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Lynne and Friends

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As a teenager I was always very feminine looking. I did not have body hair and I was very slender. I tended to be friends with girls rather than boys. Guys tended to make fun of me but the girls just thought of me as one of them.

Once puberty hit I started to realize I was attracted to these girls. Unfortunately they did not find me attractive in that way. I was just one of the girls. I quickly learned to masturbate and it was my favorite pastime. Another thing I suspected but didn't know for sure, was that I had a very small penis.

I hung out with a group of four girls most of the time. One was my next door neighbor. There was nothing sexual between any of us although I constantly looked at their breasts and bodies. All of these girls were attractive and popular. We would often talk about the boys they liked and went out with. They would tease me about not having any girlfriend but mainly we concentrated on their boyfriends.

I always felt jealous about these girls, but knew that we would never have that kind of relationship. After discussing their guys, I would always go home and play with myself. One day we were all sitting in my neighbors bedroom in her basement and the topic of sex came up. We usually didn't get detailed but it was obvious that these girls have had sex often. Especially my neighbor who had a reputation of being pretty easy. Anyhow, Lynne (my neighbor) asked me if I ever had sex. My face turned beat red. I didn't want to admit that I was a virgin but my lack of response gave it away.

Aah you're still a virgin aren't you? I sheepishly nodded my head yes. Do you play with yourself? I couldn't believe she asked me that. Now I was three shades of red. Of course he does, another girl said. Well do you? Once again I sheepishly nodded my head yes. Do you ever think about any of us? Now I was really getting uncomfortable and surprisingly turned on. I just shrugged. They all laughed and said that was sweet.

You know its not fair that we are all getting sex and you're not. After all, we all hang out together all the time. I don't think we should have sex, but maybe we could take our tops off and you could look at us and play with yourself. Would you like that?

The other girls were shocked, but none of them said no. I was pretty close with them and this sounded like a great idea to me. Not to mention that I was super horny. Lynne undid the buttons on her shirt and sat there with her bra showing. Then the other three girls did the same. Some took their shirts off but all of them left their bras one. They all had big tits. Don't be shy, go on and play with yourself we want to watch.

All those breasts packed into lacy bras was too much for me. I dropped my shorts and started stroking my cock. Lynne giggled and moved closer to watch. You are really little you know. All the guys I've seen are a lot bigger. Oddly enough this turned me on. I liked her teasing me. I said I know I'm small. You can make fun of me if you want.

I asked for some lotion and Lynne dumped a huge glob in my palm. I went back to work and the other girls all moved in closer to get a better view. I spread my legs and slowly worked on myself. I did not want to come too soon. I asked them what they thought and they all agreed that I was small.

Jill asked me to stop and hold it up. I reluctantly stopped stroking and pointed it straight up. They all started giggling at how little I was. I had lotion shining all over my crotch with my legs wide apart as they inspected me. I asked if I could start playing with myself again, but Jill said to wait while she got a ruler.

Jill took the ruler and with her two fingers pulled my cock straight and measured me. Just feeling her two fingers touching me was almost enough to set me off. That was the first time anyone had ever touched me there. Four inches she exclaimed and they all started laughing. Then Lynne said stop you guys we shouldn't make fun of him. I resumed stroking and said no its all right, I like it when you guys tease me. I asked would you call me a man or a boy? Lynne looked at me and said a little boy. We all broke out laughing.

I was in heaven. Stroking away looking at all these young breasts encased in bras totally exposing myself to them with no shame while I openly masturbated. While I wanked, they started teasing my about my penis and asking me questions about when and where I played with myself. I answered all the questions like I was on a truth serum. I bared my sole to them and admitted that I played with myself constantly and was still a virgin. I told them way too much, but at that moment I didn't care.

Suddenly we heard Lynne's mom coming down the stairs. All the girls started buttoning up their shirts I just couldn't stop playing with myself watching all the bras bouncing and getting covered up. Lynne looked over and said what are you doing? get your shorts on quick! my mother's coming! I barely got my shorts on when the door opened and Lynne's mom walked in.

She said dinner is ready and everyone needs to get going. Then she looked at me. I was beet red and totally out of it. She said are you alright? I just nodded and said I was. Fortunately she left after that. Everyone started to leave, but I was desperate to cum. I said wait please let me finish I have to cum please wait. Lynne was like, no way I have to eat dinner my mom's going to come down again. I didn't care. I just pulled my shorts down and grabbed a hold of myself and started furiously stroking. All the girls just stood there looking at me. Lynne didn't know what to say.

I dropped back down on the bed, kicked off my shorts, spread my legs, grabbed my balls, laid on my back and went nuts. The girls all walked closer standing above me and staring. No one said anything the only sound was the frantic squishing sound of me masturbating. Within seconds I was squirting cum across my shirt. The girls all started laughing and shaking their heads. Once the orgasm passed I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated. I pulled up my shorts and apologized. That's ok Lynne said. Just get going and put your arms across your shirt to hide your mess.

Soon after that episode when we were all together I would ask the girls if I could play with myself. This often lead to me begging them and them all laughing and teasing me. Usually they would relent and I would get to have a nice masturbation session in front of them. It got to the point where they almost didn't even notice me there playing with myself. The would all be talking while I squished away in the background. Occasionally they would stop to watch or comment on how long it was taking me. They stopped removing any clothing and I quickly earned the nickname of little wanker but I loved every minute of it. They all felt sorry for me with my little penis and lack of girl friends. I never even touched one of them the whole time. It lasted for maybe six months until finally they started getting uncomfortable with it. Even Lynne had to finally tell me no more.

The most exciting part for me was hearing these girls talk about getting laid while I sit ignored and playing with myself. It made me feel like a little boy that these girls wouldn't even think of having sex with, and yet it made me feel cared for because they were comfortable enough to not mind me masturbating. Once I would cum (which did take a long time, since I would make it last) we would all just talk like it never happened. It was very weird when I look back at it.



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