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Love To Be Watched

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Nothing is HOTTER than being watched!


I've been a frequent masturbator since my early teens. I LOVE my dick! Nothing is more pleasurable to me than spending an hour or two every single day keeping it hard and fantasizing. While I used to be shy about admitting to a woman that I liked to masturbate I'm not anymore. Within several dates with a woman, if it looks like it could go anywhere at all, and you have that inevitable conversation about sex, I admit that one of the things I love most is being watched while I jack off.

I've been happy that really none of the women I ever dated found this to be too strange. In fact, most told me they enjoyed doing it too and they enjoyed watching. I've seen a woman now only about twice and she is really hot. After our second date I told her I had gone to bed that night thinking about her and I spent a good hour stroking as I thought about her. I've become pretty bold on this subject with the women I've known. OF COURSE I want to have some good old fashioned sex with her too, and that will probably happen on our next date. She said 'Really?' I told her how hot my thoughts were. I told her I fantasized she was sitting right beside me watching every stroke I made. I loved it when she said 'I like seeing that. Maybe we can arrange something soon!'

Two days later I was sitting on my couch with an extreme hard-on edging myself. I couldn't help it. I picked up the phone and called her and said 'I gotta see you right now. I'm rock hard and I want you to watch me. Please!'

She said she would be right over in about 30 minutes. That was the longest 30 minutes I ever waited. Finally she knocked on the door. I pulled my shorts up and answered the door and ushered her into the living room. 'Are you sure this is OK with you?' I asked.

'Yep, I've been thinking about it and I WANT to see you!' she replied. She sat on the couch and I stood in front of her and slowly pulled my shorts off. I wasn't wearing underwear so my super hard dick was suddenly right there in her face. The look on her face is one of the things that turns me on so much about doing this the first time with a woman. It seems they are never quite prepared for there big hard-on to plop out.

I sat down beside her and took my dick in my hand and stood it up for her and just held it there. 'I want you to look at me closely' I said. I held still for about a long minute while she closely studied the veins and hard cartiledge beneath my skin. She told me how nice it looked and she reached down and felt me slowly and luxuriously stroked me.

She never took her clothes off and I didn't ask her to. Part of my huge rush is just being naked and hard as a woman studies me. I took my dick and began the slow dance of jacking off. I told her about how excited it made me to see her eyes looking at my dick as I jacked myself. I slowly stroked and stroked, and paused to stand it up for her, then stroked again. I could tell she was loving my show.

I finally felt myself slipping past the point of no return and I told her I was going to cum and I wanted her to really watch closely as I squirted. SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT ... I pumped my cum all over my lower stomach as I pulled my t-shirt up.

She told me how sexy I looked doing that for her. We fooled around some then. I was already naked so it didn't take long for her to get naked too. She said she loved watching me jack off and I could do it for her anytime I wanted. I'm really happy this can be part of our get togethers in the future!



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