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Love To Get Caught

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I love to jerk off, and I love to have an audience when I do, especially if they don't know I know.


Being caught jerking off has happened many times in my life and I have many other stories to share. There are several that are more memorable than others but this is one of three I will publish that really was a thrill.

I lived in a house in Houston that had a back yard surrounded by a tall wooden slat fence. It had a patio that faced the house next door and although the fence prevented anyone far away from seeing through it, if you were close, you could look right through the slats that in some places were half an inch apart or so. I loved to jerk off out on that patio with the sun shining and the breeze blowing over my naked body, slick cock and balls. I love to make it last so I could edge for an hour or so while stroking myself.

The family who lived next door was a woman in her thirties with two small kids around six or seven years old. One day I noticed from my front window that a girl aged about 15 or 16 was sitting out by the fence right near my patio. She was apparently waiting for the Mom to get home with the kids to babysit. I stripped naked, grabbed an erotic novel, my lube, then put on my sunglasses and stepped out onto the patio to a bright sunny day. My heart was pounding with adrenalin knowing at this point there was no turning back.

I quietly sat down on the chair directly facing where she was sitting. I leaned back so my ass was right on the edge of the chair and my balls hanging on the edge. I spread my legs as wide as I could comfortably and started lubing up my rapidly hardening cock. Once I was nice and hard I picked up the novel and started reading while watching the girl through my sunglasses. She didn't register at first but within a few minutes she heard the squishing of my cock and my low moans. I alternated strokes, licked the precum off my fingers and gently rubbed my balls as I continued to show off for her.

At this point I could tell she was fully able to see me through one of the lower cracks in the fence and in fact was now leaning forward to get a better view. She was only about ten feet away and I am absolutely sure she had never seen such a show. Like a fly to honey, I knew I had a voyeur getting a big kick out of this sudden surprise. I continued to slowly stroke my six inch banana shaped shaved cock and balls while my heart was racing a mile a minute knowing I was being closely watched by a young but I'm sure sexually aware young girl. Occasionally I would completely release my cock to turn a page in my novel giving her a great view of my now very hard cock standing straight up and throbbing with my heartbeat.

The sun was shining right down on me so there were no shadows and she could see every detail and my dark glasses allowed me to watch her every reaction. I was at it for about 20 minutes when it just got too much and I began slow, full length strokes from base to head, quietly moaning how good it felt and that I was going to cum. My legs tensed up, my balls firmed up tight and I shot two or three good shots of cum on my face and chest. I watched my balls spasm as my cum shot out and they jumped four or five times while I was cumming. I milked several more good drops out of my cock while coming down from my orgasm. After a minute or so I let go of my cock so it lay down in front of me pointing right at her and dripping cum. I then took my right hand and licked the cum off. Although I don't usually do that it seemed appropriate at the time to give her a good show.

I got up after a few minutes and slowly walked back into the house. I saw her several times after that walking down the road with the kids she was baby sitting. She never said anything to me but and I always pretended I didn't know she had seen me but she always gave me a 'look' when I saw her outside. I moved shortly after and never got to repeat the performance for her. I hope she enjoyed the experience and got as much from it as I did. I jerk off to the memory often.



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