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Love and Basketball

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Have you ever wanted to masturbate with a basketball? Well, if you read my technique, you will not be shooting hoops. You will be shooting your seed inside your basketball. You will be shooting three-point, orgasmic, sexually stimulating money shots inside your round ball. It's a fun thing to do, but you gotta read my technique so you will know what to do, and what not to do.


Ok so I love inflatable toys. No matter if it's a beach ball, a huge inflatable couch, or even a sports ball, I get off using them. A few years ago, I bought a basketball, just to hump on, rub my dick on, masturbate with. I had gotten it out and used it from time to time, and it's fun to shoot a load on.

Then, after discovering that the basketball can be sexually penetrated, that there is something beneath that familiar orange cover on them, I was amazed! Basketballs, and inflatable sports balls, have a rubber bladder inside them, and that's the part that you fill with air. The reason why there is an orange cover on them is to protect the bladder. I saw a video online where a guy took two sports ball bladders, I believe from soccer balls, and removed the covers. Then he taped the bladders together, and used them for masturbation. It was pretty great!

I also saw a video where this guy took a soccer ball, and cut out a part of the stitched cover, and put his dick inside it, where he used it to masturbate with it. Now a basketball is very different. It doesn't have a stitched cover. The only way to get inside the ball is to use a tool, like a pair of large nail clippers that you use on your toenails, and just go to work on the ball. You just scrape an area of the ball's cover over and over. After a little work, you will see an orange mess on the floor around you. You will also see the orange part of the cover start to be scraped away, and you will see like thread inside, which is a nylon threading that keeps the cover on, and protect the ball. You then start to clip away at the threading, and after a bit of more work, you will see the black rubber bladder. You need to make sure you scrape away a large area, big enough to sexually penetrate. You can also pump up the ball, or even let air out of it, to adjust the amount of space between the bladder and the inner cover where you will stick your dick between. You also need some good hand lotion or other lubrication to put inside this area. If everything is done right, you will be successfully fucking the ball, and it makes a great masturbation toy.

The only risk you have is to get overzealous about fucking your basketball, and somehow scraping the cover too abrasively, which could cut a hole inside the internal bladder. You just need to take your time, and slowly chip away at the cover, and you will soon get to the string-like nylon windings. You cut the windings out of the way, and you will then see the ball's beautiful black rubber bladder, and then it's pay dirt! You will then fuck the ball at anytime, and spurt your seed up inside it. I have done this to several basketballs. I bought them used, at thrift stores for like $5.00 each. I did ruin some of the ones I bought. It took a few destroyed basketballs to find a technique where I now know what I'm doing. I was just overzealous at the beginning. Nowadays, I take my time, and chip away at the cover, and before long, I form a nice sexual penetration hole inside the basketball cover. Go to your nearest thrift store, and you will find a basketball there for a few bucks. Then it won't be long until you have your own masturbational basketball.



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