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Lucas is sure to make you cum

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I graduated college last year and this year I am in grad school in New York City. I live in an apartment in the Village with a buddy of mine from my college days. It's a decent two bedroom apartment. I should first probably give you some background info. I'm gay, and my friend, lets call him Lucas, knows this, though he is definitely straight. Anyways, he has no problem with the fact that I'm gay, and we're just good friends and enjoyed living with each other. Lucas, by the way, is fairly good looking. He has a good build, and is overall a great guy.

During the first few months living together in the apartment, he knew that I wanted to get a nice glimpse of his cock. While I had never seen it totally, we had watched porn together occasionally (both gay and straight, neither of us minds), and had seen his boner through his boxer shorts-which, naturally, always got me hard too, but he had never taken it out. Also, sometimes he would get out of the shower with a towel around him and go change in his room with the door open knowing that I would see him from behind. Great ass. Lucas is a really cute guy, and I would have loved nothing more than to see his cock, but I didn't want to ever make him feel awkward or anything, so I never asked to see it. Knowing that I was gay though, he knew I would love a glimpse, and I enjoyed him teasing me with it from the porn and when he took his towel off from behind.

One night after we'd been living together for a few months, I was laying on my bed one night just catching up on some reading for a class I was taking. I was just in a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. Lucas had gone out on a date that night, and he had told me he was hoping to bring this one home (which he had done with a few other girls in the past). At around midnight, I hear the front door open and hear him come in. I could hear that he was alone, not with the girl. Usually if one of us gets in late, we come say hi to the other just to catch up or whatever-we're pretty close.

Tonight, though, he just came in and went straight to his room and never said hi to me. I found this surprising, but just guessed that his date had gone really badly or he was just really exhausted or something. Anyways, I didn't really think anything about it and just went back to reading.

About five minutes later, Lucas comes and knocks on my door.

'Come in,' I say.

Lucas opens the door-standing there butt naked. Without saying a word, naturally, I look at his dick: its just how I fantasized about it. His penis was maybe five inches soft (as it was now), with a nice, round, smooth head and average thickness. His balls were a nice tan color and hung really low, a good couple of inches below where his dick hung. He stood in all his manliness, his pecs strong and he had a nice bush of hair around his dick. His legs were fairly hairy too. I looked up at his face, which in light of his full, nude body looked even cuter.

'Hey, man, what's going on?' I asked. By this point, my own dick was rock hard and I had to readjust my legs to keep it from popping through my boxer shorts.

'My date fuckin' sucked-we had an ok dinner, but then she kinda hinted that she was interested in coming back with me. As we left though, she just made up some excuse that she had to be somewhere, and ran off. But fuck man, I really wanted some.'

'That sucks, dude' I replied, my eyes glazed over as I continued to stare at his cock in total surprise-which he seemed totally comfortable with.

'Anyways,' Lucas continued, 'I really need to get a load off. I was hoping to with this girl, but since I know you're kinda into doing this with guys as well,' he said as we both kinda laughed, 'I was hoping maybe you could help me out.'

'Yeah I might be into that,' I said, barely able to contain my excitement.

Without another word, Lucas, his penis still totally soft, came onto my bed (which is queen sized) and lay down next to me as if it was nothing, kinda stretching out and yawning as if he'd had a long night.

'Well, I guess you're the expert in this. Basically, I just need to get a load off-I'm mad horny and thought I might as well do it with you. I mean, why not, right?' he said.

'Yeah,' I said back, 'definitely.'

'I'm cool if you just want to give me a nice tug, and I'd be happy to return the favor' he suggested. I was motionless for a second, not sure what he be comfortable with and what I should do.

'Go for it' he said, motioning to his dick.

I reached over and grabbed his nice cock. It was the softest cock I had ever felt that was not my own, which felt totally amazing. It was warm, long, thick, everything that I wanted it to be. I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and started silently rubbing his dick. Slowly, I could feel it get harder and harder. With each stroke it stood a little higher until finally it was at full mast. Hard, he was at least 7 or 8 inches, and his dick head was big and round. I quickly massaged his balls, also warm and soft. He started to softly moan, saying 'ahh, it always feels so much better when another person is stroking it... oooh, aaah.'

I was just looking in his eyes, then at his dick and balls, and then in his eyes. It was terribly romantic for me, though I knew he could have cared less. I felt warm precum start to dribble from his head as his moans got more and more frequent. Without asking, I got up and sat on his legs, my balls now brushing against his furry legs. My boxer shorts were off at this point, and my penis was sticking straight up as I used both hands to rub his dick and balls.

'Tell me when you're going to cum,' I said as I could tell he was getting close.

'Right, right, righhhhht,-now!' he yelled. As soon as he said now I place my cock shaft and head on his dick head, and rubbed it against his as thick shots of cum oozed all over my penis. Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind at all, but just lay there in awe.

'Dude, that was fucking amazing... you really know how to work a cock,' he said. We both smiled. At this point I was still sitting on his legs. I just kept rubbing my jizz covered cock head against his, which felt amazing. He reached under and started to slowly rub my balls. He smiled as if to say 'what in the world are you doing'-but still didn't seem to mind.

'Whatever makes it come out though, right?' he said, his eyes closed as he was still enjoying the moment.

After about a minute I started moaning and started shooting cum all over his dick, which was now getting soft. It was the most intense orgasm of my life, our cocks joined in our cum, all warm and gushy, just looking at our balls and dicks right next to each other.

I massaged the jizz on my dick a little while longer, and finally Lucas just got up and took a shower as if it was no big deal. I stayed in my room and got another load off, then showered off too. But the experience had been one of the best in my life.

We shared many more experiences after that, often just watching each other late at night when we both needed to get a load off (which I always loved). Those are for other stories.

Happy jacking!!!



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