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I hated PE at school. Partly because our games mistress was a full-on dyke and if you objected to her ogling you or touching you up from time to time, she was a total bitch. That is why I skived PE and games as much as I could get away with.


On the day this happened, I had forged a note from my mom saying that I was not allowed to do PE or Games for a month, and the games teacher bought it. So when the rest of my class split into the changing rooms and headed out for the playing fields I was left alone. I mooched around for a little in the girl's locker room and then decided to have a little adventure and see what it was like in the boy's locker room.

I knocked loudly firt just to make sure there was no one in there then I pushed the door open and went in. The scent of the place nearly knocked me off my feet. All that male sweat and, I guess, testosterone too. Of course the boys in the class would have just stripped into their PE kit. At that time I didn't know much about 'boys' smell, but I was sure learning fast. I wandered around feeling decidedly horny until I arrived at a very familiar jacket hung on a peg. This was Allan's. Allan is THE most good looking boy in the world! I looked at the pile of clothing there and started to touch his stuff. When I looked in the pants there, I saw his underpants. In no time, I had my hand in my panties and was smelling his scent real hard. I have never known my pussy gush like it. There was actually a small puddle forming in my hand! I decided to give Allan a treat and timed it to perfection. Just as my orgasm hit me, I pushed his underpants between my legs and came into them. I can squirt, but only when I am really turned on. The thought of my pussy juices in his underpants did it for me and I wet them up good.

I wiped myself clean on them and tucked them back into his pants and left the room.

When the girls came back everyone hit the shower.

Afterwards, it was break time and I saw Allan moving in a very uncomfortable way and I guessed it was because he wasn't used to wearing wet underpants! If only he knew. But then, maybe he did, because I could plainly see a very impressive hard-on. I imagine that he found the underpants wet and smelt them. He must have known pussy when he smelled it.

Anyway Allan is a bright guy and he didn't take long to figure that I was the only girl who didn't take part in the lesson and after school that day, he confronted me about it.

I admitted to what I had done and he took me in his arms and kissed me. Then he hugged me and told me it was the most erotic thing he had ever heard of. We became boyfriend/girlfriend after that and soon he got to know what I smell like up close and personal. He was the first guy I ever jacked off and he was my first, in every way.

Even though I hated the dyke or a PE teacher, the wierd thing is that even while I was dating Allan, I had a few experiences with my best friend Lisa. Sex with Allan was hot, but with Lisa somehow I could be TOTALLY uninhibited. It wasn't that either of us were teaching the other, we just kinda knew instinctively when the moment was right to do something kinky. Maybe I will write about Lisa and me another time. We did loads of very kinky stuff together..stuff I would NEVER even suggest with a guy.



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