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As we came out of the hall and rested our ears that were tired of the threatening, loud music; I couldn't help but think why this high school stud asked me out for the prom and not just another cheerleader. Yes, it was around two years since I had a crush on him, yet, I was always afraid to open up, say something. I thought I'd end up making a complete fool of myself, spoiling everything.

'You are looking very pretty tonight...' Ryan said, looking me into the eye, unknowingly, sending a shiver right down my spine.

'Thanks... ' I meekly responded, and mentally slapped myself for being so dumb.

'Do you want to go for a drink? There's a bar two blocks away... and you look tired.'

'Yeah... I could use a drink...' I said.

Two blocks and some drinks later, I felt more confused than ever. My head was heavy and I only knew that the man I loved was right in front of me. Unsure and bewildered, I kept my placed my hand, slowly on his cheek. As though he was waiting for this sign, he grasped my hand and placed a kiss on it.

Whoa! he definitely knew how to make me shiver. I went closer to him, trying to find myself in somewhere in those grey eyes that were so bright, and genuine. He snapped and suggested we should go back to school. I finally manage to screw this up, didn't I! While I cursed myself; Ryan asked me if I had ever been on the school terrace.

'No! Never thought of it actually' I said.

He grabbed my hand and we raced. Adrenaline rushed all through me and I couldn't remember being this excited ever. It was different when we text-ed each other every night, and it was different now! I managed to trip over my dress a couple of times but never fell. How clumsy could I be?

There we were, on the roof top of the school. The moon looked bigger than usual, like in every movie. I felt the wind sweep my hair but I hardly cared how I looked at that time. He took off his blazer and tie and loosened his buttons. He sat down, pulling me towards him. I rested my head on his shoulder and breathed harder than ever before.

'I never had the courage to confess my love to you, Casey. I know you always knew how I felt. And I know how you feel too...'

His words gave me the strength, to speak up and tell all that was racing in my mind.

'God only know, why it taken me so long! To let my doubts go, to know that you are the only one I've always wanted.'

He moved closer, kissed my forehead, then the hollow spot beneath my ear, moving closer to my lips, causing me to blush so much! I was red and wet. His hands moved towards my back and his lips pressed on to mine sending me into a divine frenzy... Something I'd never felt before. A loud explosion of butterflies in my stomach and there I was, unbuttoning him. I wanted more. I craved for every touch of his. He unzipped me and moved his hand over my back, slowly. At every touch of his, I would melt. He was bare chested and I, in my bra. I think he could not bear the anticipation and soon, he unhooked me.

I had never felt like this before. His mouth was all over my breasts and the pleasure I felt, was far from the usual. I closed my eyes, still red with blushing and a bit of embarrassment, and with my hand, tried to feel him. He got hold of it and placed it on his swollen cock.

'Just stay calm Case, I'm going to take you on a ride'.

And he rightly did. Before I knew, we were kissing, passion and excitement for years bubbling through us. We knew we had waited for this for a long time. He kept kissing me and went further. There he was, the man I longed for, giving me unimaginable pleasure. His fingers were right inside my pussy and I was scared I would burst out loud. He placed a hand on my mouth as though reading my mind. And yes, I was cumming all over.

'Aah! Aah! Don't stop'. I begged Ryan as I reached my first orgasm. It was his turn now. I knew I had to return every favor of his. We madly kissed and I held his big, swollen dick and started to jerk him off.

I jerked him harder, as hard as I could. Yes. He moaned now, almost inaudible.

Soon, we were wasted, drained out of all the energy we had. I collapsed on his chest and waited for him to speak.

'You are a virgin aren't you?'


'We're going to save it Casey, for the right moment, the right time'.

'Ryan, I love you'.

He planted another soft kiss on my lips as he said he loved me too.

After eight years from that night, Ryan proposed to me. We have two children now and the love never diminished. It grew into something more beautiful.



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