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Lucas and I, Our First Time

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When I was 14, there was a guy in my history class named Lucas. There was a rumour around our school that Lucas was gay because he had tried to kiss a guy call Kyle over summer. Lucas denied it and it mostly faded a few weeks back into school.

I had been recently having some weird moments. I would linger on the other boys bodies in the change rooms and had started to have boys in my fantasies. Being only 14 this scared and confused me. One of the boys I had noticed was Lucas. He had long brown hair that covered his bright blue eyes and was fairly tall and lean. He also had great abs which I had noticed in the change rooms.

One day in History class our teacher was handing out assignments. We were to be working in pairs and giving a speech at the end of it. Our teacher paired us up, placing some of the more outgoing kids with those who were a little more shy. I, being fairly confident was paired with Lucas.

We made arrangements to have a study session to work on our assignments that Friday night before the school teams football game and then go to the game afterwards.

Friday came around and Lucas and I walked to my house after school. On the walk there we were talking and I brought up the subject of the Kyle rumours. He denied it and got a little mad. I quickly said I was just curious and it didn't matter to me what happened. He said he would tell me what did occur if I promised bot to tell anyone. I promised. He said that it was Kyle who had not only tried to kiss him and that he had kissed back. After this Kyle got really weird and started to tell people that Lucas had tried to kiss him. With these new revelations I asked if he were gay. He said he wasn't sure but he liked kissing Kyle and had admired other guys in the change rooms.

We arrived back at my house and went upstairs to the computer outside my room. My parents were both still at work so we were alone. I asked him if he'd ever done anything with anyone else. He said no and then asked why I was so curious. I said I was just wondering but I think he saw through that lie. He asked if I was gay. I stammered out a no which quickly changed to an I don't know maybe. He just smiled at me, told me it was ok and that he wasn't going to tell anyone.

We started researching our history project, on World War Two and continued chatting. He asked me if I had ever kissed a boy. I said no. He asked me if I wanted to. I said maybe. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and he leaned over and kissed me softly. This was my first kiss and it was amazing. His lips were so soft. He pulled back and smiled again. Again I smiled back.

After that first kiss we started to kiss more. We moved from the computer and into my room. He lay down on my bed and I went over and lay down next to him. Next thing I know I'm on top of him and we are really going at it. Our tongues exploring one another. I had never imagined this. I stopped and pulled of his t-shirt revealing his amazing abs. He then removed mine and we were now bare chest to bare chest, making out. He ran his hands up and down my sides and back, feeling my body all over. He told me he had wanted this since we started history together.

We soon swapped positions with him on top of me now. I started to do to him with my hands what he had done to me. Then I slipped my hand inside his waistband onto his butt cheek. I slowly crept my hand around and grazed his balls and dick. He moaned slightly as he sat up. I proceeded to undo his belt buckle and remove his jeans. He then did the same with mine. We went back to making out, our hard dicks pressing against each other. We then removed each others underwear and felt each other.

He began to stroke me and I returned the favour. We changed to a head to tail position to make it easier to stroke each other. Within a few minutes our breathing gets heavier and I feel Lucas tense up beside me. He gasps and releases with a surge. Seeing and feeling him do this takes me over the edge and within ten seconds I climax too.

After a while to catch our breath we clean up using my underwear. We made out a bit more and then lay, me in his arms for what seemed like ages. It was so nice to be held like that.

A week later and nothing else had happened as we hadn't had the chance. It was time for our speech and we had finished it in class. We went outside the classroom for our preparation. He asked if I was ready. I said yes and asked him back and he said yes. As I made to re-enter the classroom he stopped me and asked if he could ask me a question. I said sure but quick because we had to go in. He meant over and in a very soft voice asked me to be his boyfriend. I said yes and we kissed, hard.

We entered the classroom to do our speech and with surprising confidence from Lucas we did really well. We both got an A for the assignment and the teacher said we work really good as a pair. We both just laughed and went back to our seats, holding hands under the desk.



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