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Love Triangle

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I was 13 at the time of the story.


I was an innocent 13 year old girl, virgin beyond belief. I was not corrupted by obscene things on the internet, tv, or any type of media. I did everything any normal preteen did, I just didn't recognize when sexual terms and such were thrown at me. All my friends were just like this. We were the preppy girls that had everyone follow us everywhere. Anna, my absolute best friend, was a skinny 14 year old typical blonde. Physically, she didn't have much going for her but all of the guys fall for her. Another best friend is Lizabeta, or Beta for short. If you can tell by now, she is Russian. Because she moved from Russia and had to learn english, she was held back a year so she was actually 15, and as you might guess, was more mature physically than the rest of us. I would say she was a good 36C. She is very tan and has beautiful long straight dark brown hair. Her body is very slim and she looked gorgeous in formal attire. All the guys, even the ones falling for Anna, were in love with her. Because there was so much competition, no one got to go out with her often. Last but not least, there was Rodolphe, aka Rodo, the German socialite. This guy loves to talk about everthing and knows all the latest gossip. He is the typical German that you hear of from Hitler, Blonde hair, blue eyes, and he is very tall. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you what I look like! I was tall, skinny, brunette, and above average size boobs for a 13 year old. I had a very late birthday and was one of the youngest in my grade.

This is the story, told in real time, of a love triangle and how we learnt all the tricks of the trade.

'Zach is the cutest boy, I tell you!' says Beta.

'No, Luke is cuter!' retorts Anna, 'Tell Beta he is cuter!'

'Well, to be honest, I think Zach is better looking,' I said siding with Beta. Beta smirked in approval and glared at Anna, drilling holes of defeat in her.

'I will get him to go out with me. Then everyone knows the cutest guy goes out with me,' said Beta. She was often very cocky because she was good looking and she knew it. She wasn't always like that, though. Deep down inside I also liked him very much. He had a curly blonde afro that may sound awful but was extremely appealing. After this arguement, we both started talking to him so he may ask one of us out. I could tell Beta was obviously winning so I had to do something desperate.

'Hey, what do guys like Rodo?' Rodo knew everything about dating, guys, girls, and what they wanted. His older brother taught him much of this at home. Anna, closeby, decided to drop in and listen too.

'Like what do they like to have?' Rodo seemed like he had two answers prepared but he wasn't sure which one to give me.

'Like if I gave him something that didn't cost me anything, what would that be?' Rodo seemed to instantly know the answer.

'Your virginity, but you aren't planning to give him that, are you? By the way, who are you talking about? Is it Luke? Zach? Me?' I was confused because that second word was not in my dictionary.

'What is virginity?' I asked so innocently a puppy could replace me. He laughed very loudly in front of both Anna's face and my face. We had no clue what this really meant.

'Ok, sex-ed is in session. Ok, virginity is like when you are purest, purest meaning you have never had sex.' He saw our puzzled faces and continued to explain. 'Sex is when a man inserts his you-know-what into her you-know-what.' Still seeing our puzzled faces, he took his index finger and moved it in and out of a hole formed from his other index finger and thumb, symbolizing sex. We vaguely understood what this was. 'Parents have sex for two reasons: to have babies and pleasure. He wants pleasure and so because you are still a virgin, he wants to take that away from you, at least most guys would.' We kept asking questions to learn all the goodies and eventually got to the part that matters.

'Is there something I can give him that won't get me pregnant?' I obviously thought something of the sexual nature would get me ahead so I had to find something.

'You could give him a handjob. That's when you grab his penis and move the skin up and down kinda,' he explained. It sounded kind of weird to me how that could pleasure someone but I went along. 'He could also finger you, basically stick his finger in your pussy and try to get you to orgasm,' he added. Anna and I looked on in disgust. We didn't want guys all inside of us but I knew I had to do it.

'Are you wanting to do this? It sounds gross!' screamed Anna.

'Well, I think Zach is cute and if I want to win him over Beta, hopefully this will work,' I replied. Zach walked by right after my last word and I walked up to him to talk to him.

'Hey Zach.'

'Oh, hey Brittany.'

'So what have you been up to lately?'

'Just playing games at home and such. Why do you ask?' I got pressured and ignored his question by asking one of my own.

'Do you think I look good?'

'I think you look fine,' he said.

'What do you think of my body?' I asked hoping to get something juicy from him.

'You've got a really nice body.'

'What about my assets?' I asked.

'You mean your boobs and ass?' he asked knowing very well that's what I meant.

'Yeah, like do you think my boobs are nice?'

'Well yeah, boobs are boobs. Every guy thinks boobs are nice,' he said starting to sweat as his noticeable boner was forming.

'Well, have you actually seen any before?'

'I've seen some in movies and the internet. I've never seen any in real life, though.' He knew what was coming so he started to cover his boner with his hoodie.

'If you take me home, I'll show you mine,' I offered. He politely accepted without hesitation. We walked some more and jumped into his brother's Camaro. They talked about the day and about the car but didn't say much to me. He dropped us off at his empty house.

'So, do you want something to drink first?'

