hope you guys like this idea! If you are afraid your wife might think you are weird, get dressed before she comes home from work or slide your roller chair way underneath your desk so she can not see everything standing up.
If any gals reading this want to try something similar, tie a bandana around your breasts if they hang down sufficiently. On hot days, the bandana absorbs much more perspiration than a bra and avoid heat rash underneath! Again the same advice holds as for guys, avoid discomfort by not tieing it too tightly. Of course, you will want to move around the house naked or wear a loose shirt or blouse so your breasts can stand out in front easily and flop around while walking, letting the fabric of your shirt or blouse cause pleasurable sensations when sliding back and forth across your nipples! Enjoy!



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