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Lube Lab

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Lube Lab

There is no subject that attracts Lola like sex. She wakes up thinking about sex, sex is on her mind all the day long, and sex is the lullaby that puts her to sleep at night. She literally lives sex at home, at work, with friends, and alone. If, some slow night, we happen to be alone in the living room and she suggests a movie, she will suggest something having to do with sex: Kinsey, This Movie is Not Yet Rated, Inside Deep Throat. Anything, anything that remotely has to do with sex is something she'll suggest and she'll do it by saying, 'Yes, let's watch that, it has a lot of sex in it.' The reason for this is that for Lo everything is merely foreplay; watching a movie, going out dancing, having drinks with friends, dinner, going to a museum (one of her favorites), even things as mundane as cleaning the house or making dinner she'll turn into a sexual activity by doing the them in a French Maid outfit.

As I've mentioned before, she's taken her passion for sex and she's made it her career. As a licensed sex therapist, she is constantly coming into contact with various studies and organizations doing unusual work in the field. About a year ago a colleague of hers told her about a new study going on at a medical clinic where they were researching the pros and cons of a new spermicidal lubricant to be used on condoms. Ostensibly this clinical study was developed to examine how well the lubricant facilitated intercourse. As her friend described the research, the volunteer was paid to go into the lab where she would find a dildo, a condom, and the spermicidal lubricant. She then had a total of ten minutes to remove the condom, place it on the dildo, lubricate the dildo and use it on herself. After that she was to put down the dildo, replace her clothing, and report to a room where she was to fill out a form about the experience.

There was no way my Lo was going to miss out on the opportunity to get paid for masturbating and serving science and humanity as well! So she signed up to be a volunteer and eagerly awaited her chance to jill it for the greater good. But first she had to go in for an interview. So, one fine day she got dressed in her little plaid mini skirt, her cute heels, and her white blouse (unbuttoned to the third button, revealing her red bra beneath) and she went in for her interview. She found two men and one woman sitting behind a long, rectangular desk. She sat in front of them in a manner strangely reminiscent of the famous interrogation scene in Basic Instinct. There she sat as the scientists asked her a barrage of questions: How frequently do you have sex? Do you have anal sex? How frequently do you masturbate? When you masturbate, do you use a dildo, a vibrator, or other form of sex toy? How many sexual partners have you had in the past year? Do you have sex with men or women? Do you have sex with multiple people at the same time? Is your vagina often wet naturally? How do you arouse yourself? Do you watch pornography? When you watch pornography, what do you typically watch? How long does it take you to achieve an orgasm? Oh, sorry, yes, we'll clarify. How long does it take you to achieve orgasm when masturbating? When having vaginal intercourse? When having anal intercourse? When having sex with a man? When having sex with a woman? When you have sex with men, do they use condoms? When you have sex with women, do they use strap-ons or other phallic instruments on you? When you have sex with women and they use phallic devices on you, do they insert them vaginally or anally? Oh, both? At the same time or in alternation? When you masturbate, do you typically finger your clit, vagina, or anus? Oh, at the same time or alternately? Do you use any sort of lubricant on your anus when having anal sex or self-pleasuring? Typically, do you prefer to have phallic objects, penises, or fingers inserted deep into your anus or shallow?

And on and on the questions were posed for almost an hour. Each of the scientists asked the questions in a manner and tone that gave the air of indifference, objective neutrality, and scientific seriousness. Lo, for her part, acting out the role of Sharon Stone, took the questions in stride and answered each one slowly, with thought, and in her sultry, seductive tone of voice as she crossed and re-crossed her legs. With each ever more unabashed question, Lo would pause as if taken aback by the brashness of the questioner, but secretly, inside, her heart was thumping with the thrill of being able to answer all of the questions in the affirmative and with the opportunity to go into detail about her sexual preferences, how deep, how long, how frequently, and with the challenge of trying to make the stoic scientists lose their composure. Oh, my little Lo lapped it up!

Finally, after the question and answer session was over and it seemed to Lo that they didn't want to let her go she was told that they would be in touch with her, to which she replied, 'Oh, I hope so'.

That night, when I got home from work I found Lo in the bed with her giant dildo fucking herself furiously. Her legs were spread wide and she rammed the long, flexible, rubber thing deep in her cunt. She was gripping the sheets with her left hand as her right hand plunged it in and out at a frenetic pace. I could hear her screams from down the hall and as I stood over her she was as loud as a fire truck. Finally she finished and then she recalled to me all the events of the interview and how it had made her so horny that she had to rush home. She told me she had jilled it about seven times prior to my arrival and now she wanted me. After hearing her story I was more than glad to supply her with my cock.

