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Lots of First Times

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F, FM, FF, whatever. There have been a lot of genuine looking first times here recently, well, here are mine.


My first orgasm happened in gym class. I had been feeling antsy for a few days, and looking back, my discharge was heavier than usual. I would get aroused real easy, but I didn't know enough to touch myself. (There were rumours around in my all girls school that first masturbation hurt like your first fuck!)

We had a very pretty PE teacher and she was forever getting us to climb ropes and stuff. I made it to the top. (I was always good at that!) Then, this particular time, I slid down, braking with my feet but the cordy bits of the rope were between my legs. Almost as soon as I started down, I felt something was gonna happen, and when I was about four feet off the floor I felt a sudden wave and spasm between my legs and I fell off the damn rope! The PE teacher just looked kinda knowingly at me but didn't say anything. In the changing rooms, my shorts were really REALLY wet.

So that was my first cum. It didn't hurt and it didn't take me two ticks to realise I could jill off like that in bed at night. So that was me, at 13, an avid nightly masturbator.

It was only three months later that I saw and touched my first cock. I had a lovely friend called Chris. He was a musician and universally hated by the sporty set that filled our school. I thought he was cute though. One day were were in the music room. (I used to sing quite well) and he was playing the piano. We went to look for some music in the store and he was behind me. I guessed he would never EVER make a move, so I made it obvious for him. I bent over to look at a low shelf. I knew he would see up my skirt and I figured if he didn't do anything then maybe he wasn't interested. It seemed like I was bent double for ages, and my thihgs began to hurt. Just when I was about to give up, I felt the lightest touch over my panties. Then I felt my skirt being lifted up.

He tugged my panties down to my knees and then I felt an exploring finger. Ohhh I can't TELL you how horny it made me! I pushed back on his finger and started, well, I guess to fuck myself on his finger. Soon I felt a cum brewing and I creamed up really well. Then I stood up and unzipped him. His cock was already wet and for a moment I thought about going the whole route.. but that would have been dumb. Nice, but real dumb. Instead, I jacked him. As I stood there, my panties slid right down so for a moment, I stopped and picked them up. I cleaned myself on then and then started jacking him again. I held my pantie to his face and told him to smell my (I used the 'c' word because I know boys like it when a girl talks dirty). He just said..'Ohhh, I'm gonna....' and I covered the top of his cock with my wet panties and he blew his load into them.

We used to meet up for a 'jack and jill' regularly after that.

The last 'first' I want to share is my first time outdoors. I was walking home with a friend through a churchyard. We were talking about sex and my friend told me she had never jilled. I told her 'You MUST. It's the coolest thing EVER.' Then she said 'I don't really know how. When I try all I get is sore.' I took her hand and we walked to the really overgrown area and knelt in the long grass behind some shrubs. I told her to take her panties down to her knees. Then I took her hand and finger and we started to explore. I found that she had a clit bigger than mine but it seemed way less sensitive...until I realised that it was the hood that I was feeling. After a little rummaging I found her sweet spot and her eyes widened. 'Ohhh. that feels... ohhh WOW' I guided her finger on her clit until it was obvious she was about there. Then her hand fell away and it left me to finish her off. Well, she must have been WAY overdue for her first cum, becuase as it happened, she actually peed all over my hand and into her panties too. The thing is, I found it soooo horny! She, however, was embarrassed. So to make her feel better, I did it in my panties too.

Since then? Well, I have gone the whole route with boys, men, and women. I think I am truly bi-sexual. I love being with another girl, but I like cock WAY too much to be truly lesbian.

I am glad I started when I did. I was ready. Ready for everything I did.

Well, those are my firsts...ho hum.



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