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Lucky Man

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I last made love to my wife over two years ago. Since then I have masturbated nearly every day, often with help from my wife.

After we had made love that last time, she had seemed unhappy. A couple of days later she confessed that she no longer enjoyed love making but only did it to keep me happy. Now she wanted to keep me happy and said she wouldn't mind if I occasionally slept with other women.

I told her I really didn't want to do that, and she was quite tearful, saying she didn't want me to be unhappy. She knew I liked sex and knew I needed sexual release often. She told me that she had heard me masturbating once or twice in the bathroom. I was astonished and asked how she had known what I was doing. She said half smiling through her tears that she didn't think men moaned like that if they were just shaving.

To my surprise my penis stiffened a bit when I thought of her hearing me playing with myself. I said that I did masturbate sometimes, and she asked if I liked it enough to replace sex. I said I actually loved it, and if I could I would wank much more often but I felt too embarrassed to do it if she was nearby.

We were sitting talking on the sofa at the time. On TV was a movie, not porn but it had two young women in it wearing short skirts. My wife noticed that I kept glancing at the screen, especially a scene in which one of the girls was sitting on the floor with her knees up and her panties visible. My wife asked if the sight of those girls in short skirts was turning me on. I nodded and she pointed at the bulge in my loose fitting shorts. 'I needn't have asked' she said, and I shifted trying to hide it. I could sense that I would have a wet patch there in a minute as pre-cum was leaking. All this talk of masturbation and the sight of those two girls was making me very excited.

'Do you want to masturbate now?' my wife asked.

I looked at her. She was serious. 'Not in front of you', I said. She reached across and pulled my waist band down and, with some difficulty, over my stiff and now wet cock. She grasped the shaft and slowly stroked it. I moaned out loud. Oh God.

'That feels good, doesn't it?' she said. 'Oh it does' I replied but I could hardly speak.

Then her phone rang and she glanced at the screen. 'It's my mother, I'd better take it. But you carry on' she said 'I think you know what to do'.

I couldn't help myself at this stage. I pulled my shorts completely off and lay back with a massive arching boner, pre cum running off the tip. I began stroking while my wife sat chatting on the phone a few feet away. She watched while she spoke. She smiled encouragingly as I felt the orgasm coming. And then I came, massive spurts over my shoulder and hitting the couch. I almost fainted from the pleasure.

Seconds later I heard my wife saying to her mother 'Mike? He's here. Just cleaning the place up a bit'. I looked at her and saw her pointing at the streaks of cum on the couch and mouthing 'Quick. Clean it off'

I hurried past her to get cleaning stuff, my still stiff and wet cock pointing out ahead of me. Oh I felt good.

And it got better. The next day, when she came back from shopping she sat next to me on the now clean couch and asked if the young girls in the movie yesterday had really turned me on. I said that they had and she said she thought so. And then she pulled out of her bag a magazine called Barely Legal. Pictures of 18 year old girls in mini skirts and naked and everywhere in between. Oh God the cover looked good. I took it from her, and felt myself getting stiff. 'Go on then' she said 'you know you want to'. Oh how I did. I put the magazine down and pulled out my aching cock. I stroked it as I slowly turned the pages. Then towards the back I found a really lovely picture, and began to speed up my wanking. 'I knew you'd like that one' she said, 'it's those tiny panties isn't it?' I nodded, unable to speak and then climaxed all over the magazine and my wife's bare arm. Spurt after spurt of gorgeous liquid relief.

She smiled warmly at me.' I'll look out for next months edition' she said. 'You seem to like it'.

'Oh I do' I said, still gently stroking the last of the cum from my cock.' But I can't wait that long to masturbate again' She nodded. ' I know. But now you know you can masturbate whenever you like, I want you to do it as much as you want to. I want you to be happy'.

And so it's been for the past two years. Whenever I feel like masturbating, I just pull down my shorts and start playing with myself. Sometimes my wife will help me but most often she'll sit reading or watching tv while I'm stroking myself to a huge orgasm, always so much bigger than if I'm by myself. Knowing she's there watching and approving is so exciting. I even do it when we're out, in the car, the cinema, at a restaurant. Sometimes I get a bit too adventurous and she'll tell me to go and do it somewhere more private 'and don't come back with wet stains showing through' she'll usually add with a smile.

Oh, I am a lucky man!



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