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Making Evan Cum

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Took place back in the early 80's, at the end of middle school. I have another experience to share, if you enjoy this one. I've read contributions from here for years; wanted to give something back.


This is a memory I reflect back upon with fascination and also the knowledge that, as teens, we were willing to do just about anything after midnight.

It was a usual Friday night at our friend's house. I was in the eighth grade, and always with raging hormones, among another thing. Three friends and I were staying the night at our mutual friend Josh's house. His mom was home, however she had a drinking problem something awful. This allowed us, after she had fallen asleep two floors above, to have a great time in the basement. Movies, late-night card games, experimenting with a beer, etc. Mostly it was pizza and a double-feature of horror movies on the VCR.

As I recall, this was a rather humid day in July, as we had the fans racing to keep the beads of sweat from our faces. Even the coolness of the basement offered little relief to the three of us who had been wrestling around all evening.

On this particular night, Josh's younger step brother, Evan, had joined us. After the pizza and pop had been enjoyed, we sat down to watch a Friday the 13th, which the six of us had seen before. Midway through, Josh announced he had something better and popped in a porn tape. It was the first time I had seen a porno, and it was seconds before my cock was as stiff and straining against my pants. The uncomfortable feeling was clearly shared by every one of us, as my other friends were shifting and adjusting their pants.

After watching this well-endowed guy having sex with two different girls, Josh suggested we rewind and jerk off while enjoying the best parts. There was some grumblings amongst the group, but when Josh unzipped and began stroking in front of the TV, the rest of us followed suit.

I remember looking around, as everyone did, at each other's cocks. All of us appeared to be about the same length, five inches or so, extremely hard (cock pointing almost straight up), and a small tuft of hair around our cocks. Josh was the oldest, and seemed to be the most developed-his being a little thicker and with more hair. I remember, vividly, being fixated by the thickness of it and the blondish-brown pubic hair surrounding it.

We were all stroking away quite vigorously when we took notice of Evan who was behind the five us. He was always hyper, spontaneous, and rather crazy. Today, in school, he would be on meds for sure! He was pounding on his cock like his life depended upon it. He had his whole fist around it and his hand movements were almost a blur. It was, of course, smaller than any of ours, and he didn't have any hair. His balls were surprisingly large for his age and they were being buffeted around by his forceful up-and-down motions. He had his eyes closed and head back. Long dirty-blonde hair dangled back behind him, dancing around like some little boy hanging upside-down on the jungle gym. We made comments and a couple chuckles about how he REALLY seemed to be enjoying himself and so forth. He paid no attention to us and then we saw him go from a kneeling position to on his knees. He breathing increased in loud puffs through his mouth and then he let out a few groans that increased in pitch until he was quiet. His whole body was as stiff as a board when he shuddered a few times.

I remember seeing his eyelids twitching. His whole body swayed back and forth a few times and then he sat back down from kneeling. His breathing remained labored, but a smile had replaced the urgency found in his face moments before. 'What the hell are you all lookin at?!' he had said and laughed. He was from Tennessee and had the thickest accent any of us Michiganders had heard before, even in the movies. We laughed and just playfully joked at his performance of a lifetime.

Josh was the one to point out that Evan hadn't cum. We had all stopped jerking at this point, and had turned our attention to this development. Evan simply explained that he couldn't yet. Josh seemed fascinated by this, almost disbelieving that Evan could enjoy anything without cumming. Evan argued to the contrary, saying he thought it felt great and he could do it 'dry' more times than we could do it if we actually came. None of us could argue that fact.

By now it was something like 1 AM and Josh had it in his head that we were going to make Evan cum. Nobody knew what the heck he had planned, but naked craziness ensued. Josh had all of us pinning Evan to the sofa-bed, which had been opened for our sleepover. We were all laughing, Evan especially, as we struggled to keep him down with our hands and legs. In the background, the sounds of actors having more sex played on.

Josh managed to find some materials (sheet, belt from a robe, whatever) to actually tie Evan's arms and legs down. He was now face-up, laid out on the bed, with no way to move. He was still laughing and struggling to get free.