'How about a little of you?' I lunged toward him and started to make out with him. He was an expert and so was I so it was perfect. We tossed around his living room, on top of the couch, on the counter, on the table, and finally back to the living room on the floor. I jumped up and danced to the bathroom and closed the door. I took some of the top layers off and left my pants and long sleeve shirt on. I pranced out of the bathroom and sat on his back.

'You didn't take everything off,' he complained.

'Gosh, you are so demanding. I won't do it. Looks like you'll have to take my clothes off yourself!' This made the situation especially exciting for both of us. He picked me up and sat me on the couch. He went behind the couch, grabbed my arms, and slipped my shirt off. My bra was left, sizing around 36B. He came back around the couch and unbuttoned my pants giving me a peck simultaneously. He grabbed the pants near my ankles and slid them off. This revealed my more than likely first time 'wet' vagina soaked panties, if that makes sense. He put his knees on both sides of my legs, faced me, and made out with me again. While he did that, he unstrapped my bra in the back and slowly slid that off revealing my wonderful boobs. He took his shirt off and started unzipping his pants.

'What the hell?' yelled Beta as she busted in the door. 'Brittany, you slut! How desperate are you? If you want this idiot so bad, you should have told me!'

'Beta, I'm sorry but I guess I got carried away. Rodo told me all guys like seeing boobs and having handjobs so I thought this would be the easiest way to get him.' I felt really ashamed of my actions yet I still wanted to continue.

'I guess I understand but this is a new low for you, Brittany. And Zach, you player! How can you have so many women at one time?'

'I didn't know I had any until she offered to show me her boobs today!' I felt for poor Zach because he was caught in the middle of a fierce competition. Beta was out of her place to call him a player.

'Oh fair enough, I guess. Brittany, get dressed. We don't need to be around this loser.' She didn't realize how much I wanted to do this even though the competition was void.

'But, we just got started and I kinda want to know what it's like. I'm sure you've done it before though so you can't sympethize,' I said creating a pity party.

'Done what?'

'You know, shown a guy your boobs, give him a handjob, etc.'

'Actually no I haven't,' she said calmly.

'Come join us then,' said Zach pushing the limit. Beta hesitated but gave in and came over to the couch. She took her Russian sweater off and a pretty t-shirt off and revealed her slim stomach and perfectly sized breasts under her bra. Seeing I had already took my bra off, she followed suit. She had dark areolas and naturally tan breasts that matched the rest of her body. She finished taking her pants and panties off and I took my panties off too. He pecked her and whispered, 'Sorry,' in her ear and the pecked me again. He finished undressing and we saw his about 4-5 inch dick with thick blonde pubic hair that curled all over the place. He sat between us on the couch. 'Do your stuff ladies!' She grabbed his already hard penis first and I did the same. She moved her fist downwards. I didn't know what I was doing so I just followed her as she eventually went upwards, then downwards, up, down, up, down. I got the hang of it after a while and became really turned on. He reached for our vaginas and I freaked out.

'What are you doing?' I asked forgetting the fingering part.

'Just what they do on the internet. Trust me, it should feel great,' he explained.

'You've never masturbated before?' asked Beta. I nodded no and she looked away. she spread her legs open and got in a comfortable position. I also did the same while continuing his handjob. I could feel Beta's long thin fingers bump up against mine occasionally and I wondered what it would be like to hold her hands and have some alone time with her. She got quicker and quicker and so did I. Before I knew it, he started moaning and I got scared. Then blasted this white liquid out of his penis. I thought he peed himself! It was more of a squirt so I figured it couldn't be pee.

'What's that?' I asked.

'It's my sperm!' he said freakishly. He took his finger out of my pussy, picked up the sperm, and put it in front of my mouth. I nodded no thanks and he moved his hand over to Beta who, not caring what it would do or tast like, slurped it right off his hand.

'Hmm, salty,' she exclaimed. We had long took our hands off of his penis for he was finished for the day. We of course still had to finish so we thought of ways to speed things up.

'Why don't Brittany and I experiment?' asked Beta. Zach approved. He sat in a comfy chair and watched as he saw his first lesbian act. We looked at each other wondering what to do. I put my legs over hers and wrapped them around her back. She did the same. I then wrapped my arms around her shoulders and leaned in for a kiss. We connected and started making out. I let my hands free and felt her tight body. Her breasts were nice and soft and her pussy extra wet. In this awkward position, we fingered each other and Zach leaned in to help both of us. We got extremely far with this one and then Beta started moaning. I figured she would squirt something too so I braced for impact. As her moaning slowed as her orgasm finished jolting around inside her body, nothing came out and it puzzled me. I accepted that and we all started working on me. Beta continued to kiss me, Zach felt my boobs, and I fingered myself. Zach would occasionally run his hand down my belly and that would tickle me a little bit. This meant that it may lead to an orgasm so he continued that and before I knew it, I began moaning and orgasmed also. That's when I realized how fast this had gone. Only a couple of hours ago I was learning about everything I just did. I initially regretted it but I let everything settle in. After that day, we agreed to be in a secret love triangle. We have tried to make it a square before, trying to add a guy that was willing to try bisexual behavior but we didn't have any luck. The love triangle, over time, became less and less serious and just consisted of us fingering and jerking off each other for pleasure, just like the first time. We have stayed together since then and meet usually once a month.

We do have a love square now, but that will be another story!



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