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Love My Uncle

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I always looked up to my uncle he's my best bud. My uncle liked to camp and fish a lot. He came to stay with us for summer school brake and did not have any friends here. He did not know anybody and my mom ask him if he wanted to take me camping. I guess that was her way of keeping him from being bored. At the time I was 9 years old and my uncle was 15. We were in the woods hiking when he said he had to take a piss. So he pulled out his, what seemed to be big dick, and started to piss as I watched as if it was nothing. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it as he shook it and put it back in his pants and said 'lets go bud .We need to get to camp before dark'.

I couldn't get his big dick out of my head. It was the first adult size I have ever seen and it really amazed me. We went down a hill and found a place buy the river he said this looks like a good place, what do you think? I said yes and he showed me how to set the tent. We laid our gear in the tent and he said we should get fire wood then we can fish and swim. After we got the wood we put our shorts on I tried to get another look but he was too fast for me.

Oh how wonderful he looked in those wet shorts I could see the outline of his dick so clearly. I don't know if he knew I was watching it or not. I just wanted to see it again so badly. After we got out of the water and back to the tent, he let me help him start the camp fire.

It was almost dark so he spread a blanket on the ground and we sat by one another. He told me stores about his camping trips with his friends he made me feel like a big boy. I got the nerve up to say 'You have a big peter its the size of a giants'. He said 'what?' I started again 'I heard you .No its not big for my age some guys are way bigger than me.' Yours will get the same when you're older. I ask can I see it .He said 'well I don't know.'

I keep on bugging him and he said I couldn't tell anybody which I promised I wouldn't do. So he slowly stood up and dropped his shorts to the ground. I got close and looked how it hung and I got the nerve to touch it and rub it. He got a hard on and that amazed me more. I ask how did you make it bigger .he said that's called a hard on. That means my peter got hard because you touched it. He sat back down and said promise you won't ever tell anybody? I said 'Stick a needle in my eye I promise not to cry.' He told me to pull off my shorts. I couldn't do it fast enough. I didn't know anything. He said to sit there and do to him what he does to me.

I giggled and said ok. He said this is how to make it big. He took my penis between his thumb and index finger and slowly started pumping me and asked how does that feel? I said great. So I grabbed his and he said you can use your whole hand so I did. It filled like a monster my fingers wouldn't reach. I started to feel funny I said stop I got to pee but he didn't stop he just started humping and said its ok and he laid my naked body on the ground breathing heavy. He lay on top of me rubbing dick to dick. I remember feeling the sweat in the cool night air while my uncle was grunting and saying 'Oh gosh oh gosh.' He was moving faster and faster on top of me I really didn't know what we were doing but I know my uncle liked it and that made me like it.

He humped for what seemed for ever about 15 min and my belly got all worm and sticky I stuck my fingers between us to feel it and held his peter I still remember the snapping sound of the wet cum and his grunts and loud breath he got slower and slower and come to a stop. He rolled off me and claps. After he came to his senses he said we better wash this off and he set me on his lap in the river and washed me. I thought I felt him rising between my legs again but he didn't do anything else.

We never said anything about it and never did anything like that again. Once I though I saw him look at my crotch when I was 14. I wanted to show it to him but didn't get the chance.



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