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Looking Up My Dress

Posted by: Author: Age: 20 Posted on: 3 comments
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I once 'accidently' showed the upper half of one nipple to a female store clerk when I made a purchase. She blatantly stood there staring at it for several seconds at least twice.


I just read a story from the month of April about the young woman who exposed her nipples in the book store. I decided after reading that story that I would tell you mine. I'm JoAnn and I'm twenty. This started roughly a year ago. I work in a very large investment firm that employs many women ranging in age from about twenty to sixty. I was seated at a table with some of the ladies having lunch and I noticed that a woman of about thirty or so sitting at another table appeared to be looking up my skirt. My legs were a bit too open and I quickly closed them.

However, like the young lady in the April story I started thinking and several minutes later I deliberately opened them again and a little wider. Sure enough, I saw the woman looking again. I opened them just a bit wider and I saw her mouth open. I was also getting myself excited by doing this. Well, to make a real long story much shorter I started going to work some days with a fairly short skirt and no panties. I could actually feel the sexual excitement throughout my body long before lunchtime. I would then find an interesting 'target' and sit where she would have a direct view up my skirt.

I would open my legs and just discretely watch for her to notice. Sooner or later that person noticed and then I would really get excited. Probably nine out of ten times they would continue to stare until I made eye contact with them. As soon as I looked in another direction they would return to looking up my skirt. I would be so sexually turned on that immediately after lunch I would go to my cubicle, take out some tissues and then masturbate myself until I came.

I then started to conduct my activities outside of work in a variety of places. I did it once in a restaurant when two women were sitting across from me with their male companions. I caught them both staring several times. Now, I've saved the best for last.

I was taking a college course and my instructor was an attractive woman who looked about forty. During one class I took a seat in the front row and after about an hour I very slowly began to open my legs while wearing one of my shortie dresses. She repeatedly looked up my dress and then quickly looked elsewhere. When class ended she asked me to remain for a minute so she could talk with me. She then said, 'you should be careful how you sit when wearing a short dress. I couldn't help but see up your legs.' She then said, 'I don't wear panties either.' We both just stared at each other and I could recognize that 'look' anywhere. I gave her the same look back. She invited me back to her apartment and I went.

We explored each other sexually in every imaginable way. She was my first sexual experience with a woman and I totally loved it. I really enjoy showing my hairless pussy to other women and will continue to do so for a long time. I just love to stimulate myself and seeing women looking up my skirt or dress really does the job. I wonder how many of them go home and masturbate to visions of seeing what they shouldn't be seeing? Also, why do some women seem to so enjoy seeing other women's tits and pussies?



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