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Lust for Friend's Stepmom

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This is about a few of my experiences I have had fantasizing about my best friend's stepmom.


Just to give you a little background information, my best friend's parents split up not too long ago. He took it kinda hard, but he has accepted it now. In the process, his dad hooked up with this lady and eventually got married. I'll call her Cindy. Cindy isn't like a supermodel or anything, but she is your average good looking women with an above average ass. I am an 'ass man' so to speak, and I LOVE checking her out whenever I can. She is a little taller than me, probably about 5'10 or so, nice firm legs, average sized tits (32C, I've looked at her bra's :P) and a tight ass that protrudes like Jennifer Lopez's. Now, lets get on with the story.. The other day I drove over to my friend's house to pick up something of mine I'd left behind. I really didn't think of it at the time, but when I opened the door to leave I noticed one of Cindy's thongs hanging on the door handle of their laundry room. I instantly got hard, and walked over to examine it. It had been washed and smelled like Tide, but it was wonderful. Leopard skin print and it was so silky to the touch. I proceeded to her bedroom, sniffing the thong and rubbing my cock through my jeans. Once I was in her room I began looking through her drawers examining her undergarments. Growing more aroused by the second, I dropped my jeans and stripped off my boxers and shirt. I kept rummaging through and found one of her dildos, and a bottle of 'Wet' lube. I couldn't take it anymore so I took the sexiest thong I could find (a skimpy hot pink G-string with a lacy crotch), the dildo, the lube, and hopped onto her bed with a 6 inch erection that felt like a steel rod. I lubed up my dick, and began fucking my fist very slowly. I stretch the g-string over my eyes and nose and closed my eyes thinking of fucking Cindy. I was close to cumming when I realized I had the huge blue dildo in my left hand. It was much bigger than my cock, probably 8 inches or so and very thick. I'm not gay, but sometimes I do fantasize about sucking another guy off, mutual masturbation, etc.. So, I took the dildo and slid it into my mouth sucking on it like it was another man's penis. I could only take about 3 or 4 minutes, and I began moaning, grunting and ramming my cock into my fist and the dildo into my mouth. I bucked my hips up one last time and a thick rope of cum splattered onto my face, another on my chin, two more on my chest and I continued fucking my fist until I had drained all the cum from my tool.. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had, and I think about it every time I see Cindy, especially when she is wearing tight dress pants and I catch a glimpse of her thongs when she bends over.. Man, I am extremely hot now I think I am going to go relieve myself now.. :P Hope you enjoyed it!



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