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Love Thy Neighbour

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Well after reading quite a few of these stories I've decided to give some input to this site.
For many years I've been lusting after Lara a girl who lives across the road from me, she is a year older than me and has a perfect body. She has lovely long legs, cute firm ass and wonderful breasts. But to cap it off she has the most incredible eyes, they are a hypnotic green/blue colour.
This experience all started with me (17 at the time) sitting around at home watching some sports on the TV when I had a visit from Lara's mother. She informed me that she and Lara would be going away on a holiday for a few days and wanted to know if I would feed her cat and collect her mail while they were away. This was an opportunity too good to pass up. Me being the good neighbour agreed to do it.
She came over the next day and gave me the keys and just reminded me to go over a feed it day and night and just make sure everything was all right with the house. Sure enough I was the perfect neighbour and assured her it was no problem and that everything would be fine. The next day I went over to feed the cat. As I was walking around her house trying to find her cat food I came across Lara's bedroom not letting my little head control me I decided not to go snooping. I went on my way and went out the back with the cat food as I was I noticed clothes on the clothesline.
I went back the next day after my mother left for work and had nothing but snooping on my mind. Today was different there would be no interruptions or suspicions with the duration of my time at the house. I made a beeline for Lara's room and started looking around straight away. Nice collection of thongs and lacy panties. As I looked in the drawer I found what I thought was a dildo I picked it up and was in awe of this thing being used to pleasure such a wonderful thing. As I was checking this out I was twisting it in my hands when it started vibrating. Having experience with massagers (which is another story) I immediately got an idea. I went to the laundry looking for some panties sure enough there was some there. On my way back I stopped into the bathroom to get some conditioner (this gives a marvellous feeling when used) and found some clothes in there I picked up the black thong out of the pile and was immediately hard. I went back into her room stripped got her toy and placed it on my ass, wrapped her thong around my cock and started to beat it.
Many minutes later completely out of it so into the moment I didn't hear the front door unlock. Still going at it I heard the floorboards creak immediately I opened my eyes and saw Lara staring at me. I went bright red. Here I was naked on her bed with her thong wrapped around my dick and her vibrator in my ass. There were a few moments of silence before she said 'looks like you were enjoying that.' I was still in shock I thought she was going to call the police on me which reduced my member to nothing. I mumbled an answer consisting oh an uh huh. She said well since she had gotten a nice view of me that I should get something in return. With that she started undoing her top, which fell to the floor exposing her lovely hard nipples. This got me hard again which she made a comment about she then took off her skirt and thong, which was a lovely blue colour. She then bent over to take her shoes off giving me a great view of her ass.
She then came over grabbed the vibrator and said 'let me help you' she then started to push the vibe in and out faster and started to give me the best blowjob I've ever received. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. A few moments later I told her that I was gonna blow she didn't stop and I blew in her mouth she swallowed it all and then started licking my dick clean before smiling at me and saying that now it was her turn. With that she pulled the vibe out and inserted it in her ass and started to pump herself doggy style. I was in awe but managed to work up the courage to grab the vibe flip her over and started to go down on her all the while fucking her with her vibe.
This kept going on until she started moaning really loud and thrusting her hips the next thing I knew I was covered in juice. I loved it! By now I was hard again and she noticed and asked if she turned me on. I said I am and having been dreaming/wanking over this thoughts for years. She told me I should have said something earlier and this could have been happing more often. We started to kiss she stopped me and came back with a condom put it on me and told me to fuck her in no uncertain terms. I agreed and started doing her missionary she didn't seem to want it that way so she got on top and rode me. I was loving every moment but wanted something else. I then picked her up and got her on all fours and started taking her doggy style. Now this was what I had dreamt of for many years. I was starting to reach my point of no return and slowed down. I pulled out grabbed the vibe, which had fallen to the floor and some lube out of her top drawer. I lubed her ass up and I think she thought the vibe was going back up there but I had other ideas. I started doing her doggy but the vibe was now in place of me and I slowly inserted my member into her ass. It was the sweetest feeling. She really started to go off she was pushing back hard and my balls were slapping against her butt cheeks which turned us both on. She started to come and I was far off she tightened around my cock and let out a huge moan I told her I was gonna come she said go on. I pulled out took off the condom and came all over her ass.
She reached back rubbed it over her ass and said it helps keeps her ass firm. I said it helps keep my balls firm. We got up had a shower where we went again nothing better then a babe that is wet. We fucked again and as I was gonna blow she said come on my face. I blew the biggest load I've had all over her face.
We cleaned up and I asked her about her trip. She said she decided not to go and she thinks it was a smart move. Over the next two weeks we did everything that I could ever dream about with just two people. We have continued to get together on many occasions and she has told me she has a girl friend that is interested in joining us. Hopefully I can add another story here soon.
Sorry about the length hope you enjoyed!



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