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Lying Next To Her

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It's a bit long, but I always much prefer a bit of detail when reading these types of stories!


I was in the unenviable position of pretty much being in love with my best friend Jen. We're both 20 and went to school and church together all through our childhood and teen years. For the last few years certainly I've been besotted with her. She is everything I'm not. I don't think I'm ugly at all but she is stunning, she's tall (over 6 foot!) blond, AMAZING and I mean AMAZING huge tits (mine a comparatively small B cup), but because of her height and toned physique she looks completely in proportion. Seriously I cannot stress just how incredible and sexy her body is lol. Add to that her personality and I cannot imagine why every single person isn't besotted with her.

I thought going away to uni would give me a bit of space to get over her but alas not. It just made me miss her more, she was still the ever present girl in my fantasies whenever I played with myself. When we went on holiday to Magaluf for a week in the summer I was still crazy about her. As far as I know she is as straight as can be, but I can't deny that I'd got my hopes up pretty high about trying to get a drunken snog and a fondle.

The holiday was as you'd expect. Days spent sunbathing, trying not to get caught staring at her tits in her bikini. Nights out drinking, we both kissed a couple of guys. Alas my plan to turn her into a jealous nymphomaniac by seeing me kiss someone else didn't work hehe.

On the Thursday night we went out again although I took it easy for once to save myself for the last night. Jen did the opposite and at two a.m. I guided Jen back to our room. I tried to get her into bed, undeniably copping a bit of a subtle feel whilst doing it but gave up when she passed out and left her in her shorts and bra to sleep till the morning. I got into bed wearing my pyjamas without any underwear on.

I had an amazing horny dream that night where we were back at school and in an assembly when I walked over to Jen and kissed her before telling her to show me her pussy. She lifted up her skirt before I started fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit. I then got on the floor, took off my knickers, spread my legs and woke up with the image of her looking into my eyes whilst fingering my pussy. Needless to say I woke up with hard nipples and a quick glide of my finger over my pussy confirmed I was soaking wet.

I'd not had a wank all holiday which combined with the constant seeing Jen wearing very little and dream meant I woke up so horny that the urge to masturbate was all consuming, even with Jen lying next to me in the room.

Now there is nothing better than having a good slow wank when you have a lie in, and your still in that dreamy state not really with it. My fantasies always are that little bit stronger and more vivid and I feel less inhibited to think dirty thoughts.

I almost always like to be completely naked when I play with myself so I quickly pulled of my vest top and slid down my shorts. Lying under my sheet naked it felt incredible feeling the soft material slide over my nipples and body. I was so turned on from the dream that I went straight to my pussy using my right hand while I rubbed my other hand over my body. Through half closed eyes I looked over at Jen on the bed next to me and moaned very quietly. I ogled at her breasts and up and down her body. She seemed out for the count so I didn't worry too much about the wet noises coming from between my legs as I slid my fingers inside my pussy.

I alternated between looking at Jen and closing my eyes and remembering my dream and images of her licking me out and the way her pussy looked and smelt and tasted in my dreams. I was going quite slowly so I could enjoy this moment and I felt so sexy being this naughty and blatantly masturbating next to her.

My desire to finger her pussy for real was so strong at that moment. I wafted my wet fingers below my nose and licked them, imagining it was her cunt I was smelling and tasting. At the time I was genuinely debating whether I should get out of bed and slide between her legs to wake her up when I had an idea.

Her pyjamas short were lying on the floor next to her bed from my failed attempts to get her into bed the previous night. I grabbed them with my foot because I knew that after a few nights my pyjamas smelt like my pussy. I couldn't help but speed up my fingers rubbing on my clit as I shoved my nose in the crotch of her shorts. My head was filled with the scent of her cunt and as I exhaled I moaned a little bit too loudly but she didn't stir, although frankly I was beyond caring. Knowing I was sniffing her pussy I couldn't help but speed up on my clit and I felt my orgasm rise up from within me. I'm not particularly noisy when I come but as this monster orgasm hit me I really struggled to keep it down. I used her shorts to smother my grunts and moans although I couldn't do anything about the shaking and twitching. It was like no orgasm I've had before or since!

I lay there panting and completely unable to move. The sheets were soaked with both my arousal and a sheen of sweat that had formed over my entire body. The afterglow lasted for so long just lying there feeling so relaxed. I kept her shorts in my hand near my face and gentle inhales her scent. After my sensitive clit had calmed down I just gently stroked my pussy and lips until I recovered enough to have a second less powerful but thoroughly satisfying cum. All with Jen lying next to me.

It was seriously fucking amazing, the best wank I've ever had. She stirred a bit more during my second wank but didn't show signs of being awake and she never said anything. She kept commenting how relaxed and smiley I was that day though. 

Nothing has happened between us, and I don't expect it ever will. I've got myself a lovely guy at the moment which has calmed the lust but I still spend plenty of time with my fingers warm and wet thinking of Jen and wanking next to her.



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