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Love That Pepperoni

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This is another first for me and I combined it with my tissue technique and hit the roof


I just had the most amazing orgasm of my life about 10 minutes ago. I sent in an earlier submission about discovering how good it feels to use a tissue inside the lips and have it between my finger and clit as I play. Well, tonight, while shopping for odds and ends my daughter asked me to buy her pepperoni. She loves pepperoni pizza but never ate it plain as I just never thought to buy it. Until she saw the stick of pepperoni at the deli counter. Well it intrigued me so I bought two, one for her to sit and eat and one for me - to play with. It just looked so perfect. So, once we got home, I sat her in front of the tv with her pepperoni, a knife to cut it and some breadsticks. She is 10 so she's good witht he knife and luckily she became engrossed in a tv show and was happily munching away. This was my chance. I snuck my pepperoni up to my room as I just couldn't wait. From the minute I saw it my groin started to throb. I was completely horny by the time I finally got home, unpacked the groceries and settled her down. Up in my I was sure to lock my door and then sprawled on my bed. In my dresser drawer I keep a box of tissues now, some vaseline, a vibrator and a dildo. I put the tissues, vaseline and pepperoni ontop of the dresser and then removed my pants and underpants. I slowly slid my hand down my belly and gently grazed my whole hand over my pubic area teasing myself. I let my pointer finger slip between the lips a little and slid it around, up and down, rocked back and forth and made a few little circles. Then I grabbed a tissue, spread my lips open and placed the tissue between the lips. I dipped the tip of the pepperoni into the vaseline and placed it back down for future use. I then stimulated my clit w/ my right pointer finger over the tissue. The sensations are mind boggling; something about the soft tissue between my finger and clit sends electric waves through my pussy and thighs, stomach and lower back. I flick my clit a bit faster and tense my legs, moaning and bucking my hips. I feel the urge to cum so I force myself to remove my finger. I wait a few minutes and then gently, slowly w/ a feather touch start moving my finger over the tissue again. My clit is throbbing, begging me to touch it harder but I won't. My vagina is contracting, wanting to grip something, but I make it wait. I slowly tease my clit knowing I can't cum this way but enjoying the unbelievable pleasure. I want to make it last forever. I'm dripping wet now and pray my daughter doesn't decide to disturb me at this point. I grab my pepperoni and insert it very slowly into myself. Oh, the feeling as it glides in. The first penetration is awesome. I pull it out slowly and again slowly slide it back in. I continued this for about 5 minutes. Now my clit was absolutely begging to be touched again. I replaced the tissue w/ a fress one and with the pepperoni deep inside me I again feathered my clit w/ my finger. My vagina was contracting tight, gripping onto the pepperoni. I desperately wanted to pump the peperroni furiously while madly flicking my clit but I held back. I continued to carress my clit lightly thru the tissue with the pepperoni stationary deep inside me, filling me up perfectly. I then grabbed a few tissues and rolled them into a ball and placed them inside my lips. I placed a pillow between my legs and rolled onto my belly. I started humping the pillow slowly, rolling my hips gently. Gradually I went faster and faster until I realized my bed was making a lot of noise. I prayed my daughter didn't hear over the tv downstairs. I leaned up on my elbows, squeezed my ass tight and pressed down into the pillow humping wildly. Finally I raised up on my knees and while on all 4's I let the pepperoni slide out of me. MMMMMMMM it felt so good sliding out. When it hit the bed, I grabbed it, rolled onto my back and yanked out the clump of tissues from between my lips. I replaced them with one soft tissue and then inserted the pepperoni once again, ramming it into myself. I pumped it hard w/ my left hand and started to flick my clit fast w/ my right pointer finger over the tissue. I was bucking my hips fast, rolling my head from side to side from the immense pleasure. Suddenly I felt it, the point of no return. I couldn't stop now if my life depended on it. If my parents, sisters and kids walked in on me at this moment I'd continue pumping that pepperoni fast and deep into myself and flicking my clit in lightening speed. Then the first spasm hit me. I arched my back, tightened my legs and let the wave wash over me. I was moaning and groaning and pumping and flicking and bucking my hips and arching my back and flexing my legs tightly and I hit peak. OHHHHHHHHHH the feeling. As it subsides I gently carressed the lips with my entire hand and gave a few more pumps on the pepperoni. I lay there about 5 minutes, the pepperoni still deep inside me, just gently carressing my lips w/ my hand and pressing down every so often. Then I bent my knees up, gently slid the pepperoni out and went to the bathroom to clean up. I washed the pepperoni for future use, washed my genital area which was still so sensitive and washing it felt so good, got dressed, put the pepperoni and all my other equipment back in my drawer and signed on to write this story. I'm still dripping wet and although I washed, I can still smell the faint smell of pepperoni on me which is keeping me aroused. Tonight, I will have round two once my daughter goes to sleep. Only I think when I hump the pillow with the pepperoni in me, I'll place my vibe between the pillow and put it up high on my clit. I'm sure this will send me over the edge. I can't wait till later tonight. Pleasuring my own pussy is so awesome.



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