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Lou and Her Uncle Brad

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My masturbation memory dates to the 1950's when I was not yet of high school age. One summer, my Uncle Brad and I both were together at his house after my school's softball game. He was then unmarried and in his 30s. At my Uncle's house, we talked excitedly as we replayed almost the entire ballgame while sipping cold soft drinks. I was not expected home by my parents until late because they were finishing up an annual inventory of merchandise at our family's store. After the game, I had showered and then changed into a new and 'sexy' outfit. I got the idea for this outfit from some of my older teammates who bragged about 'prick teasing' guys with slutty-looking clothes. It included a black pleated skirt, a shiny wide black belt, a fresh white shirt with a row of black buttons down the front, and white socks that reached almost to my knees. The short skirt and tall stockings accentuated my long, lean, and muscular legs. Only my shiny black shoes with buckle straps and stockings were visible under my calf length coat until I got to my Uncles.

After refreshing the fluids I lost during the game, I excused myself to use Uncle's bathroom. Just as I rounded the corner to start up the stairs toward the bathroom, I looked back and smiled broadly at my Uncle Brad seated on a stuffed chair. His eyes followed my every step. My new outfit really caught his attention-just like I intended.

My Uncle followed me up the stairs after a minute or two (he told me later) intending to get his comfortable slippers from his bedroom. His mind was on his mission but as he reached the next to the top step he grabbed the railing and then swung his head left but stopped dead in his track. I heard him on the stairs and realized that the bathroom door was slightly open. I decided to just pretend not to hear him or to see him.

From my Uncle's vantage point he saw my side profile seated on the toilet. Uncle could not see me directly but rather saw my reverse image on the mirror that was mounted on the inside of the bathroom door. Years earlier, my grandmother had mounted that mirror facing the long hallway so she could check herself after dressing.

I sensed Uncle Brad's eyes lasered on the mirror while I kept looking straight ahead. I was bare from the bottom of my shirt to the top of my knee socks. Draped across my shiny black shoes were my bright pink panties. Then I slid slightly forward and reached over to pull off a few sheets of toilet paper from the roll. I pushed off the toilet seat with both hands. Then I made a quarter turn so I faced the mirror on the door. Looking toward my stomach, I reached down and dabbed the tissue along the exterior of my pussy.

Next, I pivoted slowly around while exhibiting my tight, naked globes of my perfectly formed ass in the transferred image of the mirror. I faced the open toilet and gently dropped the used tissue into the bowl. I made another quarter turn, and with my ass mooning the mirror, bent sharply at the waist to pull up my panties.

My lifetime activity in sports meant my legs were free of fat. Consequently, there was a gap between my thighs at the point where they joined my upper body. Through this gap, my private place briefly appeared while I was bent over. Once more I bent to grab my skirt from off the floor. And then the show was over. I fastened everything, flushed the toilet, and stepped out of range of the mirror toward the sink.

When I returned to the living room downstairs, my Uncle Brad was looking at a sports magazine covering his lap. The magazine as positioned looked like a colorful camping tent. Uncle could not bring himself to look up from the magazine.

I told him I was going to walk home and headed for the door. With an unnatural smile on his face, my Uncle looked at me and said he would see me soon. I smirked slightly and disappeared through the front door. I had travelled only half a block when I remembered I forgot my coat in the entry hall. My Uncle by then had left his chair and, after reentering, I heard sounds upstairs. I slipped off my shoes and tiptoed up the stairway. His bedroom door was open. I peaked around the door frame and there he was flat on his back and totally naked in the middle of his bed. His hand was stroking his erect penis. His reddened face was matched by the raised blood vessels in his neck. 'My niece.' I heard him moan 'My precious darling wickedly beautiful niece.'

Evidently, the vision of my naked body reflected in the mirror moments earlier had pushed his arousal level to great heights. I wondered whether he was imagining me naked except for my long legs covered with my white knee high socks. His cock swelled to monster proportions and then he erupted. At the instant of his first spurt, he involuntarily opened his mouth to release a 'GRSHHDHGHDGHHHHHH' sound that would have been audible in his neighbors had the windows been open. Again and again his geyser soared from the end of his penis leaving an almost continuous trail of white stuff from just under his chin to the base of his cock. He stroked on but more gently and then he finally stopped stimulating himself. He drew a deep breath. With the release of his breath, my spread-eagled Uncle lay motionless and totally spent on his bed.

I carefully and quietly left my Uncle's house. I could not wipe the smile off my face during my six minute walk to my parent's home. I now knew why my Uncle Brad was unwilling to stand or walk me to the front door. He had a BONER! At least that's what my teammates at school called it. And I also understood perfectly well that I was the cause of his boner.

