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Lots of Jerking Off

Posted by: Author: Age: 20 Posted on: 3 comments
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I wish I had MF stories but MM will have to do for now.


Hey, it's been a while since I wrote anything about myself & what I've been doing. I've been jerking off just as much as before. I do it so much it's like there's nothing else I want to do in my spare time off. I've been at uncles quite a bit. We have so many new movies to jerk to now. I've also been with David working out & jerking too. We've jerked each others cocks I think five times now. It was a bit weird at first but now it's great. The first time we tried it we didn't make each other cum. The next time I wanted to not do it for some reason but David convinced me to. I gave in when he said he would just jerk me off this time so I'd know what it felt like to cum when somebody else is jerking me. I sat on the end of the workout bench & watched in the mirror. David said his arms were tired from working out but he still did a nice job & it felt great. I was lasting a long time because I already jerked & cum that morning twice. David squirted a gob of hand lotion on my cock that he keeps in the basement for us to jerk off with. I showed him before how I can make myself shoot my cum faster by holding the bottom of my cock with one hand & jerking with the other. When I did that it pulls hard on the bit of foreskin that still moves when I have a boner. Then my boner has no loose skin at all & my hand slides right over just a big bare cock part. It's sick & it makes my cock feel even bigger than it is. I measured my boner a few times & if I squeeze my cock muscles hard when I have a boner it's eight inches long. I'll bet if I measured it when I push hard & pull the skin back it would be even longer. I'll try it & let them write if it's bigger. Anyway David pulled the skin back & once he started to jerk up & down my bare cock I could tell I was going to shoot cum soon. He did something I never tried before & it felt good. He jerked me for a bit then he stopped pulling the skin back & slowed right down with his jerking hand. He took his slippery hand & rubbed my balls & he even pulled on them a bit. It didn't hurt at all & it kinda felt good in my balls like it does in my cock. He did that about 4 times & it felt better each time. He kept switching back to holding back the skin & then to rubbing my balls. He didn't have to do it for a long time before making me have that nice cum feeling that you get when you know your cum is going to shoot if you don't stop jerking right away. I could feel it way inside & he was making my cock feel so good. I watched it happening in the mirror & I leaned back like before on my hands & pushed out my cock & squeezed my cock muscles hard. My boner felt like it was going to burst from all the pressure. It's so much better when you can just enjoy the feeling build up & you don't have to do it yourself. When the cum feeling got harder & closer I kept squeezing & then when I shot my cum boy oh boy did it ever shoot a long way & so hard. At the time I was shooting my cum it felt amazing. The best it can be & I watched David's hand keep sliding up & down while my cum shot way far out. David knew not to get in the way this time but I still lots on his arm & hand. It was so amazing & good & I think it was better because he doesn't do the tiny short strokes I do when I cum. He keeps moving his hand all the way from the top to bottom until all the cum is done shooting out. This time I kept kinda still when my cock shot out the first few strings of cum but toward the end my body did that jerking & twisting all over thing. It was great while I was still feeling like sex & after I sat on the end of the bench & watched how I look when those electric like shocks keep jolting me after I cum. I felt so good from cumming & then so dirty watching myself sit there & jerk around. I had such a funny looking face too. I sat there until the jerking stopped & it took a long time. David said it was because he jerked me different at the end & he said the ball rubbing can make the cum part better too. I'm not sure if it does or not. My balls were sore after but they are a lot of times & usually more when they suck up so hard to my boner like they did that time. It happens most when I jerk off for a long time like a few hours then I cum. When I was looking in the mirror after I came my boner was still just as hard & it was laying back on my stomach. It looked like my balls & sack were gone! My balls were almost gone inside somehow & so small. Maybe they get small after shooting out so much cum like that. I'm not sure but they must get small for some reason. Not sure where the bag skin goes though but it comes back after a while. I felt stupid after that sex feeling went away & my cock got soft & I remembered what I looked like jerking & bouncing around when I came. Then I wiped up my cum & David asked me to sit & watch while he jerked himself off. He did it for a long time & kept stopping when he felt like shooting his cum. He kept telling me how good his own cock felt & said he liked jerking mine too. I just felt weird. I had no boner & didn't want to watch him any more. He asked if I would jerk him for a bit & I did it because he was so nice to me already. I jerked him but it wasn't a good feeling. I stopped after a short time & he took over again. I still watched him for a long time & by the time he was ready to shoot his cum I was feeling better again & my boner was growing. I jerked my cock again & then I liked watching David when his cum shot out. I talked to David later & he said it was normal to feel like I did for that short time. Now I feel great & writing about it makes my cock hard. I have a boner right now. Since then we've jerked each other & made each other cum & it's all good now. I don't even mind David's cum on me. Sometimes he does not shoot to far but he sure does have a lot of cum. It drips down my arm to my elbow but it's clean cum so it's OK. I just wipe it off & shower later. I have to go soon. I wanted to say I did the jerking thing that the girl named Niki wrote & was it ever good! I had to read it a few times & do it in my room after but it was still good. I didn't do the cum swallow like she said to but I might one day. I squirted as much as I could in my hand though but then I just wiped it off. I already tasted my own cum by accident when I shot a few times with my mouth open. It was only a shot or two so not so bad. I'm not sure about all of it. That's a lot of cum. I have to go now. It's almost bed time but I'll be jerking off to some nice pictures of pretty naked girls in my room. I love looking at their beautiful bodies & jerking off.



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