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Love Jacking off for Susan's Pleasure

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Several years ago my nephew and his wife Susan moved in because of some hard times. I was enjoying their company for a month before I became attracted to Susan. Susan always wore skirts and loose shorts and was always exposing her legs and I started getting excited looking at her. Many times she caught me looking at her legs and at times she'd glance down at my crotch and noticed my hard cock pushing against my pants. Susan never said anything but at times would give a short smile and seemed to be enjoying herself.

I started to enjoy myself too. The first time I positioned myself so that only Susan could see my crotch, and when I became excited when I looked at her legs, I let my cock poke out of my shorts. My cock's head would poke out about an inch or two as we talked. The first few times Susan never looked down but I was enjoying myself exposing my cock for her viewing pleasure only. I felt she saw my cock but wasn't letting me know. At about the fourth time of letting him hangout Susan started taking noticeable glances. At first Susan's glances were short and then they would last a few seconds.

I then couldn't help myself. From then on I was always looking for a way to show Susan my cock.

After a few months my nephew got a job and that left me and Susan alone everyday. We sat outside the first day and she wore a skirt and it was tight around her thighs and I was looking up it at her white panties and my cock started poking out of my shorts. Susan looked down and laughed and looked up and smiled and took glances at him for awhile. I didn't know what to think about that so I started taking glances at her inner thighs and we just seemed to enjoy ourselves. I felt like I wanted to jack-off so I excused myself and went inside. When I reached the front room I looked back at Susan sitting slightly looking away from me behind the tainted slider. I dropped my shorts and started jacking off at her ten feet from the slider. I let my shorts fall to the floor and enjoyed being almost naked standing there jacking off at Susan. After a few minutes Susan looked towards the sliding door and then after a few seconds she had a staring expression on her face. I couldn't move and I was so excited I just stood there jacking off at Susan. Susan looked away and crossed her arms and after a few seconds looked back and crossed her right leg pulling back her shirt slightly and smiled and just watched me off and on. I just watched her for the next ten minutes stroking my cock. Susan at times would bring her ankle up to her knee or swing her right leg out to her right showing me her inner thighs and panties. I had to cum so I went to my room and pulled a t-shirt from my hamper and let loose. What a load that was. I cleaned up in the bathroom and went back outside and sat down and told Susan that I was sorry it took so long, she said that it was OK because she enjoyed herself. I was relieved by her comment.

We went back inside and watched TV and later after dinner the three of us played this game called Magic on a small round card table. With Susan to my left I became horny glancing at her right thigh and let my cock hang out of my shorts. Susan knew what was happening and when she could she took glances at my cock. I'd place cards for her to look at, at the edge of the table, giving her the ability to look at my cock and look like she's only looking at the card. I then pulled my shorts cuff way back letting my cock hangout all the way for her. When it wasn't my turn I'd stroke my cock with my left hand while talking to Susan or my nephew. Susan took glances at me jacking off and she'd swing her right leg to her right rubbing my knee as she tapped her ankle. When I lost, because they'd always try and get me out first, I'd go outside and not two feet from the slider with the drapes pulled back two feet I'd turn around and drop my shorts to the ground and jack-off at Susan sitting across the table facing the slider. She'd take glances when she could at my cock and up at me and smile.

After a few games we watched some TV to relax. My nephew sat to my left on the firm love seat and Susan sat on a chair to my right about six feet from the kitchen opening. I excused myself to get some fresh air and went outside through the kitchen. When I looked back I had a nice view of Susan sitting on the chair. The second kitchen light was on and it put a beam of light right on me from my waist down. Standing there I slowly dropped my shorts to the ground staring at Susan's face and started jacking off with only the screen door closed. After a few minutes knowing Susan's peripheral vision was watching my stroking motion she leaned back placing her left hand on the left side of her face and started watching me stroking my cock.

Fifteen minutes later she got up and walked into the kitchen and looked down at my cock as she placed her glass in the sink. I was still excited and at the same time a little scared of it all. Susan walked up to the screen door, I stopped jacking off and let my cock just hang straight out at her as she stopped. She too wasn't to sure of how to act so she stood there at an angle slightly away from me as she said she was going to bed but she was looking down with a view of my cock inches from the screen door. As she walked away she looked back before she turned the corner and looked at my cock. Several seconds later the bathroom light came on and I saw her hand slide the window to close it, Susan left an inch gap. I grabbed a block and stood on it to look in the bathroom. Three feet from the window Susan stood there brushing her teeth. Spying on her I started jacking off again. After she rinsed she took a quick glance at the window crack as she reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties down. Susan's skirt was high above her waist and her panties were down around her ankles as she stood there for a second looking out of the window almost facing me. I saw her pussy for the first time, Susan smiled slightly and turned around showing me her beautiful butt that I've always loved. Susan has a great body, every square inch is lovely. Susan sat down and let me look at her take her pee, and made a hand motion of stroking before she got up slowly pulling up her panties turning her butt towards me. What a gal.

So many times during their stay at my house I jacked off at Susan.

My favorite time was when my nephew brought some work home and Susan helped him with it. He sat on the couch and Susan brought a table and chair and sat to his left by the hallway. I was in my room and when I looked out my door Susan sat with her right leg crossed not twelve feet from me. She sat at a 45 degree angle facing me filing papers in this box. I opened the door wider and dropped my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I was so excited being naked from my waist down in front of Susan I started jacking off. Susan never looked up at me, I was really enjoying myself, so I took a few steps closer towards her. I was ten feet from her stroking my cock in plain sight of her. After a few minutes I then moved up another few feet, seven feet from her and she still didn't look up at me. I didn't push my luck and stood there seven feet from her stroking my cock half naked in front of her for the next fifteen minutes. As I slowly walked backwards to my room Susan smiled for a second but didn't look up. I was getting ready to cum so I put my desk chair across the door, armrest facing out, with a t-shirt across them and shot my load on it. I stood there a few minutes getting all of it out and then wiped him. As I pulled my chair away from the door frame I looked at Susan and she took a glance at me.

After a year and hundreds of times jacking at Susan they moved out. She calls me several times a week and always asks 'what's up?', I always say that I'm just hanging out, 'that's good' She'd say. In the mornings she'd call asking what I'm doing and I'd say that I'm still in bed thinking of her enjoying myself, Susan knows that I masturbate as I'm fantasizing about her in bed in the mornings. I love Susan. At times she comes over to visit me knowing I'll find a way to jack-off as I'm looking at her beautiful body. At times during her visits I'd kneel on my right knee and left foot out to my left in front of her and she'd let me feel her legs and usually my cock would slip out of my shorts. One time I slipped my hand up her skirt and almost touched her panties, I pulled back not to get her mad but she leaned back and it was too late for me, I should have kept going. I love Susan so much and I'm glad she lets me stroke my cock at her showing her how much she turns me on...



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