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Maggie Revisited

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Read Maggie first


My encounter with Maggie totally turned my life upside down. I did not know if I was in love or lust, but every time I was near her my stomach would be tied in knots and I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

One thing I did know is I had learned something about myself that I didn't realize. I was hooked on masturbating while a woman watched. That afternoon was the most incredible experience and consumed my daily thoughts.

With Maggie working two jobs and my schedule we only saw each other twice over the next two weeks, but both times she found a way to sneak me away from everyone else including her boyfriend and gave me the sweetest kiss. I was consumed with her and she was all I could think about. I knew we would have another chance to be together again, I just didn't know when.

That day finally arrived when she called and said that she was going to have a Sunday afternoon off and her boyfriend would be with a couple of other guys fishing all day. She asked if I would come over and we would lay out in her back yard again.

When I arrived she was in her bikini and a white T-shirt. We went outside to the back yard. We were talking for 30 minutes when the subject of me jacking off for her finally entered the conversation. I told her how turned on I was and how incredible that day was for me. She said that she felt safe with me and she appreciated that I had never pressured her to have sex like most guys would in the same situation. I had a massive hard on and she kept looking at it and laughing when the door bell rang. Maggie went inside to answer the door and came back a few minutes later with her friend Kim.

I had met Kim but never had really carried on much of a conversation with her. I said hello and then said I would just go to the bathroom. When I came back outside both girls were staring at me and giggling. They were positioned on chairs with my towel in the middle so I had no choice but to sit on the ground between them.

Maggie suggested that we should rub lotion on Kim so she wouldn't burn and Kim said that was a great idea. After we finished Kim suggested we should rub lotion on Maggie. After rubbing my hands over two extremely sexy women and watching them rub their hands on each other my hard on was back. I was trying to hide it by rolling over on my stomach which made the girls start rubbing lotion on my back. I had no idea what I was going to do, I expected to jack off for Maggie again but now that Kim was there I knew that was not going to happen.

Maggie suggested that I roll over so they could finish my stomach and the front of my legs to which I said that's allright we can do that later.

Maggie started laughing and said told ya Kim he is the horniest thing I have ever seen. I glanced at Maggie with total embarrassment because I didn't know what else she had told her. Maggie just smiled and said yes Kim knows you enjoy masturbating in front of women and I told her if she would come over today she could watch too.

I looked at Kim, she smiled and said that she was curious about how a man pleases himself and she would love to watch.

My stomach was in knots, being naked in front of one woman was natural but two I didn't know if I could do that or not. They saw me hesitate and both of them began telling me how sexy I was and how much they would love to see me masturbate and then somehow they had me naked. I was laying on a towel naked with a major hard on between two women that were still wearing their swim suits.

Maggie took over from there and started scratching my stomach with her finger nails and telling me how turned on she was getting with me naked in her back yard. Kim sat back in her chair and watched while Maggie kept both hands rubbing my stomach and legs. I was too far gone to turn back and grasp my swollen dick and began stroking slowly. Maggie grabbed the lotion and poured a small amount in her hand and started rubbing it in my right hand. She then placed my hand back on my dick, gave me a nice kiss and said please baby stroke your big dick for Kim and I, we need to see you cum.

I was as hard as I ever had been before and when I finally came I had to lay there a couple of minutes before I could regain my strength. Both girls were on their knees rubbing my cum into my chest and stomach area and telling me how great that was. My confindence was at an all time high with these two lovely ladies bragging on me. They had me hooked, I would do anything for them. They had total control over me after that, all they had to say is Lance please jack off for me and bingo I was putty in their hands. Maggie loved her new control and took advantage of it constantly. She enjoyed the adventure and loved to put me in situations where I might get caught. Kim even had me masturbate for her sister. To this day I have kissed Maggie several times, but I have never seen her naked.



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