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Loving My Own Feet - 3

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It actually happened!


Hey everyone, been a while since I wrote last, but recently something happened that I wanted to again write about...a guy actually sucked on my toes!

Last weekend a few of the girls I became friends with at college invited me to go along with them to a party, one at the house of a girl they knew that was a year younger. I wasn't sure about it at first, but they eventually broke me down and I decided to go with them. They said it was just going to be a casual thing, a bunch of people hanging out, nothing really special. That being said, it was a little chilly that night so I went in my favorite old Metallica t-shirt (yup, I'm that kind of girl too), baggy gray sweatpants and my moccasin slippers - with bare feet, of course.

The house was kind of on a back road, so there were lots of trees around and no neighboring houses so no one had to worry about noise or the amount of cars that were there, and it's a good thing because there were actually a lot more there than I expected. We were there for a little while, and pretty much everyone was hanging around the fire in the backyard. I had gone back inside to get something to drink and a guy came up to me and said he liked my shirt. That got us talking a little bit, but I think he could tell that I was a little nervous and shy talking to him. He then confirmed that, and told me not to worry, he has a girlfriend that goes to school and wouldn't want to hurt her, so that helped me relax a little bit. He then asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I told him I wasn't. He was surprised because he said I was pretty cute, which made me start to blush. A lot. He asked why, and I told him I was too shy for any of that, plus...and then I stopped. "Plus what?" I just shook my head quickly and said "nothing". "No, what is it? Maybe I can help." "Plus...guys might think I'm weird because of what I...like." "What do you like?" I figured I would never see him again so I may as well tell someone, but still asked him if he could keep a secret and he said sure, and after I made sure no one else was paying attention I told him "I like...my feet." I then clamped my hands over my mouth, not just because a sudden wave of embarrassment hit me, but he was the first person I had ever told about it. He then got kind of a serious look on his face and said "what's so weird about that?" I kind of loudly whispered "what's weird about it? I like feet! I have a foot fetish! That is so weird!" He then calmly said to me "it's not weird to like feet, hell, I like feet. A lot of guys do. It's actually really common." I got kind of a surprised look on my face when he said that. I couldn't believe that this random guy might have a foot fetish too! "You like them too? Why?" "I dunno, just do. A lot of girls have cute feet, I bet you do too." I just shrugged my shoulders and said "I don't know, I've never had anyone say anything about them before." He then said I should show him. I giggled a little and made sure no one was watching, then kicked off my moccasin, showing him my purple painted toes. "They're a little sweaty." He squatted down and held my foot, then said "I was right, they're really cute." I giggled again and wiggled my toes in his hand. After that he really shocked me, he leaned down and smelled my toes, which actually kind of tickled. He smiled and said "they smell pretty good, too." That time I actually laughed, and I told him "you know I think I was right, you're a little weird" with a smile. He smiled too, and said he bets that a lot of guys have looked at my feet and wished they could suck on my toes. I kind of shyly asked him "well...would you be one of those guys?" He said "oh yeah, I would definitely be one of those guys. I could be that guy, if you want." "I thought you said you had a girlfriend?" "I do, but I don't think she would mind. It's not like it's sex or anything." For some reason it made sense to me. "Well, OK, but not here." He then said we could sneak out to his truck, it's dark and no one would see us.

He left the kitchen first and I just stood there with my soda for a few seconds in absolute shock. I couldn't believe what was about to happen to me. I was scared because I had never been touched before, but I was also excited someone else was about to suck on my toes. I walked out the front door almost in a daze, and I finally found him a ways away from the house. He dropped the tailgate and helped me up, and I kicked off my moccasins, and the cold air hitting my sweaty toes gave me goosebumps. He held my feet and rubbed them a bit, I felt his nose brush underneath my toes, then he licked my sole down to my heel. I let out a long sigh and felt my underwear getting wetter and wetter. It only took a couple seconds but my big toe then slipped into his mouth. He started sucking a licking it and I couldn't believe how good it felt. Me sucking my own toes felt good enough, but someone else sucking on them was something different altogether. He then went down the line, taking each of my toes into his mouth one at a time, then sliding his tongue between them. I couldn't help but let out a little moan, and my hand automatically went between my legs. My pussy was soaking wet, and when I slid my hand into my underwear my fingers were instantly wet. Less than 30 seconds went by and my orgasm already hit me. I leaned back and spread apart my toes as I came in the bed of his truck. I shook there for a few seconds and I whimpered to him "don't stop, keep sucking my toes." He kept going and I kept rubbing. A couple more minutes went by of me rubbing and squeezing my clit and I came for a second time, rolling over and curling up in pleasure. I laid there and all I could say was "thank you...that felt so, so good...thank you..." I rolled back over and he kept rubbing my feet, then said "you don't mind if I get off, do you?" "No, go ahead, I bet you need it." He unzipped and I saw him start stroking his cock, and he kept kissing my soles while he did it. It didn't take him long before he whispered to me that he was about to cum. I then said "cum on my foot." He asked me if I was sure and I said I was. He grabbed my right foot and I felt the wet head of he penis pressed up against my toes as he stroked it. He grunted a couple times and I felt his hot cum spurt out, getting between my toes, on the top of my foot and running down my sole. He stood there catching his breath and I giggled and told him it was warm as I wiggled my toes. He said he would find something to wipe it off with and I said "no, just hand me my slippers." He did and I slid one on, his cum squishing between my foot and the inside of my slipper.

He helped me down and hugged him, thanking him for everything he did that night, but I told him that no one can hear a word about it, and he promised he wouldn't tell anyone. We then went back to the house but walked in separately so no one would know we were together. When I got back to the fire my friends asked what happened to me and that I was gone for a while, I just told them I went to the bathroom, got a drink and talked to a couple people inside. They asked about what, I just said "music, stuff like that." One of them then said "yeah, I figured someone would like that shirt." No one suspected that I was standing there squishing fresh cum between my toes.

We stayed there for a few more hours before the fire died down and everyone started filing out. When we got back to the car everyone smelled like smoke from the fire, so no one could smell my cum in my panties. By the time we got back to our school, it was about 1 am so we were pretty tired and they were going to bed, but I said I needed a shower from the smoke. I closed my door and stripped off my clothes, and I had to peel off the slipper he came in. My foot was now crusty with his cum and some of the fur was stuck, and just seeing that I had to masturbate again. I laid back and rubbed myself to a quick cum then put on my robe and flip flops and went for the shower. It took a little time but I finally got all the dry cum from my toes. Nice and clean, when I got back I decided I had to cum one more time before I went to bed, this time sucking on my own toes again. On a side note, I've worn them a couple times since that night, and it is still a little stiff inside from his load of cum.

Sorry if this got a little long, but I just wanted to go through every little thing than happened because I still find it hard to believe. In one night I admitted to someone that I have a foot fetish, I masturbated in front of him, and he actually sucked my toes!



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