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Love for Panties

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I have always had a love for women's panties. When I began to masturbate it was usually after looking at the panties in the Sears catalog. I would look thru the catalog and wonder what is was like to feel those panties on a woman. I would go to my room and masturbate wishing I had panties to jack off into.
As I got older and began to date, I got to feel those lovely panties on a woman and I was really hooked then. Getting to her panties was almost as good as getting into her panties (I very seldom wear panties, much rather have a woman wearing them). When I went off to college, I would keep some of the women's panties I slept with. I would use them many times thinking about the sex we had. It was about this time that I began buying panties both for me to masturbate with and for the women I had relationships with. Some would wear them for me, but some were not as accepting.
I meet my wife in college and she was as sexual as I was. When I first met her I checked out her panty drawer to see what type of panties she wore. Most were bikinis both nylon and cotton, and I got to make love to her when she had worn each pair. We would go shopping for panties and then come home where I would give her a massage while she wore the new panties. Many times we would have to continue the massage after the sex. As I gave her a back massage, I could straddle her butt with those panties on and rub my penis against her panty clad butt. This would get us both so hot that as I said, we often had to resume the massage after sex. I especially love to see a pretty butt in a pair of nylon French-cut panties.
Each time that I saw panties that turned me on, I bought them for my wife and me. Needless to say, she had very large number of panties to choose from each day. I loved buying her other lingerie as well, so she had several drawers full of pretty panties and lingerie. Another part of my panty fetish is that I get bothered by washing panties and lingerie. Each week I would get to wash my wife's panties by hand and I had made a clothes line in the utility room so that I could hang them to dry. The previous weeks panties, bras, and lingerie would hang until the next weeks load was washed. I could get a hard-on from just walking into the utility room and seeing that clothesline filled with panties hanging to dry. At times when I was washing panties out by hand, my wife knew that turned me on and she would walk around with only pajama top and panties on, and would occasionally give me a blowjob while I tried to wash her panties, and on occasion when I was hanging her panties to dry.
To get to wash more panties, I had to help her get more soiled. She would change panties when she came in from work and hand them to me to smell her scent and feel the warmth left in her panties. She would change two or more times a day, so that I always had plenty to wash in a few days time. She got home before I did in the afternoons and often she would get into bed with her panties on, and plug in the electric vibrator and get the crotch of her panties really wet. When I got home and went into the bedroom, and saw the wet panties and vibrator on the floor, I would get an instant hardon. We would either have sex then or later I would run her a bath and then give her a massage/sex. I loved watching her masturbate with panties on and that vibrator. I held her panty clad butt and licked the wet spot in the panties as she continued to use the vibrator on her clit.
I am now divorced and currently not in a relationship, so I have time to continue my fetish for panties. I have 64 pair of panties and use them daily to masturbate. My method of masturbation is to put a pair of bikini panties on and take two pair of full nylon briefs one inside of the other to make it softer (and because the briefs give me more panty to wrap around my penis). After putting the bikini panties on, I push the briefs crotch first down into the bikinis onto my balls. I then wrap the briefs around my hard penis and the bikini helps hold it in place, plus it feels good. I love to read Solo Touch stories, watch x rated movie, find pictures on the internet with women wearing a pair of panties and masturbating with a vibrator. Most of the time I make it last for a while and enjoy cumming into those panties. That gives me three pair of panties to wash, and I masturbate daily, so I can wash panties often, which turns me on, and I cum into more panties. Those 64 panties are hanging up right now, with 20 hanging on a clothes line in my washer/dryer room, 20 handing from a clothes rack, and 21 more laid out (1 bikini and two briefs in each pile) for more panty masturbation.
I'm hoping to soon find that person I can share my fetish with. Someone that will enjoy wearing panties to excite me, and will masturbate with a vibrator while wearing panties. Someone who won't mind me washing her panties and hanging them to dry, so that we can get them soiled again.



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