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Lost Puppy

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First time in front of a stranger.


I've been an avid masturbator since the age of 11 (I'm 32 now) and usually pleasure myself at least twice a day. One of the things that turns me on the most is masturbatiing in front of a stranger. The first time this happened was when I was in my early twenties.
I was working construction for a small company and the owner asked me to go to his garage to pick up some tools and supplies. He lived in a big apartment complex and rented one of the garages at the back of the complex where he stored all of the tools and some building supplies. I was having trouble finding some drill bits that we needed and I started looking through boxes that were on a set of shelves. I pulled a box off the top shelf and was pleasantly surprised to see it was full of porn magazines.
So I went over and pulled the garage door down part way. It was a hot summer day and too hot in the garage to close the door all the way so I left it open about 3 feet. Then I went to the back of the garage and sat on a milk crate behind a stack of boxes that was waist high so I couldn't be seen from the door. I was enjoying the pictures of girls playing with their pussies and giving guys bj's and soon had to take my shorts off to release my throbbing cock.
Then I noticed a small puppy had wandered into the garage and he came over right near me. I petted him a few times while I was stroking my cock with my other hand. I was pretty close to cumming when I heard a girls voice saying hello. I looked up and she was bending over looking into the garage. She asked if I had seen her puppy and I said yeah he's right here. As I got up to start putting my shorts back on she was already walking in and she immediately saw that I had a hard on. She stopped in her tracks as I tried to stuff it back inside my shorts and button them. I stammered some kind of apology as she walked over to get the puppy and then she noticed the porn mags laying open. She was maybe 14 or 15 and was very cute with some perky tits and a slim body with long legs.
She walked over so that she was standing on the other side of the boxes from me. I don't why but she commented that her brother looked at porn all the time and kept a collection under his bed. I asked if she ever snuck a peek at his collection and she said yes but they weren't all that interesting because they only showed women. I got bolder and set the one I was looking at on the box right in front of her and pointed out that these mags showed girls and guys both. She looked down at a picture of a girl on her knees giving a blowjob to a guy with a monster cock. Her eyes went wide and she commented how big the guy was. Now I was horny all over again because she obviously wasn't making any attempt at a swift exit. I told her most guys were about 6 or 7 inches like me and she said she wouldn't know because she had never seen a guys cock except in pics.
My heart was racing and I said then maybe I should show you one. She didn't reply but kept looking at the magazine and turned a few pages. I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them and my boxers to my ankles. My cock sprang out and was rapidly getting harder by the second. She just stared at it as I started to slide my hand back and forth stroking myself for her. I told her to come around and sit on my side of the boxes so I could sit on the crate out of sight and show her how guys masturbate. Without saying a word she walked around and sat on the edge of the boxes, her long legs dangling right in front of me. I sat on the crate and leaned back with my feet up against the boxes touching her legs. I slowly stroked my cock with one hand and ran my fingers all around my balls with the other. The whole time I kept telling her how good it felt. She put one hand on her crotch and slowly rubbed her palm against her pussy through her denim cutoffs. I told her she'd enjoy it more if she took them off but she refused although she did eventually unbutton them so she could slip her fingers inside.
We continued to play with ourselves until I knew I was close to cumming so I said if you open your shorts up and let me watch you finger yourself I'll show you how I cum. She hesitated and then said she would if I promised not to touch her. I agreed and she surprised me by slipping her shorts and panties down to her knees. I stood up right in front of her and my cock was just inches from her. Her shorts fell down around her ankles which allowed her to spread her knees apart and give me a full view. She was rubbing her finger around her clit and I could see the wetness on her pussy lips as she occasionally dipped her finger inside. I told her she could touch me if she wanted. So with her other hand she reached out and began stroking me lightly. Then she reached forward and cupped my balls and ran her fingernails along the under side like I had been doing to myself earlier. She started to tense up and I could see she was starting to orgasm. I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few more times until I shot stream after stream of warm white cum which landed all over her pussy, hand, and arm. After we both subsided she looked at the mess I had made on her and said Gross! I grabbed some rags and we wiped ourselves off. Then she said she really had to go so she pulled her panties and shorts back up, picked up the puppy, and headed out the door. As she was leaving she turned and said that was fun. That was the last I ever saw of her.
Ever since then I've been hooked on having a stranger watch me stroke myself. I've had many other successes but none where the girl was that close. I'll post some of the other stories soon.



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