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Lunch in the Cemetery

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Sorry for it being so long, both names changed.


I've always been a proper young man, too mature for my age with my own flaws. I may swear a lot, or talk big sometimes but I'm pretty timid when it comes to being around girls. There's this one girl, twin to one of the few best friends of mine. When I first met her there was something my mind that said, 'You love this girl,' but shit the word love and me directing it towards anyone other than my mom isn't something I can manage. I met her at age 7, I'm 16 and sure there's male hormones which made my eyes travel to others than just her, but in reality it was just to one other girl, but when she moved away I came back to the sister of my best friend. I mean just being around her, talking to her, anything of the sort makes me feel better.

~~I'm mid story and came back to the top to write this part, all of her friends and her brother are almost completely certain she only gets off once or twice a month if not never, needed to be said for later in the story~~

There's my background story

So I wake up this morning, shucks not this morning this afternoon it was 12:05 when I woke up rolled out of bed and right into my computer chair to sign on MSN. Get on see who's awake who's come back from their may long weekend vacation and such. She's not online but the girl who's parents don't let her go on the computer so she travels to the 'girl of my dreams' house.

So the girl we'll call her Lena is online so that means she can only be at (changing the name on both of them here) Natalie's house (or technically one of my best friend's house). I just woke up so I ask her to see what they're up to for the day and I was answered with 'We're going down to the graveyard to have lunch with the dead people, wanna come?'

Sunday lunch with a beautiful young lady and the 'girl of my dreams?' I couldn't say no, but felt I had to make it very casual. I asked when they were going and mentioned I just just woke up, so it came to be I'll go if they're still online when I get out of the shower. That was a quick shower..I get out, dressed, shucks I brushed my teeth and soaked them in listerine for longer than the recommended minute. They were still online and I sat down and got messaged without saying anything: 'Okay we're leaving we'll see you on the way if your coming' Ironic I thought because my house is quite a way in the opposite direction of hers. I grabbed my stuff and started walking, heck I was running to catch up, I got 10 yards away from my driveway and my old friend from highschool (He graduated when I was in eighth Grade which is when our highschool starts), he asks where I'm going, I tell him 'umm.. Going for lunch in a graveyard?' and he only looked at me and said 'better be with bitches, want a ride?' It was really hot outside and I wanted to catch up so I accepted.

We caught up to them when we were still probably a half mile away from the cemetery, he drops me off and I am greeted by Lena and Natalie, WOW, just WOW, they both decided to wear their tightest tank tops and some of the shortest shorts I've seen. I was wearing sunglasses with perfect mirror lenses, so I was clear to look at what I want without them knowing, yet my body wouldn't let me enjoy the sight they granted me.

We talked but I'm gonna skip ahead to getting to the graveyard cause I don't remember anything from the walk there/back except that every 30 yards Lena would go 'Oooooh it's sooo hot,' and fan herself with her shirt, too bad I was always behind her cause she was using the whole shirt.

Anyway, we get to the graveyard walk to the back corner being careful not to step on any graves, and find a nice shaded spot with nice looking grass, they started eating, I wasn't hungry I just sat there playing the cool guy act.

Still sitting around eating, Lena once again does this 'Ooooh it's so hot,' and this time facing me and starts fanning herself with the front of her shirt, white cotton two sizes to small for her bra, ooh that enticed me and she must have noticed cause she reinstates it again not 30 seconds later this time while she's complaining about the heat she goes right ahead and fully removes her tank top.

Natalie looks to her 'What are you doing?!?!' 'It's just Dick, is he not a good enough friend of yours?' Lena tells her. With that confirmation Natalie basically says why the hell not and follow suit. Wow, Girl of my dreams and her hottest friend both now in just shorts that just covered the bottom of their buts and bras, absolutely stunning. Me just left without a word but protected by my mirror lens'd glasses. So they go back to finishing their lunch talking about how Lena is having a huge bitch fight over both her and her friend doing the same guy in two different trucks at some party, seemed pretty irrelevent to me, my eyes were all over Natalie. Then it happened, Lena leapt in the air 'AHHHH REALLY BIG BUG ON MY SHORTS' and she flicks it, it flys away, but the next one that lands right near the waist band of her buttside STINGS her and she again leaps in the air and immediately thinks take off the shorts will get rid of what I can't see. 'Oh my god...' escapes my mouth, 'No underware and completely shaven' I finish my sentence in my head, she picks the bug out and Natalie's freaking out that she's naked in a cemetery.