But what got me excited the most was recalling my Uncle's unexpected appearance at the top of the stairs while I was peeing. I had left the bathroom door partially open by accident rather than by design. Before peeing, I had been admiring my dynamite outfit in the full length mirror. I made a quick spin the see herself from behind and then went to sit down to pee. I was in the process of peeing when I noticed the door was not closed and it was then I thought I heard Uncle Brad on one of the stairs. Yet I did not shout out a warning but on the spot decided to push the envelope with my own game of tease.

From that point forward I choreographed every move and position with Uncle Brad's vantage point in mind. He could not see me directly but I knew my mirrored image would be visible. So, first I rose to face the mirror and slowly patted my pussy with toilet tissue. Next, I turned my ass to the mirror and dropped the tissue in the bowl. Then, I leisurely bent my athletic frame almost to the point where I could have looked between my own legs. Teasingly, with thumb and finger on each hand, I pulled my new pink panties off the floor to end the peep show.

The unmistakable gasp I heard when doing this last action confirmed my suspicion that Uncle Brad was on the stairs at the end of the hallway and that he saw and APPRECIATED my strip tease. This knowledge made my body tingle with excitement and it brought blood both into my cheeks and into my swelling vaginal lips.

Alone in my bedroom, I flashed back to the scene of Uncle Brad seated in his favorite living room chair with a large magazine resting cover side up on his lap. I recalled the intense sensations I felt when I thought he was watching me use the toilet. I started to get that tingly feeling all over again. Sensing something happening to me, I stepped to my bedroom door and silently as possible turned the lock.

I pulled up my nightie, pulled down my pink panties and sat on the edge of my bed opposite the mirror on my dresser. I looked into the mirror to see what I would have looked like to Brad when I was seated on the toilet. Then I stood and looked over my shoulder so I could see my exposed ass cheeks. Finally, I pushed over a footstool, stepped up onto it, and bent sharply at the waist to look through my legs at the mirror. 'Oh my God!' I muttered. 'Uncle Brad must have easily seen my bare pussy and butt hole.'

My face reddened like never before. I stood to pull on my panties but decided instead to step out of them and picked them up from the floor. I then did something I had never thought of before. I brought the panties to my face, spread open the narrow band of the cotton crotch, and tentatively inhaled through my nose.

I noted there was an interesting aroma in my panties-obviously neither from pee or crap. Again, without much prior thought, I extended the index finger of my right hand and drew it up from the bottom of my slit to the top. I brought this finger near to my nose and once again inhaled. It was indeed the same intriguing odor from my panties. I used my panties to rub more aggressively against my pussy lips. I found this rubbing action to be most pleasant.

I quickly turned back toward the bedclothes and lay on my back. I continued to run my panties across my pussy. My left hand also felt a need to explore my tingly nipples. I felt them enlarge slightly and harden as I did so. I was beginning to feel feverish and restless at the same time. Soon, the odor I discovered earlier was evident to my nose even while the panties were in motion over my crotch. I experimented with feather light panty motions and then with harder motions. Each provided a stronger and addicting feeling in my private place.

During one stronger stroke, my finger slipped off the panty and touched my slit. The result was really electrifying. Tenderly and slowly and without the panty in hand, I traced my closed pussy lips with my index finger. It was so arousing that I stroked harder and faster until the finger suddenly slipped between my very moistening outer lips.

My sense of enjoyment and tension in my body jumped considerably. 'If this is bad then why does it feel so good', I wondered. One finger became two and on the next upstroke I found an incredible feel-good place. My pussy was getting so damp I was concerned I might have accidentally wet myself. The downward pressure of my fingers was now being resisted by an upward pressure from my hips. And I became conscience of soft 'ughh' 'ughh' sounds coming from my open mouth.

Then it happened, orgasmic shock waves sent my whole body into a series of spasms which continued repeatedly while I clutched at my crotch and my hips came all the way off of the bed.

'O-h, M-y L-o-r-d, what the heck happened,' I groaned into the secrecy of my pillow as I rolled over onto my stomach with my right hand still buried in my crotch.

Such a thing had never happened to me before-but I would love to have it happen again, I thought. 'Do the other girls know about this,' I considered. And then I drifted off to sleep.

I cannot write on Solo Touch about everything that happened with me and my Uncle Brad that summer. However, by using an unfiltered internet search engine, you can find the rest of my recollections. Search for the words: Brad, Lou, fingers, panties together with the phrase 'traced the crease'.

Today, I am in my 60's but my vivid recollections of my private time with my favorite Uncle still turn me on. Uncle Brad now has passed on but was happily married to Aunt Bev for nearly forty years.


Lou (short for Louisa May)



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