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Loved Watching Her, and Her Watching Me

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I love stories (with details) from females who love watching and being watched, so I'll share one of mine.


Jennifer and I had been building up to it for months, as we often travelled together on business. One night far from home, we sat up late talking and getting to know each other. Nothing sexual, but a wonderful feeling of personal intimacy began that night. There was nothing physical for months after that, but every opportunity we got, we spent time alone, enjoying each other's company. On one trip, we had light hugging, but no other contact when we met in her room. Our conversation that night was dripping with sexual innuendos as our desire for each other burned.

Finally, we went on a business trip with an unspoken understanding that something would happen. After checking into the hotel, I went to her room in my workout clothes. She was in shortie pyjamas. We got in bed with me lying on top between her legs, and talked in an intimate way, looking into each other's eyes. Then she slid both hands inside my shorts and touched my bare ass. I shuddered and said she had found one of my erogenous zones. Catching my drift, she immediately moved the tip of her middle finger to my sensitive bare anus, with a feathery touch which excited me so. It was nice to know that she was uninhibited and so understanding of my needs. When I touched her breasts, she confessed that she had been dying for me to touch her nipples, and I loved the intimacy of her telling me her sexual thoughts. Feeling bolder but a little embarrassed, I asked, 'Do you...masturbate?' She said, 'Uh-huh. Do you?' I said, 'Yes, a lot. Would you show me how you do it sometime?' That's as far as it went. When I went back to my room, I was so horny that I quickly stripped off my shorts and beat off until I came, thinking about what had just happened.

On many occasions, as our relationship developed, I would kneel between her legs and slowly stroke my dick with either lube or precum. I loved to beat off while looking at her wet pussy lips, so engorged with her arousal, and would ask her to stimulate herself while I watched. She complied but said she didn't usually use her fingers and had become lazy since getting a vibrator.

One day I told her I would like to make myself come for her. She was dressed in the skirt of her business suit and I was totally naked. Kneeling beside her, I beat off using my hand and rubbing my dick against her nipples. Squirting cum all over her breasts, I rubbed it into her nipples with my fingers and still-hard dick, which she later told me was an erotic high for her.

On another day, I fingered her to a climax and after a rest, said 'I want you to come again.' She told me to open her dresser drawer and feel for her vibrator under her folded panties. It was the stuff of my fantasies: the intimacy of being with a woman who was about to masturbate and wanted me to reach into her underwear drawer and get her vibrator from its secret hiding place. It was a plug-in massager type and she told me where to plug it in next to her bed. I knelt between her legs and watched as she switched it on and touched it to her clit. She explained the kind of contact she liked and how she had to turn it off and rest periodically when the sensation became too intense. I felt so close and so privileged when she laid the inactive vibrator over her thigh and rested with closed eyes, whispering her fantasy thoughts while trying to calm her breathing. She began again, rested, and began again. I loved watching her face and hearing her moan as she reached her orgasm. It was the most intimate moment of my life.

Another time, we laid next to each other as she beat off with the little rubber cup on her massager. During her rests, she put it over the end of my dick. I was not wanting to come but was not in control and ended up squirting hot cum all over the rubber cup. With the cum-soaked cup back on her clit, she quickly brought herself to a writhing orgasm.



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