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Make a Day of It

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Australia is basking in a heatwave! (Unlike the poor old UK) I woke up today and decided that I wanted to have myself a really sexy day and see how many times and in how many places I can cum


I started by getting myself nice and horny at home after breakfast. I had a long shower and a little play. Not enough to make me cum but enough to get a nice buzz. Then dressed only in a cotton summer dress and panties I went to the mall. There is THE most fabulous clothes shop and that was my first target. I went in, chose a couple of things to try on and went to the changing rooms. There, I made sure I didn't quite close the curtains and I stripped naked. I know my ass could plainly be seen and I stood with my back against the wall and started to masturbate. Oh it felt so nice! I made sure I could see out through the curtain by looking in the mirror and I know I was seen by at least half a dozen other girls. When the orgasm hit it was like a gentle wave along the beach.

Sooo.. I took a lovely stroll along Cairns sea front ending up at the lagoon. There, I settled to read my book , but I made sure I sat kinda carelessly with my knees up. I got checked out by loads of guys and a few girls too. So it wasn't long before I was ready again. This time it was to be in full view. I reached under my skirt and got a finger into my panties and WOW, I couldn't really go for it, (well, I could but decided not to.) I just gently teased my clit. I could feel the wetness literally soaking my panties and I knew this would be different. When the orgasm came I squirted into my panties. FUCK that felt hot. Almost like peeing my panties on purpose. I let it roll and roll and roll. MMMmmm lovely. I saw one girl staring at me and I knew she knew what I was doing. After the orgasm ended, I slipped my panties off, left them on the sand and just walked away. I turned back to see the girl casually walk over and pick my panties up before going into the toilets. I hope she enjoyed herself.

Finally, (and my clitty was a bit sore by now) I wanted something really raunchy so I went to a car park just outside the city where people go for casual sex. There were three cars there with one guy in each. When I pulled in their eyes never left me. I got out and walked into the forest a little ways knowing they would follow. I found myself a nice clear place and having checked for the usual spiders and snakes (trust me, out here you don't want something biting your ass that you don't know about) I put my blanket down and went to work. Soon the sun was blotted out by the guys. Of course they wanted to fuck but I told them that was not gonna happen. Instead I invited them to jack off. It was great! I lay there, masturbating cumming wave after wave while they all sprayed on me.

I slipped my dress back on, still covered in sperm and drove home. There I treated myself to an anal masturbation session. I love having my ass fucked and its even nicer when I do it myself. I stuck my dildo onto the window and eased back on it and yes, I could be seen by anyone who happened to look. My dress was up round my waist, I had sperm all over me and my trusty dildo up my ass. THAT orgasm knocked me over!

So I am sitting here writing this only because I can't masturbate today. My clit is raw and my ass hurts. Still... WHAT a day!



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