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Luke, I Am Yours

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When my brother and I were little, we always bathed together while our mother washed us and cleaned us. We bathed together for quite a long time, longer than most siblings might have; therefore, we are quite comfortable with our bodies. I've seen him naked since he has gone through puberty and he has seen me since I have gone through puberty. For instance, if he just has a towel on, he may take it off, wrap it around, and whack me completely butt naked. Sometimes he even doesn't get dressed after he wakes up (he sleeps naked) and starts to watch TV or play video games. I am slightly more modest but I do just as crazy things. Many times I may be talking to him with just a towel on and my nipple might slip out. He'll just laugh and I'll cover it up. This story is about him and me though, that was just telling you how immodest I am about nudity and such.

During the summer, I invite lots of my friends over to my house. One morning, I called over one of my guy friends. We were the kind of friends that were so close that everyone thought we should go out. Both of us did not see it this way so stayed friends all the time. I asked him to come one hour later, so I took a quick shower. When our house was being remodeled, my dad and my brother agreed a 'man' shower should be installed, and of course I lost. After a while though, I came to like it. It has steam jets and a bunch of shower heads shooting from all directions. It has a cute bench but I have no idea what it is actually for.

I sat on the bench and turned on the steam jets. After I started sweating, on went the shower heads. I washed my sweaty body down and jumped out of the shower. The mirror was all steamy and I wanted to look at myself so I waited until the fan sweapt all the steam out of the bathroom. I looked at my boobs and examined the size and floppiness of them. I can't wait until I get a C cup! I just stood in the mirror and played with them and circled them and they started to get hard.

'Hurry up, it's been forty minutes and you friend will be here soon,' said my brother as he looked in.

I turned around and said, 'I'm hurrying!'

'Looks like your fingers tripped over some bumps!' he said referencing to my hard nipples.

'Do you think my boobs are big enough yet?' I asked jokingly.

'I don't know, I don't have boobs to worry about.' He left the bathroom and I went back to business. My boobs are the kind of boobs that look really flat under a shirt but are actually bigger than you think. They bounce pretty well too. To look nice, I went ahead and dried my hair and straightened it. Because I was already dry, I hung my towel up and walked to my room naked.

'Oh my god, I'm sorry Luke!' I completely forgot about Luke coming over and my brother never came back in to tell me he was here.

'It's ok, do you need to get dressed?' he asked politely.

'Well if you come out, you'll still see my backside,' I told him.

'What's going on in here?' My brother popped in on the other side of the doorway. He always wanted to hook us up.

'Well, you didn't tell me he was here!' I turned around to argue with him to reveal my mountains accidentally.

'I figured that you two could-' I jumped at him and he ran to his room.

'I'm sorry you had to see me like this but there is no point hiding it. I'll just get dressed.' Luke voluntarily covered his eyes. I could definitely see his erection in his pants which got me wondering. 'I didn't say you have to cover you eyes,' I explained.

'Why not?'

'Well, don't guys like to see naked girls?'

'This is different. You're my friend, it's kind of weird seeing you naked,' he explained.

'Well, just pretend we're not friends. Anyways, it's not like we are going to do something together. I'm just getting dressed.' At this point I wanted to do something so badly, so I started playing hard to get.

'Ok. Hi, my name is Luke. What's yours?' He asked jokingly.

'Oh, hello. My name is Amanda. See, this is not so bad!' I was trying to think of the best way to get him to like me. 'Do you like my breasts?'

'Why yes I do. They are the perfect shape.'

'Want to see how floppy they are? Here, hold them and just move them around.' He did exactly as I said. It did not seem to bother him anymore, so I grabbed his chin and leaned in to give him a kiss. He grabbed me and threw me on top of him and we started making out. When I got up to get some air, I slid back and he unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants and got naked. I grabbed his erected penis and started to jerk him off. It was not as big as some people would say but it was a fistful.

'You got any lotion?' he asked.

'Yeah, why?'

'You can use it as lube,' he answered. Not knowing what lube was, I got up and got some lotion.

'What do I do with it?' I asked in a confused way.

'Put some on my dick.' I squirted some on his penis and rubbed. I could tell the difference and Luke seemed to like it more.

'What does it do exactly?' I asked confused again.

'It makes it feel like a real pussy, or so I've heard.' He would direct me how to jerk him off. Sometimes I would go slow and rythmically; sometimes I would go fast making his penis throb and get thick with blood.

'Ok, I'm almost finished so go like a medium speed and then we can start with you.' He seemed like an expert but I tried not to ask him. After all, it could be just lots of research. I adjusted speed and he started to moan. I whispered to him to stop but he couldn't hear me over his loud and obnoxious moans.

'What's going on in here?' This was what I was fearful of.

'Are you giving Luke a handjob?' He started chuckling because he was right about Luke and me. 'You two teenagers have fun in there!' He walked off still laughing.

He got up and got us to chang positions; I layed down, he sat on my stomach right below my boobs, I continue to jack him off by reaching around his side, and he fingered me. This was definitely a new sensation for me. I have fingered myself before but someone else doing it for you felt phenominal. He stuck his index and middle finger and started to move around.

'Sorry, I've never done this before,' he said shamefully.

'Don't worry, this is all new to me sort of. Just keep doing what you're doing.'

I went back to business going harder than ever. I kept the medium speed but a firmer grip than before. He moaned louder and I figured moaning might add an effect like what he was having. I started to moan harmoniously with him. He stopped moaning and started to sigh. I stopped and looked around his side to see what was happening. All of a sudden, he started squirting some liquid out of his penis. I was in shock because I thought he peed on himself. After some close examination, I saw how the liquid was thicker and stickier than pee. He saw my confused look.

'That's sperm. Try some,' he suggested.

'Eww, no. It came out of your peehole!'

'Trust me, it tastes nothing like pee, or at least what it smells like.' I figured that if what he said is true, if he tasted his own sperm, there shouldn't be anything wrong with me doing it. I scooped up a little and gulped it down not bothering to taste it.

'Basically, you were masturbating me, I had an orgasm, and then I ejaculated all of that sperm,' he said as he got up to wipe himself down.

'What's an orgasm?' I asked feeling stupid. (I really felt stupid that I didn't know any of this).

'It's an intense feeling that you get all over you're body right at the end of masturbation. Have you had one?'

'I don't think so,' I said unsure.

'Well, let's finish you off.' He got me to lay down as he layed down beside me. He fingered me again and occasionaly licked his fingers, kissed me, and caressed my boobs. I moaned remembering that he was doing it, and before I knew it, I could feel the 'end' coming. I braced myself not knowing where my sperm would come from since I obviously didn't have a penis. An intense spike going throughout my whole body shook me especially my extremely wet pussy. Unfortunately, nothing came out anywhere.

'So, how did that feel?' he asked.

'Absolutely amazing! Can we do it again?'

'You probably won't be able to orgasm so quickly after you already did it once,' he explained.

The day ended well, I had my first sexual experience, I had a new boyfriend, and I learned so many knew things. I hope to do something with my brother since that would be kind of kinky. Of course I will definitely do something with Luke again which I hope to tell you about sometime!



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