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Make Your Stuff Come Out Mikey

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When I was about 15 my aunt, uncle, cousin and her friend came to stay with us for a week during the summer. My cousin Sarah and her friend Becky were both about the same age as me. I found them to be giggly and annoying, but I also couldn't help notice that Sarah had filled out nicely since the last time I saw her, and Becky was rocking a sweet set of hooters for her age.

One night I was messing around in my room playing video games when I heard Sarah and Becky giggling at my doorway. 'Can we come in?' Becky asked. Sarah was wearing tight white shorts that showed off her bubble butt, and Becky had on a halter top, no bra. I could see Becky's nipples showing through the thin material of her blue halter top. I invited them into my room and Becky shut the door behind them. The grown ups were all outside drinking it up on the patio, so we pretty much had the run of the house.

After some chit-chat Becky said she had a question. 'Is it true that boys can make white stuff squirt out of their penises?' I was kind of surprised by the question but when they both immediately started giggling I quickly figured out that was the whole reason they were in there. 'I don't know, maybe.' I said, I really didn't know what to say. 'Will you show us?' Becky asked and smiled at me.

Not wanting to disappoint them, I decided this would be a good opportunity to show off my cock and see some real live titties for the first time. After some bargaining, I told them I would show them how boys make our stuff come out if they would take their shirts off and show me their boobs. Becky was the first to go, she untied her halter in the front and opened it to reveal some nice, sweet, soft-looking white titties. Her nipples looked small compared to how big her tits were. I immediately responded by feeling my dick get hard and pressing up against the front of my jean shorts. Next Sarah pulled off her tee shirt but hesitated when she got to her bra. 'Come on, do it Sarah, I've already got my tits out here swinging around in the open.' Sarah reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were smaller than Becky's but firmer looking and her nipples which were bigger than Becky's looked hard and pointy.

My cock head was now pulsing, trying to free itself from my jean shorts. I started to unbutton my shorts not taking my eyes off the girls tits. Their eyes dropped and intently watched me take off my shorts. I pulled out my erect penis and let it twitch out in the open. 'Oh my God, does it always stick straight up like that?' Sarah exclaimed. 'Only when I'm horny,' I told them, 'otherwise it gets smaller.' Becky asked if their tits were exciting me. I told them yes and then looked down to start tugging on my cock. 'Why are you pulling on it?' Sarah asked. 'That's how the stuff comes out, you have to pull on it for a while.'

I continued tugging on my pole while the girls giggled and watched, all the while me stealing lustful looks at their beautiful young tits. I knew I was getting close to climaxing and they could see the tension growing in me. 'Come on, make your stuff come out Mikey.' Becky said. 'Oh my God,' Sarah squealed, 'I can't believe we are really doing this.'

'Okay, here it comes, here comes my stuff.' With that my turgid member began twitching uncontrollably and pumped out a river of cum, shot after shot, squirt after squirt. The first one hit Becky square in the face and she let loose a scream as it drooled down on her chest. I pointed it at Sarah and the next two shots squirted her on her tits. The last few shots made their way out and ended up pooling on the floor between us. They were laughing hysterically and running their fingers through the globs of sperm everywhere. 'That was so cool!' Becky exclaimed. 'Oh my God, I never knew it would squirt out so far!' Sarah said. I was breathless and my spent teenage balls were swinging from side to side as my cock began to subside to its normal stature.

'Thank you.' Becky said as she started to put her halter top on. Sarah was grinning from ear to ear and appeared speechless. 'I'm glad you enjoyed it,' I said, 'I enjoyed seeing your breasts. Sarah put her clothes back on and said We'll have to do this again sometime. We did that and much more, but that will have to be a whole other story.



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