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Making a Boy Cum With Brigitte

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Thank you, Brigitte


Ahhhh, Brigitte your delicious description of how you enjoyed giving a hand job really appealed to me. I love a woman who enjoys doing that. I would love letting you do that with me, very slowly and teasingly as we kiss each other with our tongues going in and out fucking each other orally, you with your hand wrapped around my warm, bowed, incredibly stiff erection with my gland so swollen and ripe at the end of that long thick stem.

I love you looking deep into my eyes seeing the love I have for you at that moment, the intense desire, the never wanting you to stop, the willingness to do anything for you to pleasure you too. I love the smile on your beautiful face, knowing you are sexually excited by the power you hold over me with your wonderful teasing hand, squeezing and rubbing me slowly until the stroking feels so good that I can only gasp and tense all my muscles while the warm, sticky pre-cum floods down around your warm fingers. It excites me incredibly to know that your hand has played with and stroked other cocks and that you love to make men hot as you slowly jack them off. I wonder at how many thick loads of cum you have made squirt out of young mens' excited penises. As I think about it, my juices flow more hotly. They are my penis' homage to you for all the cocks you have jacked off before, and to your delightful hand as my stiff cock strains itself and drools over your touch, making your fingers super slippery as they squeeze and glide up and down, your breath coming almost as gaspingly as mine as you feel your own warm juices squirting in tiny orgasmic fountains into your hotly soaked nylon panty crotch. I thrill knowing that my cock in your hand has excited you this way. It makes me very hot, Brigitte

Your hand gives me such intense pleasure I am totally yours. I ache to do the same to you, to make you feel my pleasure between your legs, the growing tingling tickling climb toward pure delight.

You read my thoughts now, I am panting, straining for the ultimate release as you toy with me, slow down and savor it and the excitement, seeing my tensely straining muscles, the hot look in my eyes, your own excitement mounts, your skirt now shoved high, the aroma of your juicy hot loins exciting me, I love the hot aromatic wetness of you. Your hand clamps and moves more rapidly. You know how you are bringing me wave after increasing hot waves of pleasure where there is no turning back. I strain and gasp. You do the same, sensing my ecstasy as we both climb up to maximum excitement, then with one pause as you stare at the engorged purple plum of my straining wet cock, your fingers rapidly stroke around and just under the slippery head and I groan loudly. Suddenly the thick hot white stream arcs out all over my chest and you are gasping and groaning as it is followed by six more giant throbs with each pulse of my cock each squirt of hot cum arcs again onto me and now you too are so excited by my rapture your pussy spasms hotly over and over again your pink clit standing proud outside your sheath, its head swollen and throbbing excitedly as the pulses of intense pleasure make you double over me jerking your hips against mine as we both pump our essence all over ourselves. Our spasms go on until we cannot stand them any longer, then you bend down and thrust your long hot wet tongue into my mouth and eagerly fuck me there with it as your cunt reverberates once again with another smaller but intense orgasm from knowing what we have just done for each other. We are both so happy we just melt together. I slide my hand between your drenched legs, past the sopping wet panty crotch and slide three tight fingers into your hot vagina.

'Again,' you ask incredulously.

'Uh-huh. 'I want to feel you shoot all over my hand like I did yours.'

'Oh good! I am still soooo hot.....'

Thank you, Brigitte. You made me squirt repeatedly all over the carpet recalling that and it was totally delicious. I hope it was for you as well and that you will tell us how good it felt for you too. Then we will all cum again..and again...and again....



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