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Loving Mom's Panties

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Loving Mom's Panties

This is my memory of actual events as they happened.

I was born in the late 1940's not too many years after the end of World War II. When I was younger, I remember seeing mom's panties drying on the towel rack in the bathroom. In those days girls usually wore cotton briefs (bikinis and thongs were many years in the future) while adult women commonly wore nylon briefs. I have another story about a cousin getting her first nylon panties from her mother when she had her first period. But back to this story, mom almost always wore white, Vanity Fair nylon-tricot briefs with a band leg rather than the elastic leg opening. Even then I was curious as to why mom wore different underpants than I or my father.

I don't ever remember seeing my mother fully nude. With two young sons around, she was always pretty modest. She did, however, often appear wearing her slip or a half-slip and a bra. I do remember several times when I saw her in only her panties and bra. I remember one time in particular when I ran into her bedroom crying because I had slammed my finger in a closet door. She had just fastened her bra and she reached down to comfort me, pulling me against her body. My face was against her lower abdomen and her soft silky panties rubbed against my cheek. I quickly stopped crying and forgot about the pain as I rubbed my face against her body. I brought my hands up and hugged her soft panty-encased bottom, pulling myself tighter against her. Mom soon broke our embrace and sent me on my way, but not before I felt a tingling in my prick. It started to get hard and I liked the feeling. I don't remember doing anything about it; only years later did I discover masturbation. I did know, however, that I liked the feel of nylon panties.

As I got older and more curious, I began to touch mom's panties when I found them on the towel rack. She usually washed them out in the sink at night after she put me to bed and let them dry overnight, so they were always dry by the time I touched them the next day. They felt smooth and slippery and I wanted to wear them too. I wondered how they would feel against my bottom and my little cock. I didn't know why, but I found myself getting hard when I fondled mom's nylon panties and touched my cheek to the front of them. I knew that I was doing something forbidden and that I could never let anyone catch me at it, so I was careful to lock the bathroom door.

The first time I actually put on mom's panties, I can still remember the illicit thrill of taking off my T-shirt, jeans and cotton briefs and standing naked in the bath tub as I took the panties off the rack. I held them in front of me and stepped into the leg openings. When I pulled the nylon up over my cock, I was in heaven. This was before they began putting a cotton panel into the crotch of nylon panties, so my balls were held by the double nylon gusset. I was just a skinny little boy and mom was a grown woman with curvy hips and bottom, so the panties were much too big for me. I had to hold them up by the waist with one hand as I fondled my ass and my cock and balls with the other. I was fully erect and I was touching myself for the first time through the silky panties. After only a minute or so, I stripped off the panties and hung them back on the towel rack. Still erect, I pulled on my own underpants and felt the comparatively rough cotton that couldn't compare to the lovely slippery softness of mom's panties.

I continued indulging myself in this manner for a few lovely minutes at a time until I started to masturbate. My cock had grown considerably and I now had pubic hair. I started taking off my underpants after I went to bed and lying on top of my pillow humping my erect penis against it and imagining it was Kathy, or Patty, girls I knew from the neighborhood. One night I ejaculated for the first time, getting slippery cum on the pillowcase. In those days sex education was not taught in school and I had no sources of information other than the little my father had told me when we had 'The Talk', a few months earlier. Dad didn't mention ejaculation, saying only that the man planted a seed in the woman with his penis. Fortunately I figured out that my cum was the seed. I wiped it off as best I could with a tissue, but it left a crusty patch on the pillowcase.

I decided that this was the best feeling I had ever experienced and started doing it every night. Sometimes I did it standing up in the shower. Of course it didn't take too long before my panty exploration combined with my new jerking off obsession. One night I went in to take a shower and found that mom had already washed out her panties and hung them on the rack. They were wet and almost transparent. I started the shower, hopped into the tub and put on mom's panties. While they were still a little big on me, the wet material clung to me and held the panties up. I could clearly see my five inch erect cock (yes, I had measured it) and my black pubic hair through the front of the wet nylon panties. They felt even better wet than they had dry! I rubbed my cock with wild abandon and suddenly felt the cum rising fast. I was too inexperienced to understand that squirting in mom's panties was a bad idea. I held on tight as my cock spewed what felt like gallons of cum into the front of my mother's white nylon panties.

After I finished cumming my mind began to clear and I realized that my semen would leave a stain in mom's panties just as it had on my pillowcase. I panicked and pulled the panties off, turned them inside out and rinsed most of the come off. A residual sticky spot remained. I then rubbed soap into the cum spot but it was still there. I knew when the panties dried there would be a crusty patch and my perversions would be exposed. Then I had a brilliant idea. I knew from previous times that I had jerked off in the shower, that shampoo was much better than soap at cleaning the cum off my hand. I tried shampooing the panties and when I rinsed them out, there was no sign of my cum. I wrung most of the water out and hung the panties back on the rack. When I got up to take my morning piss, the panties were dry and there was no sign at all that a horny pervert of a son had creamed his mother's panties. From that time on I was a confirmed panty perv. I would use mom's panties, my younger sister's little girl panties, my grandmother's old lady panties, and any female undergarments I could find at a friend's or relative's house. I never stole any panties and I very rarely got cum in any either.



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