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Love Story

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no, it isn't a fantasy...


I'm corny and romantic, there I've said it. Alec and I have known each other for a while, but we were never really good friends. We didn't become friends until high school, and became good friends. We came out to each other, and realized that there could be something there, so we started to date but not have sex, chaste gays, who knew?

One night we were alone at his house, watching Love Story. Just the two of us on his couch, I was wrapped in his arms, and we had a blanket on over the top of us. When we finished the movie, we went up to his room as I was staying the night. (Neither of our parents knew we were gay). We were getting undressed, when I started to get a hard, RAGING boner. Usually I'm able to control myself better, but I don't know if it was the romantic movie, or the fact that we were alone for the first time ever, but I just got really horny.

'Someone's a little happy' he said, stepping into his pants.

'Sorry' I muttered 'I'll try to keep it down'

'No worries, maybe we can pretend we're camping' he laughed, jumping onto his double bed

'Yeah, right, thanks.' I said following him on top. The thing was, my cock could not just lie down, I tried thinking of everything from quadratic functions to burning kittens to get my boner down, but nothing worked. I finally confided in Alec. 'it's not going down, mind if I beat off?'

'Sure. hey, let me give you a hand' and with that, he expertly handled my dick, pumping my shaft, tickling my balls. I could see he was getting turned on too with his own tent.

'Need me to help you?' I laughed

'Sure thanks' he grinned. I kissed him deeply as my hands stretched towards his penis. We stayed in this embrace for a while, only shifting to give the other peron better access. We jacked each other off for what seemed like hours, but was probably only half an hour. Finally, I felt the orgasm coming closer, and told Alec in his ear that I was close. He took my hands off his cock, and put them around his waist, so that I could hump him and his hand at the same time. Pleasure shot through me and brought me over the edge cumming on his stomach and hands.

'Your turn' I murmured into his ear, as I once again brought his seven inch tool into my hands. He just lay down and let me work, moaning a lot, and finally arching his back into a spasm, releasing his cum onto his bed, and my hands, and a little caught my chin. We sank onto each other, tired, and our boner receding so that we could go to sleep. We're still together, planning our marriage (yay Canada!), and still love to watch Love Story now and then.



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