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Lovely Leslie & I

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I am an 19 year old male, and I LOVE to masturbate. This is my all-time favorite site because it gets me harder and hornier than anything else ever has. I love reading stories from people who love masturbating as much as I do. I especially love reading the females' stories. It had always been a fantasy of mine to masturbate with a female, and last week, my fantasy became a reality. I was in science class and the hottst girl on campus was in there with me. Many, many times in the past i have masturbated to fantasies of fucking her, eating her out, her sucking me off, and us masturbating together.
Class started out normal enough, then we began a lab and had to partner up. My usual partner was gone, and luckily for me the only other person without a partner was Leslie. I couldn't believe my luck. She looked so good and i wanted to fuck her then and there, so i was becoming a little hard, but i knew we had to do our work. We began our disection and she began cutting away. As she did this, she was leaning over the tray, giving me a beautiful look down her shirt. I could not stop looking and i began to get hard again. My cock was poking so far out, but i didn't care. i was just enjoying the view. Then suddenly, she looked up at me and I knew i was busted. All she said was, "Like what you see?" I didn't know what to say. Then she said, "I sure do, but i want to see more." and she looked down at my throbing cock. i told her i loved what i was seeing and if she wanted to see more, she definetly could. Then she told me to follow her.
We told the professor we needed to get something out of her car, and luckily she let us go. I followed her to her car and we got in. She took off her pants and shirt, showing me her beautiful body only covered up by her underwear. Then she reached over and began to take off my pants. I let her as I took off my shirt. My cock was bigger than it had ever been (which isn't too big- 6 1/2 inches, but it works great). I could not believe that this was actually happening. She then pulled off my boxers and just stared at my cock. I was so horny i thought I was going to blow without doing anything, but i didn't. I peeled off her bra, exposing her beautiful tits and i plunged my face into them and sucked. It was my first time doing anything like this with anyone, and I loved it. Then i went down to take off her panties and saw that they had a huge wet spot on them. I took them off and slowly stuck my fingers in her sweet, wet hole. She let out a moan of pure ecstasy and i continued fingering her dripping cunt. i began to go faster and she began to moan louder. finally, she let out a scream and her juices began flowing out. i pulled out my fingers and started to suck up her juice. i sucked her dry and i was hornier than ever before. she looked at me, then my cock. She opened her glove compartment and pulled out some lotion. i knew what was coming (and soon cumming). she squirt some on her hand and reached over and began strocking my manhood. i could have blown right away, but i tried my best to hold off. after about two minutes of Leslie's hand sliding up and down, up and down, and me playing with her beautiful tits, my cock was throbbing and begging to shoot, and i knew i couldn't hold off anymore, so i shot my biggest load ever. i cummed all over her chest, my chest, her seat, and her hand. i looked at her. smiled, and said "thank you." we cleaned up, put our clothes back on, and went back to class.
the professor didn't ask why it took us so long and we finished our lab. she called me later that night and we got together again, maybe i'll write about some other time. Now we mess around almost everyday, but we wait until after class. it is sooo good. if anyone wants to exchange stories or pics, especially girls, e-mail me at . thanks for listening and keep on masturbating.
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