What happened over the next two hours was probably pretty cruel, looking back on it, but fun at the same time. A sort of dare game, along with a mission (to get Evan to cum) began. Every one of us had a raging boner at this point. We propped Evan's head up a bit with a pillow so he could see the TV screen. Josh continued to fast forward to just the sex parts while we all stood over Evan stroking. Again, Josh as the ringleader, he had us take turns on his step brother, stroking him constantly. When one of our hands wore out, another one of us stepped in. Evan laughed for the first hour, as we watched him reach three more orgasms. His groans and straining against the sheets he was strapped down against only made us hornier. Each time he had dry orgasms. The rest of us were drinking more pop or snacking on chips while slowly stroking ourselves and watching both shows-the live and the recorded!

After the first hour, Evan was complaining it hurt and his dick was too sore for this. We had been rather rough with it, and it was smaller than most of our hands. Josh's devious mind thought about this and then he told us to cum on Evan's dick and use this for lubricant. Evan vehemently objected, but again through laughter and crazy behavior. It was only a matter of minutes before two of my friends were cumming. Both shot several long streams of cum onto Evan's dick and balls-many squirts made it up his chest. Evan complained about the grossness, but chuckled away the indignity. The slipperiness of the cum, as well as its warmth, gave Evan a new hardon that we worked on. With hesitation at grabbing a cum-covered dick, we continued to stroke Evan to two more shuddering orgasms. He cried out with each of these, the intensity which was unlike the previous three. At this point, he seemed exhausted, as we all were, but Josh kept pushing us onward. Josh was stroking when both my friend and I announced, almost at the same time, we were going to cum. Josh told us to cum on Evan's body, wherever we could, while he kept stroking. I remember having a difficult time pointing my cock downward to cream on Evan's chest, but this only seemed to make me cum harder. I got several long streams of cum that blew across Evan and onto my friend, Tom.

Tom immediately groaned and came too, but instead of shooting it he had a huge pool on Josh's stomach. Josh seemed to love this, and he worked even harder on Evan-whose cock was red, swollen, and puffy at this point. The two friends who had cum earlier stepped forward for another go. Evan, whose cute face and big, brown eyes looked at his cum-covered body in amazement, complained with a smile about the whole mess. 'Enough already!' he kept objecting in his southern drawl. Josh was invigorated by all this cum, kept rubbing it around his step brother's chest, cock, and balls. He ordered us to rewind the tape again and began to rub his own cock while stroking Evan's with a newfound fervor. As Josh's muscles tensed up, and his stroking grew faster, he started almost shouting at Evan, 'Come on! Cum! Cum!' There was a lot of cum foaming up on Evan's cock, but as it dried, he'd spit onto it and continue. Evan was going crazy, his butt lifting off up and his back arching. He was moaning and pleading with someone, anyone, to let him loose. Tom stepped up and came on Evan's balls, at Josh's direction, and then Josh told him to start fondling Evan's balls while he stroked faster. At this point, Evan's pleas changed to quiet whispers of 'Oh yeah!' Probably five minutes later, we were all gathering around. Evan was clearly about to orgasm. Josh burst a big load clear up Evan's chest, moaning. It went run up to Evan's chin. Evan seemed oblivious. He arched his back again, his smooth legs and body looked stuck in some athlete's pose, as Tom continued to fondle his balls and Josh stroked. 'What the ffff-' He never really completed a sentence, or made any coherent words, but we saw Josh stroke down hard and just watch Evan's little dick, the head red and swollen, puff and twitch and then shoot a few small times a clear liquid. Evan raised his head, then slammed it back on the bed, and then up again-gasping for air. Every muscle in his young body seemed to be drawn to attention. It was actually quite a beautiful sight-except maybe that his hands and arms were tied down. He moaned louder than before, and continued to do so for the duration of his orgasm and cum. After what seemed like a minute, Evan's body relaxed and he looked toward all of us. He said something like, 'Screw you all, you bastards!' and then, '...But thanks!' He smiled and looked down at his abdomen and dick, trying to distinguish his first cum from all of ours.

The evening ended shortly after that and some cleanup. We untied Evan and we just let him lay there, the whole bed to himself for the night. The rest of us slept on the floor. The next day we were amazed at our behavior the night before. Evan told us he could barely hold his dick to piss from all the rough jerking we gave him, but he-again, in his polite, country way-thanked us for all our hard work. From that time forward, he was invited to our occasional circle jerks, but hands and feet free.



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