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Loving Mutual Masturbation

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I had known Jackie for about ten years when these events took place, first as the girlfriend of a friend then after that as a friend in her own right. Apart from one very brief fumbling on a bed one morning which didn't lead anywhere we had no sexual involvement over the whole period.
That was until the events I'm going to relate here. One evening she came to my apartment for a meal and then to stay over, ostensibly on a totally platonic basis. She had done this before and nothing had happened so I wasn't expecting anything different. But on this occasion as we went up to bed she nuzzled up to me and asked if she could share my bed. 'Nothing needs to happen' she said, 'I just don't fancy sleeping by myself tonight'. Well, how could I refuse!
So we got undressed and into bed, and pretty quickly we were in each other's arms, 'just to keep warm', and talking about a variety of things. Now, some background - previously we'd chatted about sexual habits and tastes on a number of occasions and we'd both confessed to being avid masturbators. So it wasn't with any great surprise that after a short while I felt her slip one of her hands down her body and start gently stroking her clit while we were talking.
'What's that I can feel, Jackie?' I asked her innocently, knowing full well what the answer would be! 'Oh, you know - I'm feeling really horny and I just couldn't resist a quick gentle wank while we chat. After all, you do know how much I like playing with myself', she said. 'Why don't you do the same?'.
With such an invitation I felt it would be churlish to refuse(!), so I too slipped a hand down, grabbed hold of my rock-hard (by this stage) cock and proceeded to stroke it very slowly so as to prolong the pleasure of this highly erotic situation as much as possible.
Then we separated in the bed and Jackie laid on her back and started stroking herself much more actively. I could hear how wet she was as her fingers went backwards and forwards over her clit and occasionally into her pussy. All pretence had gone at this stage and I threw back the bedclothes halfway so that we could watch each other. As she continued stroking herself wetly I leant over and starting sucking one of her breasts while I continued to stroke myself. I was finding it very hard to maintain control, but I was determined not to come before she did.
The combination of me sucking her breast, the fact that she was so brazenly stroking herself in front of me now, and seeing me stroking my penis, caused her to very quickly come to an extremely strong climax. As she came she whimpered a bit and stretched out with her hand clasped tightly into her pussy area.
At that I couldn't hold back any longer and jetted my come all over the bed and her belly. We both collapsed into each other's arms with our hands holding our wet sexual regions where they'd been wanking away so shortly before. As you can imagine the bedroom now smelt very strongly of a combination of her wet pussy and my come, and we could feel the moisture between us.
We were quiet for a short while after that, then we started talking about it and both agreed that it was the best sexual experience we'd ever had. She started stroking herself again while we talked about how much we both enjoyed masturbating and very quickly had another orgasm while I held her.
Then we went to sleep and I slept solidly until I was woken up the next morning by Jackie playing with herself again, and while I had another orgasm and ejaculated all over her she proceeded to have two more of her own.
When we talked about it afterwards she told me that masturbating with someone else had long been her greatest fantasy, and all those years prior to these events she had often brought herself off by imagining it. What was great was that she said that the actual experience was vastly better even than her imagining of it.
Following this we got together quite often on an occasional basis for much more of the same. Quite quickly she introduced her favorite vibrator to me and her favorite technique was to start off tickling her clit with it for a while before pushing it into her pussy and leaving it there, buzzing away, while she went to town on her clit. She would have the most amazing wet and squelchy orgasms this way.
Sometimes she couldn't stay over so after eating a good meal together she would strip off in my living room, lie on the couch, and get herself off once or twice in front of me while I held her and stroked or sucked her boobs.
On other occasions we would sit on my couch side by side, in just our dressing gowns, and watch a sex video or two while we played away with ourselves for an hour or two. One of the things I introduced here with great success was some lube, which she thought was very sexy and which enabled us to stroke away for ages without getting sore. Her favorite video was the one by Carol Queen (of the Good Vibrations shop) where she gives herself orgasm after orgasm with the various vibrators they sell, and Jackie would get really turned on
Jackie was also strongly 'bi-curious' and loved videos of lesbian action, as long as they were very tasteful, gentle and realistic. I spent quite a lot of time tracking stuff like this down - most porn is not like this!
During all this time (a couple of years altogether) we never actually had any penetrative sex. One of the reasons was that we both had other partners over the time, and in Jackie's case one of them was very serious. But our mutual masturbation was very precious and quite separate from what we did with our other partners. Jackie just loved showing herself off in this way - she told me often that there was nothing she found as stimulating as wanking herself off to a good orgasm in front of me. She would also have loved to find a woman friend to share her masturbation with as well, but this never happened (at least not to date).
We're still great friends, but since I got married a couple of years ago we haven't had the opportunity to relive those great experiences again. We occasionally talk about it and discuss our current masturbatory habits with each other, and it does definitely contribute to the strong bond we have with each other. But for the moment at least it's in the past. I keep encouraging her to find a female partner just so that her greatest fantasy doesn't remain a dream, and I'm sure she will tell me when/if she does.



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