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Looking In

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learning 'how to'


When I was about 13 or so, like every healthy young male, I was so obsessed about sex, my hard-on rarely was soft. The problem was that I had yet to discover the mysteries of orgasm. My pleasure consisted of touching and feeling myself, and ultimately slapping my hard cock from side to side. Of course, I never did accomplish the ultimate, but I didn't know the difference at that age.

Tommy, the fellow who lived next door, was about two years older than me and a bit of a nerd. His dad, a high school teacher, collected the most National Geographics I had ever seen. Needless to say, Tommy used to stay in his Dad's garage looking at those magazines for hours. One day I walked in on Tommy and he showed me some of the pages in the magazines. Natives, some young, some older, showing off their bare breasts and long slender legs and naked asses to the magazine photographer while dancing in their village. In those days, there wasn't much sex in advertising and magazines were not as bold asthey are today. It immediately made my boner hard. It was also very obvious that Tommy's boner was hard too. I told Tom that my Dad also had a collection of magazines as well, but they weren't as sophisticated as National Geo. Peepshow, Sir, Argosy, and a few I can't remember the names of were in Dad's collection. Lots of ample breasts, but most were covered in scanty undies and bras. Few were as naked as those natives in National Geo. We had to stop looking at them for fear that we were going to get caught.

That night, I glanced out my bedroom window just as I was about to put on my light and saw Tom in his bedroom which was directly across the alley from mine, only about 12 feet away. He was lying on his bed dressed in a jock strap. I couldn't figure out why he'd be wearing a jock strap to bed. I must admit, seeing him like that aroused my curiousity as well as my libido.

He was laying on his back groping his jock and spreading his legs. Since no one was home yet, I immediately got undressed and continued to watch from the window naked. Visions of the native pictures flashed through my head. And memories of my Dad's pin-ups added to my excitement. My excitement centered in my pulsating cock.

Tommy was groping the front of his jock and finally gripped the top of the strap with his two thumbs and gently slid the strap downward, releasing his huge swollen cock. I never imagined it to be that big. It just popped out all hard and obviously erect. I was very excited seeing his hard cock like that. He then stood up and walked towards the window with his cock in his hand. I was getting nervous that he might see me peeking at him. He turned on another light, almost as if he wanted to spotlight his cock for me. I realised he knew I was watching.

It took some courage but I reached over and turned on my light next to the bed. Tommy was staring at me as he massaged his cock. I could see he was not slapping his cock as I had been doing for the past several years, but rather slipping his hand back and forth on the shaft. He was looking at me. My cock was hard too. I felt a glow as I knew he was getting hot just seeing my cock. And I was hot looking at his cock. I was a first for me. Never saw another cock before, much less a cock that was erect and obviously aroused.

We both stood there by our windows, stroking our cocks for each other's benefit. I had never felt my cock get that hard before. Tommy was stroking his cock faster and faster. I watched as I increased my hand speed, too. I was leaning against the glass of my window. My cock was pressed up against my window pane as was Tommy's cock. He was smearing his cock all over his window. I didn't at first realize that he was cumming. I had never cum before.

It was all a new experience. My cock was leaking this clear fluid and I was getting weak in my knees. I couldn't believe that I heard a moan and it was coming from my throat. Oh, it was so glorious. As I watched Tommy shoot out onto his nice clean window with light shining on his hard cock, my cock began to erupt.

I didn't realize what was happening. But I was really enjoying it. I wanted Tommy to see my cock explode too. And he did. What a heavenly, rapturous moment. My first time. Tommy was smiling at me as he began to wipe his window with a tissue. I could see him squeeze the last drop from the head of his cock. I did the same. Tommy and I shared something very special. He taught me how to really masturbate.



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