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Maid's Encounter Part 2

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A few days had passed. Nothing further had happened between the maid and I. This small 'incident' was not mentioned and she greeted me as usual and I never heard of any complaints. At the time of the incident, she hadn't run away or shown disgust; in fact, she had looked on intently. I took that as a sign of interest and decided to make my second and ultimate move.

It had to be in the morning as she only came at that time of the day. That wasn't bad as I usually felt very excited at that time. I knew that if I were to have the courage to make a move on her, I had to feel very aroused. So I didn't masturbate for a couple of days - very very hard when you're 15 - and when the day came, slowly played with my cock to get even more in the mood.

There was no urge to pee this time as I had taken care of this but the erection was still there. I didn't wait for her to come to me. Instead, I went to her in the same state as last time.

She had her back turned to me and was slightly bent over while vacuuming. That made my cock jump up and I quickly made my way to her, my hard-on pointing the way. She heard me as I reached her and turned around, her eyes immediately falling on my distorted pyjamas bottoms. She gasped. Before she could say anything I said softly:

'Can you help me? This won't go away.'

As I said this, I touched her arm gently and pushed my hard pole slightly against her hip. My eyes were pleading into hers and then looked down in the direction of my waist. She grasped my meaning. I had rehearsed the situation until this point, with the pleading eyes and the soft touch on her arm to convince her but after that, I could not anticipate her reaction and had to go along with the flow...

There was no need for me to do anything further as she slipped her hand inside the gap between my waist and the pyjamas and started stroking me. Oh, it felt like heaven. Her touch was so soft as she made her way from my cock to my balls and then tickled behind them. My legs started shaking and I had to hold on to her. My arms went around her and I started nuzzling her neck and breathing heavily.

She had slipped my pyjamas over my burning rod to get more room and was gently squeezing and stroking while murmuring sweet words to my cock. She would roll my foreskin forwards over my engorged head and then pull it tightly all the way back, rubbing gently under the exposed glistening glans. The sensations were electric. And just as suddenly as it started, I ejaculated. My hands were rubbing her chest, I felt semen building up inside me and then my cock was pulsating and heavy thick white globs of cum were shooting out in arcs over the floor. The rest dribbled down her hand. She carried on stroking me and was saying:

'Good boy, good boy, come for me. Show me what you have.'

I suddenly felt very weak and fell down on the bed nearby with her in my arms and my soft slippery penis in her hand. I continued cuddling her, kissing her on the neck and shoulders while rubbing her chest and stomach gently. Feeling her warm body under my hand started to arouse me again and I heard her exclaim, full of surprise:

'You're still not done? You're getting hard again in my hand!'

I asked her if I could return the favour while inching my way past her navel and onto her skirt. She simply took my hand and pushed it on her skirt just where her pussy was. Now in hindsight, she must have been pretty excited, having just masturbated and seen a boy shoot for her. But at that time, I just thought I was lucky. I had never been with a girl before and was not even thinking straight. In fact my cock was doing all the thinking for me back then.

I was rubbing gently on her pussy through her skirt and she was pushing up her hips slightly and taking deep breaths. Then her skirt was hiked up; she pulled her tits out of her bra and started rubbing them. She told me to rub harder between her legs.

I was having the time of my life down there. For the first time, not only was I seeing a pussy with hair but also playing with it. Hers was boiling hot, and quite wet. I was amazed at that wetness and kept sliding my hand around. I played with her pussy hair which was long, soft and dark brown. The hair was longest along her slit but thickest just at the top of her clit. I was mesmerized by her bush and would run my fingers through and pull it gently or scratch it but she would get impatient and tell me to go back to rubbing her along her slit. She kept telling me to rub harder and deeper but I was afraid of hurting her as her pussy felt very soft and was now deep red. Her hips kept coming up more and more aggressively.

Now she was giving little yelps and moans and began gasping for breath. She suddenly clasped her legs around my hand which was on her pussy, lifted her hips all the way up, arched her back and gave a long silent cry. My hand was trapped between her legs but the other one was free to caress her tits. She had one hand over mine and squeezed it hard. Then her body shook with little tremors while her eyes were tightly closed. Her orgasm subdued slowly but her body still shook in the aftermath while she laid there breathing rapidly.

Seeing a girl hit an orgasm for the first time had excited me enormously. My cock was back in action, if possible harder than before and was bobbing up and down with a life of its own. As she settled down from her climax, I became aware of the feeling trapped in my manhood. I removed my hand from her pussy and still soaked in her juice, stroked my penis with it. I was so aroused that if I hadn't ejaculated a few minutes before, I would have cummed without even touching my dick. Consequently, release didn't take long to come.

This time I was lying on my back with my pole pointing up and sprayed cum all over us. Some even hit the ceiling, so intense was my climax. I could feel the muscles at the base of my penis squeezing hard, pumping out all the sperm I had inside me. The contractions kept coming even after I had spent all my juice and were so powerful as to start hurting. There was probably as much semen as the first time, only now it seemed more fluid. I guessed that's why it sprayed all over the place while the first time it came out in thick globs.

Coming down from my high, feelings of guilt overtook me as I stopped thinking with my cock. I jumped up, saying I was sorry. She must also have been feeling guilty of jacking off a 15 year old lad as she said she shouldn't have done that. I quickly left her and went to clean up.

Afterwards, feeling fresher and calmer after a shower I went to see her and thanked her for my first experience with a girl and added that I had enormously enjoyed it. She kept saying that we shouldn't have done that but I reassured her by saying I would tell absolutely no one. I guess this is no longer the case...



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