Lena just stops her and says 'I'm not naked in a cemetery,' she stops there, removes her bra and continues 'Now I'm naked in a cemetery.' Natalia has this face like I'm definitely not doing it stop looking at me like your going to get me to. Lena takes a drink from her water bottle and I said something which made her laugh and spill bunch of water over herself, she goes well not I need to sit in the sun and dry, we go with her to find some sun. I'm still checking out Natalie more then the stark naked beautiful 17 y/o girl basking in the sun in a cemetary who still had the water bottle, when Natalie asked for it so she could drink, I guess Lena must have got the idea from spilling it on herself. 'Certainly... ' she says as she reaches over to hand it to Natalie who's sitting cross legged 'OOPS!...' she exclaims as she (completely purposly) accidentially spilt the bottle all over Natalie's shorts. She was fuming mad, something about the shorts weren't supposed to get wet, but I took my first step 'Bah ha ha ha, it's just water it'll dry, take em off they'll dry faster' her mind might have been made up before this but she just mumbled 'might as well' and slid down her shorts leaving just her bright yellow thong on and matching bra, Lena was over in the sun laying off to the side from us I walked with her to find a place to lay her shorts to dry, my eyes still panning all over her masked behind my glasses.

Wanting to be proper but the 'girl of my dreams' almost naked for the first time before my eyes, I yearned for her out of that bra and thong. 'How much soaked through?' still fuming she responds with 'Not that much...' continue:'Enough that your shorts will dry quicker?' It worked!

'I guess your right...' and she slid down the thong and layed it next to her shorts on the bench, I couldn't see it, I'd have to tilt my head it would make it too obvious, (I'm betting any guy would have gone for the look but I just felt it wasn't right) and I kept my head level talking to her face not her crotch, but I pushed it further 'Now you don't match,' she was a lot like me, stayed inside more than out so really it wouldn't make a difference to go for the tan but she got the hint, off came the bra. Prior to Lena three minutes ago excluding when I was 3 and was in the changing room with my mom at the pool seeing 50+ naked woman, these were my first real life encounter with a fully naked girl. Here I am with the girl my mind has lusted for since the age of 7, completely naked I actually thought I was dreaming, it was disrupted with a soft whimper. It caught both me and Natalie off guard but we both looked over to see Lena just giving it to herself, she had 3 fingers going while her other hand was working away on her clit, (Like I said at the start too mature for my age with my flaws, this was my flaw) I got giggly, and just balled out laughing which completely threw her off, she stopped and seemed quite angry I just ruined the moment for her, seeking to ruin it for her I turned to Natalie 'heh, so... he he, you gonna join her' I said with the biggest smirk on my face. She actually slapped me, I guess it was just to dignify herself cause immediately after she walked over to Lena and lay down beside her and (it's entanced within my mind evey moment of it but is so hard to put into words unless being completely literal) she reached down and with two hands spread her lips, absolutely beautiful, everyone has their way to do it I guess she got her best feeling just having them parted cause she just closed her eyes and kept pulling them apart, gave me standing above the two an excellent view. Lena had gotten back into it but stopped when she noticed Natalies odd way of getting herself off, and it did look really inviting she was actually opening it up enough that you coud see a couple of centimeters up into her. Lena every so quietly saw her chance and lunged two fingers up into Natalie straight for her G spot, and begun to just put lots of pressure up and into her, an started on her clit with her thumb.

Natalie now in complete exctasy actually started to gasp out uncontrollably, me just sitting back stunned, he gasps turned to moans, and it went on for what could have been ages but if I had to give it a time between the time it went from moans to screams was only 30 seconds. I repositioned myself to get a better angle just in the nick of time right when I got a clear view the moans turned to screams the only words she managed was 'Keep going!' and it happened she reached her orgasm, fluid actually began to flow out of her, a steady stream came constantly for a whole 10 seconds while Lena kept going,

The screams died out quickly after the orgasm, she was very quiet and sat upright, when Lena was releived of her duty she fell onto her back and went to finish herself using Natalie's cum as a noticeable lube, Natalie just stood up, fingers covered in vaginal fluid walked over to me, grabbed my hand and walked me back over to her sorts and thong. She whipped her hands off with her bright yellow thong, then handed them to me.

'I know you've always had a thing for me,' she whispers then we come together and kiss, First Kiss First Naked Girl today was a good day for me, it didn't end we were stuck locked lips I put my arms around her and gave her a hug still kissing, we heard Lena start to moan and stopped to look over to watch her (well mastered to perform) orgasm as her legs and arms and a noticeable vibration to them. When she finished she was out of breath and just looked up at us with the biggest smile. I reached down to help her up, her hands to still covered in Natalie's juices, I handed her the thong she wiped her hands. 'Orgasm with dead people, that's a story for life' I said to them both, Lena smiled, Natalie grinned, Lena could hardly walk so she called her mom to come pick them up, they slowly eventually got all their clothes back on and packed up the 'picnic'. I walked them to the entrance where Lena's mom would be picking them up, but stopped just short of it, Lena didn't want her mom knowing I was there for some reason, which meant I got to walk home all by myself, but just before we went around the corner of where her mom was Natalie turned back to me, leaned in kissed me, I hugged her back, then stepped back. 'Maybe you can try Lena's role next time'

That was the last thing she said to me today, that happened from noon till 3:00 was when I got home, it's 10:00 now and her thong still has the sweet aroma of her scent. There's no school tomorow, I hope her parents work...



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