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Lovely Afternoon With My Wife

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My first submission, a story about a fabulous afternoon with my wife.


I've been reading Solo Touch since before it was Solo Touch (I can't remember the previous name - ed. Proaxis). The stories have been great fodder of fantasy for me, and I often masturbate while reading them, especially when I'm travelling. Such is the story of this past weekend.

This is my first submission and it's a little lengthy, as I felt the need to offer some background. I haven't turned my wife on to Solo Touch yet, but I think that the publication of this story will be the right time to do so. Maybe after she reads it, she'll feel that she needs to tell you HER side of the story.

My wife and I had some trouble that nearly cost us our marriage about two years ago, and we have since overcome it. Since then, we've grown up quite a lot sexually as well as personally. She's become more adventurous, and together we're exploring each other and new ways of pleasure, including masturbation. We're really growing closer sexually, closer than we ever have been in the thirteen years of our marriage. For the sake of anonymity, let's call my wife 'Tina'. She's 38, quite lovely and since she's a fitness instructor, she has a beautiful body as well. She'll tell you she's 28, and it's somewhat believable. She tans frequently (tanning bed) and has no tan lines. She has beautiful fit legs, lovely breasts (enhanced 36D), great ass, fit all over...the whole package. She's truly beautiful; and a wonderful person too. She's 5'6', about 120 pounds, brown hair, dark eyes and absolutely lovely. I am 37 years old, 6'3', 190 pounds, brownish-blonde hair, blue eyes, and reasonably good looking. My wife thinks I'm well endowed. I suppose I'm just slightly larger than average.

My story happened yesterday.

I had to be away at an annual conference from Thursday through Sunday morning. Most of the schedule was packed with meetings and seminars. As in years past, I go early and my wife joins me at this conference for the last evening, as that's the big Saturday night finale dinner/party. Normally this turns into a little mini-date for us. However, this year, our eight-year-old daughter came along too. This forced us to wait until Sunday to have our fun.

Prior to them arriving, I'd already been at my conference for two days. As is the case with many, we have needs to release that must be attended to by ourselves. As I am no different, I spent a few minutes each morning and/or evening satisfying myself to stories on Solo Touch and random porn on the internet, and best of all, to some photos of my wife that I had stored on my laptop that she'd let me shoot prior to a previous trip. I'm hoping she'll let me shoot some more soon. I would stroke for longer than necessary to 'get the job done' because I was enjoying it so much that I didn't want it to end.

On Sunday, our daughter went home with her grandparents, who were also at the conference. After my post conference board meeting, Tina and I ditched the 'Board Luncheon' and went out on our own to a local Mexican food restaurant we'd been craving. This was part of our plan for our 'date' on this day. We'd also planned to visit a well known nudist beach on a lake in Central Texas, as we had not visited this beach for nearly eight years. Our plan was to go after lunch and hang out, sunbathe, and watch people all day. We did just that. It was a perfect day for it.

When we got to the beach/park, there were not nearly as many people as we'd expected. I remember there being a lot more people out on the day of our previous visit. Most of those who were there were single men, spread out over the length of the beach. There were a handful of couples scattered throughout also. I'd hoped there would be more. We walked down the rocky steps to the beach, which was actually rock, rather than sand. We spread our towels on the flattest available area we could find and proceeded to strip out of our swimsuits and enjoy our afternoon.

At first, Tina left her bikini bottoms on. I think she was feeling a little shy still. But I asked her to 'let her pussy out' and she complied. I'd mentioned before that she tans frequently and has no tan lines. She also keeps herself nicely groomed down below. She would shave completely bald if she had her choice. But I like to see her with a little patch of hair because I think it's more sexy. She complies with this but is completely smooth underneath. It's a beautiful pussy and it excites me for her to expose it, something she had never done before this day. She was a little tentative at first, but then as people would occasionally walk by near the water below us, or float by on swim floats, she would sometimes part her legs a little, giving them a little peak, and I was encouraging her to continue. Or she would sit up with her legs crossed 'Indian style'. This excited me for her to be exposing herself like this. She would also blatantly lean her legs over to me, parted so that her beautiful pussy would open up and taunt me. It was all I could do to keep from getting a full blown erection.

It did become engorged heavy at times. We spent the afternoon in the warm sun talking about sex, fantasies, and where we wanted to spend our next vacation. We both agreed that it would be some tropical resort with a nude beach, where we could be naked all we want, and sneak away to enjoy each other whenever we felt aroused. We also would reach over to the other and sneak little strokes of each others sex from time to time. We talked about the idea of watching others have sex, and being watched as well. We both agreed that this might be exciting and something we'd like to explore. I told her on this afternoon about masturbating while looking at her photos, and she found this both very sweet and very erotic all at the same time. We had one of the most relaxed and enjoyable afternoons we'd had in a while.

Our afternoon of being naked at the lake ended sooner than we wanted it to, as we still had a four hour drive home. So at about 4pm, we picked up our stuff and started walking back up the hill to the parking lot. I remained nude until we got to the restrooms about half way up the wooded, rocky hill. Tina left her bikini top off, but partially covered up with my shirt, unbuttoned. It would open up with the wind and expose her beautiful chest as we walked along. We took turns going to the restroom one more time before hitting the road. I put my trunks back on, but Tina remained as she was. As we continued up the hill, another two or three more single men were on their way down, each got to view Tina's lovely breasts. She was enjoying this...and so was I.

Once we got to the car, we loaded up and because we were so horny we decided we couldn't wait to have some fun. Tina still hadn't changed. She was still wearing just her little bikini bottoms and my unbuttoned shirt. Since we were now in the privacy of our vehicle, we could get a little turned on and play with each other a little. Tina began to play with her pussy, and as I slid my swim trunks down enough to get my now hard dick out and stroke it, Tina was so turned on she had already achieved one orgasm herself. I wanted to touch her pussy. I reached over and stroked her and one finger found it's way inside. She continued to work on herself with my finger inside her and quickly came again. She leaned over the console that separates the two seats and took me in her hand and made love to me with her fingers. That should have sent me over the edge, but there were quite a lot of people about at this time of the day and I was having difficulty concentrating. I told her that I would have to wait and finish later. She went back to work on herself and had yet another orgasm in the seat next to me. She was so sexy and beautiful. Soon after we started on the way home, she leaned back and fell asleep exhausted, and remained that way for most of the drive home.

When we finally arrived at home, we still had to wait to have our fun until our daughter fell asleep. Once she was out, we made fast, passionate love to each other that ended with a huge, explosive orgasm for both of us. We had a lot of built up arousal, it was a fast and furious episode.

I can't wait for Tina to read this and then give HER account. I love you, Tina.



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