Well, a couple of weeks passed and she finally got the call she had been waiting for. They set up the appointment and she told me that on such and such a date she would be late getting home from work because she had to go to the clinic first.

When the appointed day arrived I waited anxiously for my little Lo to get back from her hard day in the laboratory. Finally she walked in and I eagerly asked her how it went. 'Later' she said. 'What?!' I exclaimed. 'Later' she repeated as she put her finger to her lips in a shhhh sign. When we got into bed that night and were lying naked next to each other she gave me all the details as her right hand fondled her little wet snatch.

'I got there a little early' she began, 'and I checked in. My friend, Valery, the one who told me about this study, was the one who was conducting the clinicals. She greeted me and led me down a small corridor to a room. It was much like a doctor's examination room: there was a bed with the paper sheet on it and not much else in the room except a sink and a few cabinets. But on the bed was a dildo, a condom, and a packet of the gel they were testing. Val told me that I would have only ten minutes and that after ten minutes she'd knock on the door'. I looked at her and said, 'That should be long enough' with a wink. 'But I picked up the dildo and it was only about five or six inches long and not very thick'. I said to her, 'That's it? Don't you have anything bigger?' 'I know' she said, 'but unfortunately that's all they give us and everyone gets the same kind. It's clean, I presume'. 'Oh yes' she said, 'we sterilize each and every one after every use.' 'OK then, let's get started!' I said eagerly. 'We can put on music, if you like.' I thought about this. Usually the music might be distracting, but the entire building was so quiet that I thought maybe it would be good to have some white noise on because I might get distracted by thinking about how quiet it all is. So I said, 'Yes, that would be great.' 'What kind?' she asked, and I didn't really care. I just wanted something that I wouldn't think about, but would be some good ambient sounds. 'Classical', I said. 'Classical it is,' she said.

'She left the room and locked the door. I knew I didn't have much time and I came prepared, I went commando. All I had to do was get the condom on the dildo, lube it up and slip it up under my skirt. No problem. I was already dripping wet. I sat on the edge of the gurney and I heard the music come on. That's the last I remember of that. I fucked myself to orgasm twice, with that little, poor excuse for a dildo. I couldn't help myself; I screamed. I think Val may have heard me because I was in the middle of my second orgasm when she knocked at the door. I pulled out the dildo and left it on the bed and unlocked the door'. 'How was it?' she asked with a smile. My face must have been flush and I just said, 'Not long enough.' 'But you came, right?' she asked, confirming my suspicion that she heard me. 'Oh yeah, but not enough. Can I go again? Please?' She shook her head no. I smiled. 'Oh well, I'll take care of things at home'. 'Have you done it?' I asked, looking at the sad little condom-covered dildo on the bench. 'Well' she confessed, 'so many women get off in here that I just had to try it. And, it's great! Whenever I want to cum at work I can just say I'm going to clean the lab room, come in here, and utilize the facilities.'

I should interject here that Val is a self-proclaimed nympho as well. Lo went on to say that she suspects that Val was actually behind the door the whole time surreptitiously listening in on the entire 'experiment'. Of course all of this piqued my interest and my desire for Lo. I gave her more of what she had been giving herself in the lab.

This 'research' was an eight week long affair and so every Thursday Lo eagerly got out of bed and picked out a special outfit for the lab. She looked forward to her being a specimen all the week long and when the day finally came she greeted it with verve. When she arrived back home she would recount for me how successful she was. She never was able to repeat her two orgasm performance and she blamed this on the diminutive dimensions of the dildo provided by the research team. 'What were they thinking?!' Lo exclaimed in exasperation. But she always managed to cum, except for once when the wrong music was piped into the room. Such a frustrating experience, but such are the sacrifices one makes in the name of progress. I should take a moment to note here, in case I gave the wrong impression, that the experiment was not designed for, nor was it necessary for the subject to climax. The experiment, purportedly, was to gauge the subject's opinions of the lubricant in a simulated coital situation. At least that is what the told Lo. I've had enough education to know that very many clinical trials are double blind such that neither the immediate administrators of the experiments, nor the subjects are aware of what is really being tested. If they were it could skew the results. Thus I suspect that the research wasn't investigating the end-user's reactions to the lubricant at all. More than likely the lubricant used was your standard Jelly lube. But what were they testing? It's my sneaking suspicion that they had hidden cameras in the lab room where the subjects did their work and that the real investigation was into how women masturbate. I'm sure there was some sort of voyeuristic camera work happening. But, be that as it may. Lo got paid to fuck herself on a weekly basis and she enjoyed it. The only down side is, if she knew that she was being watched she probably would have enjoyed it more.



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